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Elemental Battles: Rage

Elemental Battles: Rage

A bloody war, an insidious plot, and a group of old friends and uneasy new allies, come together to try and save their home from the forces of darkness. With the powers of the elements at your disposal, can you save Nigerius from total annihilation?

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((A Sequel based on a roleplay that I have grown to enjoy, but was saddened when it met it's inevitable death. Recently I was approached by some of the original players about resuming the roleplay, we then have decided to create a sequel in the hopes of making an ending to this great story.)) ((Elemental Battles created by Stormwolf321))

Welcome to Nigerius, a land covered in beauty but is now riddled by war. A war that has raged on since before you were born. Nigerius is a wondrous realm made of unparalleled wilderness that is inhabited by a race of mystical and intelligent wolves. Wolves that have access to the powers of the elements given to them by the Gods that they worship. Once the Great Wolf Packs lived in peace and harmony until the time of the Great War. The very land they all called home, was slowly dying as the very elements themselves were becoming polluted. Having no understanding of how or why this sickness has pervaded their homes, the packs have resorted to blaming each other for the greatest crisis they have ever known. Now with years of conflict, the packs have grown weary and are desperate to see an end to this conflict. As tensions rise and the future becomes bleak, Nigerius itself is heading towards a boiling point. Only time will tell if Nigerius will survive or be destroyed forever.

Despite all of the hardships, a group of heroes have risen from within the flames of war. Wolves from different packs have managed to see past their differences as they worked together to make a change in their world. They would embark on a journey, a journey that will reveal to them the most heinous of truths. The truth behind the war for Nigerius. As they embarked on a perilous adventure, their journeys soon led them face to face with Rashid, an evil, mind-altering wolf from the Zalika Pack. He along with the evil Kamarian wolf, Kaveh, were slowly raising an army of brain-washed wolves to enact some foul plan for revenge. They were captured by Rashid's wolves and where forced to participate in a sick, gladiatorial style games he dubbed, "Elemental Battles," for his own entertainment. Yet, Rashid underestimated the heroes's resourcefulness and teamwork as they all managed to escape from his prison in the mountains.

After their ordeal, they contacted the warring packs and beseech them to investigate Rashid. When they did, they discovered he and his minions had already left, leaving nothing behind but the horrors of an now abandoned and decrepit prison. It has been some months since then, and still neither Rashid or Kaveh has been found. And even worse, a unseen threat hides within the shadows of the world, as he seeks to destroy all of Nigerius forever.

This is where you come in. Presented before you are all of the Seventeen Packs, each has their own strengths and weaknesses. It would be wise to not overestimate or underestimate a single pack. So choose wisely.

The Seventeen Packs


The Tenneth Pack- The Pack of Fire. The most tempered and most bravest of the packs. The Tenneth enjoy an extremely rich and varied history, as well as enjoy being one of the largest and most famous of the packs. Their pride is perhaps their most outstanding trait they posses. They are also known to be quite militaristic, possessing an honorable and mighty army at the disposal of the Alpha. They live in the blistering heat of the volcanic, Vulcan Mountains, since these wolves can withstand any type of heat. They can also form fire and manipulate it using pyrokinesis.


The Dimitrios Pack- The Pack of Earth. The most strongest and hardy of the packs. These often burly wolves enjoy a rich culture of mining and crafting. Their strength and army are second to none, except say the Tenneth. Also considered to be the Tenneth's greatest rival, a long and turbulent history is shared between the two "superpowers" of Nigerius. This pack lives on the tip of the Onatah Cliffs, where violent earthquakes and landslides occur. These wolves can bear on to any land and can pick up the heaviest of objects. These wolves have the ability to form and manipulate rocks into various structures using geokinesis.


The Avira Pack. The Pack of Wind. The most passive, intellectual, and decisive of the packs. Their history is little known to the other packs, as the Avira prefer to remain isolated from the other territories. They enjoy a sophisticated culture of class, art, and science. This pack is almost impossible to reach, living on the floating mountains known as Era where a narrow bridge is the only entrance by foot. Here violent winds, storms, and twisters take place. Despite the changes in the weather, this hardly affects these masters of the air. Almost all are born with large, feathered wings capable of creating powerful winds. A fun fact, These wolves helped to discover, along with the water pack, watermills.


