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This is a Zombie Chat RP! I have been trying to find a Zombie RP that isn't forum based as I do not like forum RPs, too long for a reply, so I made my own!

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Setting: The Mall2011-02-25 07:16:07, as written by Guest
Kazumi fumbled in her hand bag frantically for loaded mag, terror spread across her face. Her situation being that she was completely surrounded by the ghouls, which was odd for her, usually she could time the movements of the zombies just right to get around, however something must have stirred them, the smell of fresh meat perhaps? Kazumi finally found a loaded mag and quickly slid it into the weapon, her hand pulling back the action before taking aim at the closest zombie and firing. Where the round impacted should that she wasn't trained to use a fire arm pretty much at all, she knew how to reload out of trial and error. The zombies kept moving closer despite Kazumi's shots and soon one had her by the shoulder and was about to bite down on the poor girl, she caught it just by holding its head back by the forehead. "NOOOO!" she cried out as she fired with her one hand, holding a zombie from biting her with the other, this would seem to be the girl's demise.