New York CityMatthew Haven

A singer and pianist at a local jazz bar who keeps to himself.

a character in “Edge of Desire”, as played by Lavender

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Role: Man from the Present
Full Name: Matthew Daniel Haven
Nickname: Matt, Matty-Moo by Kate.
Age: Twenty-five
Gender: Male

Standing erect, he reaches a height of six feet and one inch, a nice size for a man of his age. He has a toned physique but it's nothing to show off, as he only maintains it by eating organic, healthy food and going to the gym on occasion. He's got a nice skin tone and tans easily in the summer. His hair is a rich, caramel brown with hints of red here and there and right now it is unkempt and longer than he likes it; Kate keeps bugging him to cut it, but he doesn't want to spent the money. He's normally clean-shaven, not favoring facial hair too much. He has midnight blue irises that are often mistaken for a dark brown if you don't look too closely. He has somewhat full lips and a charming smile that usually only makes an appearance when he's with people that make him happy or he honestly finds you amusing.


Theme Song: Burial - Miike Snow
Occupation: Musician
Hobbies: Composing music & writing lyrics, walking, and occasionally, painting.

The best way to describe Matt would be creative. He is always doing something artistic, whether it be music, art, or writing. He is practically a genius, and many have called him brilliant, mostly when it comes to musical things. He is somewhat quiet unless with people who bring out a fun side in him, and he is extremely thoughtful and calculative. To know the rest, to get to the deeper side of him, you'll have to get to know him.


Sometimes he carries a satchel that contains his notebook and pen in it, along with other things, when he's going somewhere important. But, other than that, nothing but his wallet.


Matthew grew up in foster care, passed from family to family. Eventually, when he was thirteen, he settled in with a decent family that already had three children: two boys and a girl. He, as usual, kept to himself and often got ridiculed by his older "brother", Jake. His foster parents never knew what to do with him, because his teachers were concerned about his constant daydreaming and doodling. Little did they know he'd go on to be a renowned musician.

He dated a few times, nothing serious though, until he met Grace. She was a marvelous singer and they often wrote and played together, but one day she was offered a record deal and left him, ending up in Nashville and married to her manager. Since then, he's not been romantically involved with anyone. His good friend is Kate, and they've known each other a couple of years.

So begins...

Matthew Haven's Story