The Arlyne Pack. The Pack of Water. These wolves are the nicest and most determined. They enjoy a relatively peaceful existence with the other packs being neither hostile or violent. They've always preferred to help their fellow wolf rather than fight. Since the war began it has forced even this friendly pack to fight back. And fight they have, managing to stave off invasions from both the Tenneth and the Dimitrios in the past. This pack lives in the Nerine Falls where water is the purest and waterfalls glide out from the rocks making for a most beautiful sight. Floods are less predictable here and are more powerful than anywhere else. Even so these wolves have the miraculous ability to breathe underwater. They manipulate the water with the ability of Aquakinesis. Using their powers these wolves have created water systems all over Nigerius, forming the many rivers, creeks, and lakes of the land.


The Kamaria Pack. The Pack of Shadows. The most mysterious and deadly of all the packs. Little is known about these wolves, as their society is highly private, but what is known about them is that they are extremely hostile. These wolves live in the Black Valley, a forested land surrounded by canyon walls where little to no light shows. These wolves can manipulate shadows to conceal or to attack. It is no rumor they are bitter rivals of the Pack of Light.


The Kita Pack- The Pack of Light. The most peaceful and pacifistic of the packs. These wolves can create and manipulate light using it for various purposes such as travel and defense. They have often been accredited with being heavenly, even though they are not divine of origin. Their culture is a lively one, filled with arts and recreation. They are also very hospitable, if one chooses to visit them, since they believe living in a harmonious balance with everyone and everything. A belief that has often been tested by the Kamaria Pack, who wish to destroy their greatest rivals. They live in the Sakura Ruins where light shines in the cloudless skies. These wolves created music, instruments, and dance.


The Ausi Pack- The Pack of Ice and Snow. These wolves are sharp tempered and not easy to get along with. Their culture is one built heavily around fishing, as they are the inventors of nets. Like their element, Ausi's are commonly cold and efficient, hardly ever friendly to other packs but their own. They live in the Sharikere Mountains where snowfall is the heaviest. The blizzards are known to be brutal, and the coldest of winds feel like sharp blades across one's pelt. These wolves have the thickest of fur, able to withstand the sub zero temperatures of their frozen land. They have the ability to create ice, capable of freezing objects, constructing objects or being used as a projectile.


The Aven Pack. The Pack of Plants and Healing. A culture based on agriculture and the art of medicine, these wolves are naturally harmless. Once the Great War broke out, the Aven confined themselves to their territory, a labyrinth of trees known as the Acacia Woods. Here they reside isolated from the war in hopes of riding it out, as they concern themselves with the protection of plantlife. The trees are tall and thick, and never go bare in the winter. This is in part, thanks to the Aven's ability to make trees grow and even move. They also can control plant movement and growth, even going as far as to enhance the healing properties of certain herbs. These wolves have created various types of medicines for the other wolf packs.


The Borak Pack. The Pack of Lightning. The last of the Great Packs, these wolves are whimsical and often cocky. They usually carry a glowing pendent in the shape of a lightning bolt around their necks. Each carry their own unique pendant that helps to identify themselves. The process of creating and giving these to a newborn is a celebrated occasion, since the Pendant represents one's identity. These wolves live in the Arjuna Mountains, where thunderstorms are common. These wolves can summon lightning or generate electricity from their bodies, often using it as both a defensive and offensive mechanism. They can send charges through their body or launch it as a projectile. They have created devices that are powered by their electrical powers.


The Alva Pack. The Pack of Fear and Death. These wolves are located far off into the Felix Valley, a culture centered on the phenomenon of death. They show no fear in face of their demise, often welcoming it, as they wish to die as fierce warriors. They deeply respect the cycles of life and death, often honoring their dead by wearing the skulls of their ancestors. The Alva are stubborn but pride and honor runs deep in their veins. Despite the morbidity of their culture, they are not intentionally aggressive wolves. They even prefer to keep a peaceful existence, but once drawn into battle, they give way to savagery. These wolves take pleasure in killing, especially in the slaying of a worthy opponent. The Alva have the unique ability to read another wolf's soul; capable of making a wolf experience it's greatest fears.


The Jera Pack. The Pack of Time. These wolves are usually emotionless and very hard to get to. These wolves live in the center of the Elian Desert, where massive sandstorms can appear in seconds. These wolves usually have strange markings on their fur. Their is a great tradition among the Jera, where they wear a pocket watch or an hour glass around their necks. These wolves can manipulate time by slowing it down or speeding it up. Some are even capable of precognition, as they can see into the future, or revisit the past (Though only through the mind). These wolves created hourglasses and clocks.


