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in a modern world, you and your partner (read more) live together and live a normal life. Someone, however, is bent on taking over the world and destroying your partner! (read more)

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(Travie this is the SECOND time you have started one of MY roleplays without my permission! Please don't do that! And yes, you are always the evil person who destroys things. *Hint hint*)

Valerie tossed the Frisbee again. Her Catwing, Magpie, darted after it again with amazing speed and knocked it back to Valerie with her outstrechted wing. Valerie caught it. "Good job Magpie!" she praised. Magpie landed on her shoulder and purred.

Valerie looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting dark. "C'mon Mags, let's get going. We'll come back to the park tomorrow."