Oliva Thorn (Livy)

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a character in “E. W.: Earth's survival”, as played by HiddenNymph


Olivia Thorn


16 (assuming its 16 due Rivera’s history and them being in the same year?)



Prophet – Mostly draws her visions, eyes go white and she becomes mute her hand moving, unless someone gives her a pen and paper she will continue the movement until she has drawn what she sees. Otherwise she sometimes dreams what she see’s but that is normally only the visions that have more too them that a simple still picture, such as the psychic with six powers.

She is straight forward and blunt with the truth because of her visions since she normally knows what’s going to happen so it’s hard to lie to her. Yet at the same time she can be gullible, she doesn’t see everything after all, growing up as an outcast she has desires that are never filled and if someone were to offer her one of them she may fall for it. However she never normally mentions her desires to other people, she has a fixed opinion that no matter what she does no-one will accept her for who she is due to the stigma Prophets have anyway. So not matter how hard she tries her desires can never be filled.
When she met her friend Rivera and (telekinetic) she felt a little more comfort to being hated but it hurts her to have people glance at her with spite when she wants nothing more than to live in peace.
This has made her slightly unsociable as she fears the eyes of hatred that people give her. She will talk sarcastically and become angry fairly easily in public places simply due to the fact she feels uncomfortable and like she is being stared at. It’s difficult to get to know her soft nature due to the defence she holds up because of this, however truly she hates seeing people hurt, especially in visions as she knows there’s nothing she can do to stop it happening. She may be defiant about it but she tries her best in everything even helping out others though she may mutter complaints throughout it the fact is she still wanted to help them.

Because she is a prophet she was raised never to lie, if a prophet lied she may have the power to control the fates of people, the thought has often crossed her mind when she was pushed to the ground growing up and it took some restraint not too. Since meeting Rivera however the bitter feelings towards others that were building since childhood due to prophet prejudice have slowly started to dissipate. Rivera is a breath of fresh air to Livy as she was one of the first people to make her smile in a long time.

As a prophet no matter what she did Livy was treated with ill feelings as during childhood kids would call her names and shout liar at her before throwing something. At first Livy would shield herself and run away fear in heart, eventually though after so much she would keep on walking glaring at the people that through things at her. Now they don’t bother so much but the fear is still within Livy’s heart she has just grown braver. She can’t stand the idea of being hated for just being what she is not who she is.
Her parents rarely talk to her since they are busy dealing with their own problems.
After having the vision of the psychic with six powers Livy knew she had to warn someone, even if people were cruel to her she didn’t want to see them dead.
When no-one believed her she panicked for their own safety, telling them over and over again to listen but no-one would. Now she only has her two friends who trust her, but how can she prove to the world that her prophet wasn’t a lie with just the three of them?

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