New York, New YorkBuard Matis

"Even in pain, I still keep walking???"

a character in “Elemental Animal Partners”, as played by TravlersTails

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Buard is tall, thin man. With blond-ish hair with a undertone of red. He has blue eyes, with a mixture of brown around the pupil. He wears a jacket and tee-shirt, and cargo pants. He has lots of scars on him from his small fireless dragon.


He is shy, quiet, but extremely secretive. He often has a worried, or scared look on his face, but it's really a lie. He has a sadistic part of him, and is a emotionless killer, when he snaps. But other than that, he can be very docile and I dare say "cute".


His dragon, Lint.

So begins...

Buard Matis's Story