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This is a Zombie Chat RP! I have been trying to find a Zombie RP that isn't forum based as I do not like forum RPs, too long for a reply, so I made my own!

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Character Portrait: Myro Blake
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Myro Blake managed to find what he was looking for. A way in. He took out both Shotguns and proceeded to head toward the loading dock, heading inside. He opened the door in the loading dock into the main mall area. He looked as somewhere around 20 zombies faced him. "Oh Hell no" he noted as the zombies ran toward him. He aimed his shotguns and fired the first round, each gun taking out 3 zombies each since he hit the head. The other 14 began to get closer, running now. He backed up into a thin hallway, and the 14 piled in one after anothr to get in. He shot both Shotguns, killing 8 zombies, as they could only go in rows of 2 down the hall, and they were all close up so the shotgun shots would go strait through most of the zombies. The last 4 zombies rushed at a even faster speed. He droped the shotguns and took out his pistols, shooting each zombie in the head 2 times. "And thats how its done...." he ntoed, reloading the shotguns.