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in a modern world, you and your partner (read more) live together and live a normal life. Someone, however, is bent on taking over the world and destroying your partner! (read more)

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Ethan offered and small wave to disregard his laughter. "Sorry about laughing, just sometimes I forget people don't know how sensitive a nose can be."
He looked down at wolfe who was showing amazing composure at the curious reptile. He gave Wolfe a small rub ontop of his head as a reward for being so nice. "Another thing animal's are good at are sensing people's emotions. Now me and Wolfe here have been together for a very long time and before I knew it I was like him in many ways. I can pick up hostility and fear in even the most composed of faces. I also know when someone is really happy, so on and so forth. Now then," He said looking at the boy. "Hi there, what made you decide to stop by?"