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in a modern world, you and your partner (read more) live together and live a normal life. Someone, however, is bent on taking over the world and destroying your partner! (read more)

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Ethan and wolfe were passing through the park on their way home like they always did, when they spotted a catwing go over to some girl. Ethan and wolfe looked at each other and then resumed watching from a distance. He spotted another girl run up to the one with the catwing, and this one had a pheonix. Ethan and wolfe looked back at each other.

"Didn't know there were so many like us." He muttered to wolfe, who seem to nod. "I don't think we should head over and act all buddy buddy, let's just watch from a distance." wolfe faked a bark and they both went over to a bench and sat. Ethan and his wolf watched the two girls from here.