Universe, mixed time.(Small guns and blades)Zak Yuui

Twin Illusion Assassin 2

a character in “Elemental Assassins”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name:Zak Yuui

Nickname/Title: The Terrible Twins

Appearance: Image

Weapons: (earlier) twin daggers (later) twin katanas

Element: illusion

Age: 18

Background: Kai and Zak are like two sides of a coin, one dark and moody, the other comedic and sadistic. Together they are unstoppable, when the two sync up their minds they can materialize anything they want out of nothingness, however the objects are only illusions. This takes extreme concentration so they will be very rusty at first, but once they become more skilled at putting their minds together they will generate various abbilities of making the objects solid and perhap even become one person.

Zak has a very dark sense of humor and enjoys the thrill of the fight making hm a very sadistic person. He is super protective of his brother and tends to be more upfront in fighting while his brother will lag behind and shoot from a distance. He designs the violent parts of the illusions while his brother adds the details, you could say that Zak's mind works much more simply

Likes: looking at the big picture, fighting, food

Dislikes: being pacient, being compared to his brother, sitting still
Side: Corrupt

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Zak Yuui's Story