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A sporty girl on a mission

a character in “Dragon Future”, as played by dawnfire07

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Sandy has long, blonde hair and purplish-blue eyes. She wears a green shirt with a ribbon in the middle and jeans. She also has a purple collar around her neck and has 1 pearl bracelet on each wrist. She is a 14 year old girl.


Sandy is a sporty tomboy, but is a fashion diva. She is tough, stubborn, and hot-headed at times, but she is a true friend. She is loyal and with do anything for her friends. She is especially caring with dragons.


She has a small dagger hidden in her sleeve, and knows two spells. The first one enables her to freeze things, and the second lets her talk to dragons in her mind.


She lived with her mother and father as an only child, until a wild black dragon came and killed her parents. She has been collecting dragon dust for seven years and has casted two spells on herself. When she was almost 14, she found a dragon egg with a cresent moon on it. It hatched a while ago, and Sandy hopes to train it to be the best dragon it can be.

So begins...

Sandy White's Story