The atlantic ocean.Anamaria (Misty) Castillo

A curious little thing she is!

a character in “Dropping Like Flies”, as played by Zaharia_

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Name: Anamaria Castillo

Knicknames/Aliases: Misty


Race: Human, white?

Age: Celebrating her 19th birthday

Hair: Dirty blonde, dyed underneath a mocha

Eyes: Dark green

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 127 lbs

Clothes: Jeans cut off 3 inches above the knee, an A Day To Remember band t-shirt, classic black high top converses with neon pink laces, her wrist covered in various bracelets and concert wristbands and a neon paperclip choker on her neck

Personality: Quite curious, a sharp tounge and outstanding intelligence

Likes: new people

Dislikes: storms while on the water herself

Fears/Addictions/Disorders/etc: Merinthophobic- Fear of being bound or tied up

So begins...

Anamaria (Misty) Castillo's Story