New York CityKatelyn Smithson

A sarcastic woman who has a weakness for romance and a determination that could cut through steel.

a character in “Edge of Desire”, as played by Lavender

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Role: Woman from the Present
Full Name: Katelyn Dawne Smithson
Nickname: Everyone calls her Kate.
Age: About to celebrate her twenty-fourth birthday.
Gender: Female

Kate stands at a petite five foot six inches, with feminine curvaceousness and a healthily toned figure. Her chocolate-coloured tendrils cascade around her shoulders in slight curls, usually wearing it in that style and let down. Her skin is a creamy ivory, contrasting nicely with her dark hair; her cheeks are indented with exiguous dimples, even more so when she flashes her charming, dentally-adjusted smile. Her lips are more full than slender; her eyes are a soft sienna brown, framed by pale but long lashes; and her nose is delicate.


Theme Song: Edge of Desire - John Mayer
Occupation: A successful journalist and occasional photographer for a magazine in the city.
Hobbies: Reading when she's not busy, interior design, taking cooking classes, and many more things.

Fortunately stubborn, humorously sardonic, dangerously risk-taking, charmingly captivating, extremely driven, and openly casual.


Kate was born into a middle class family in Nashville, Tennessee on January 13th. She was the oldest of three children; herself, her sister Devon, and brother Charlie. She lived in the same house the whole of her life at home. It had four well-sized bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and a cozy living room, which also served as an office/computer room. She went to a small private middle school, then once she graduated the 8th grade, went on to a much larger public high school. There, she encountered a heap of drama, and to this day is still trying to let things that happened go. When she turned 17, her father died from a heart attack, devastating the family. She and her brother were extremely close to him, and they took it roughly. It wasn't until she was 20 years old that she moved into the bustling city of New York, aspiring to be a journalist after a year at a community college. She now lives in an apartment with a roommate named Annie and an odd group of neighbors.

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Katelyn Smithson's Story