The Hemlock Pack. The Pack of Poison and Venom. These wolves are sly and devious, and most are often mischievous. They live in the poisonous swamps of Nazar. A Hemlock's fur is poisonous to the touch, usually having poisonous barbs and bristles. The parts of their body that are the most toxic glow a luminous green. A Hemlock's fangs can be as long as three inches, maybe even more, filled with the most toxic venom in the realms. They usually don't mean to kill and would rather have fun than be serious. These wolves grow peculiarly stronger when eating, drinking, or touching toxic substances. They also have the strangest diet known to Nigerius, consisting of poisonous snakes, spiders, insects, lizards, berries, and plants.


The Jivanta Pack. The Pack of Life. A pack of sweet and fun loving wolves. They live in Haya Meadows where life seems to bloom everywhere. These wolves can speak to the animals and assume their shape, although this shape-shifting only occurs for a limited time, depending on the type of animal. They can also control another animal's mind, similar to the Avira's ability of having an empathic link with the birds. These wolves are vegetarians and are connected to everything around their birthplace.


The Zalika Pack. The Psychic Pack. Possessing the ability of telekinesis, they are able to move things with their minds. Other abilities include telepathy and Psionic energy manipulation. This pack hardly ever uses their vocal chords, preferring to speak telepathically, and read each other's minds. Privacy is rarely kept within their public society, they have created laws to help protect themselves and others. These laws forbid them from using another's knowledge for ill-gain or harm, also they forbid themselves from reading the minds of wolves outside their pack. Yet their greatest law is to never control another's mind. These wolves are nice but very impatient. They make their home in the enigmatic, Syaukat Canyons. These wolves usually have strange, different colored, markings on their fur and wings. Strangely enough each wolf has a different marking and color to match their personality.


The Strigoi Pack. The Pack of Blood. These wolves feed only on blood and with it gain incredible strength and energy. Though if they are deprived for too long, they become sickly and weak, and eventually die. These wolves have extremely long fangs that can pierce the flesh of any victim. Their fangs also secrete a non-lethal toxin, that numbs the body. Depending on how much blood a Strigoi possesses, they could create a blood copy of themselves, though the copies will deteriorate when all the blood is used up. Creating a copy requires a great amount of blood, so much so that attempting to make more than one, could lead to death. With regular feeding a Strigoi will stop aging, leaving them in their prime. Although their true age will show if starved of blood. On a full moon, a Strigoi is given a power boost. These wolves live in the Adonis Badlands, were the nights are uncommonly eerie.


The Seti Pack. The Copy Pack. With the ability to mimic another wolf's natural abilities, they can harness any element. Though the maximum duration is only for a few days, but this requires great practice to control and maintain. Not only can they mimic abilities but assume the form of another wolf, but can only copy one wolf at time. They are not considered the strongest pack on Nigerius, in fact they are normally weaker than other wolves. Which is why they developed the ability to copy others. As far as temperament goes, they're quite friendly and love to play, even though they do have a low tolerance for those with unsavory attitudes. These wolves live in the Zeno Plains.


The Dhvani Pack. The Pack of Sound. These wolves are blind as they live inside dark, maze-like, caverns that stretch for miles. They navigate these caves by way of echolocation, much like the bats they share the caves with. They are able to manipulate sound waves and tune them at different frequencies and volumes. Because of their blindness they posses an incredible sense of hearing, so acute they could hear a twig snap from miles away. While sound waves is their form of navigation they also use it for self-defense. From blaring high pitch noises to low base vibrations, these wolves have an unique offense that is hard to counter and hard to escape. Since wolves already have acute hearing their own abilities could actually harm them. Which is why they were born with thick fur around the ear, acting like ear muffs, the ears are pressed flatly against their head. They always do this before performing any type of extreme noise. These wolves in personality are typically silent and private, as most prefer to stay inside their caves and keeping neutrality in the current war. They're not typically hostile or mean and can be rather pleasant, despite their stoicism. Also it is not uncommon to see an Dhvani Wolf with very long ears, as it is a genetic signature amongst their pack.

Cousin Packs
These packs are smaller cousins to the much larger packs.


The Canicus Pack. The Pack of the Volcanoes. These wolves literally live in the volcano, as they a born within the intense environment giving them the greatest resistance to all heat, so much so that they can swim in lava. These wolves are cousins of the Tenneth pack, and like them they are also proud and unlike them they control lava instead of fire. These wolves can create a small, explosion of magma underfoot or breathe lava onto their foes. These wolves live in the Vulcan Mountains with their cousins.


