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in a modern world, you and your partner (read more) live together and live a normal life. Someone, however, is bent on taking over the world and destroying your partner! (read more)

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Ethan picked up his jacket and put it on. He wiped the sweat off his brow using the back of his arm and let out a contented sigh. Wolfe began to pant up at him.
"I'd say it's time to call it a day buddy." Wolfe seemed to nod in agreement as Ethan began to walk out of the scrapyard. They left the scorched remains of an old four door sedan behind them.
As they reached the front gate Ethan took out from his pocket the leash that acted as Wolfe's disguise. By simply hooking it onto his collar Wolfe would live by his side under the guise of a dog. They walked down the streets of the city not caring how dark it was at night. The lights of the many buildings and lamppost sufficed there needs as they walked the sidewalks toward their small apartment.