The Saffron Pack. The Pack of the Coming Harvest. These wolves are very rare and anyone who sees one are blessed with good fortune. These wolves are usually a golden brown color with amber eyes. They control the harvest all around Nigerius and almost all wolves depend on this pack. Although the war has affected them greatly and ever since it started the growing season has become unpredictable, usually yielding weak crops. These wolves are famous for the golden wheat fields they live in, as some say one would feel pure relaxation if they entered the fields, though this is only a legend. They are said to be cousins to the Aven.


The Deon Pack. The Pack of Metal. This pack is cousin of the Dimitrios and can destroy almost anything with their bare jaws. In ancient history, before the rivalry spawned between the Tenneth and the Dimitrios, the two Packs created and welded metal into weapons. It was through this inter pack mingling that the Deon Pack formed. For years the Deon have become exceptional welders, and eventually gained the ability to manipulate metal. Their ability to control metal can be so great, they can even make it grow. The Deon use this ability well to coat themselves in armor or make blades from their limbs, fur, and fangs, and claws. These wolves live in the Valley of Iron, a land that lies beneath the Onatah Cliffs. Deons usually live in solitude and keep a good distance from other wolves, but even they have been roused from their homes to answer the Dimitrios call to arms.


The Ekaitz Pack. The Pack of Storms. Cousins to the Avira. They have the power to control the weather, but only on a small scale. It's kind of like a prayer, if one wants it to rain, there is a chance it will rain. A huge pack could control the weather all over Nigerius. Though in recent times they have become a rarity, but there are some that help to defend their homes in the Floating Mountains of Era.

Special Pack


The Spirit Pack. When a wolf dies its spirit goes to Isra where the spirit pack lives. Isra is the heavenly afterlife were all wolves go. Isra is beyond the reach of all wolves and can't be seen until you've past. Occasionally, a wolf will come down from the heavens and guide a troubled wolf, in other words they act like a Guardian angel. These wolves can't interact with the living but they can show signs of their presence. Some Spirit Wolves however, live in Atlas, a sub realm where the most wisest and heroic of wolves gather to meet after their deaths.

Character Skeleton

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Description: (Fur Color, Eye Color, Etc.) (May use pictures)
Abilities: (How do you use your pack element. Any special techniques?)
Equipment: (Anything else your character uses?)


Basic Rules
1. No Godmodding
2. Be fair and kind to other players.
3. Do not kill or attack another player without their consent
4. Do well not to offend anyone
5. If your going to be absent for awhile, then please tell me!
6. Have any questions then ask me.
7. I'll allow cussing, but don't allow it to water down your literacy
8. No obscenely graphic scenes.
9. Have Fun!

Roleplay Rules
1. You are allowed to make up to Four Wolves. (Although we can negotiate if you wish to to add more characters.)
2. Please choose abilities associated with your pack.
3. Spirit Wolves do not count in Rule #1

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Character Portrait: Nova
Nova played by William Krypt
"Still Moving Onward"
Character Portrait: Schemeko
Schemeko played by Seveneleven
"What? Is the end here already? Oh drat, and here I was hoping that I would be the one to cause it."
Character Portrait: Mydnyte
Mydnyte played by Seveneleven
"I will save the Kamaria at all costs."
Character Portrait: Durandel
Durandel played by Seveneleven
"Things are starting to get ugly."
Character Portrait: Prometheus "Our enemies shall burn in the righteous flame!"
Character Portrait: Summanus
Summanus played by Seveneleven
"I fight for a Future that can make up for it's Past."
Character Portrait: BattleDemon "I think my worst enemy is my memory, or more-like the lack of memories."
Character Portrait: Shamus
Shamus played by William Krypt
"Matey, want yer luck changed for a meal?"
Character Portrait: Blossom
Blossom played by BlueWind_22
"Turn your face toward the sun, and let the shadows fall beneath you... or was it behind you?"
Character Portrait: Tiberius "Cool! Now what else is there to see?"
Character Portrait: Ash
Ash played by BlueWind_22
"A girl can never have enough jewelry."
Character Portrait: Shimmer Doom "They will all pay."
Character Portrait: Kaveh
Kaveh played by Seveneleven
"All of Nigerius will kneel before me!"

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The Acacia Woods

The Acacia Woods by Seveneleven

The lush forestry seems so inviting.

The Arjuna Mountains

The Arjuna Mountains by Seveneleven

Lightning Strikes Twice.


Perun by Seveneleven

City of the Boraks.

Felix Valley

Felix Valley by Seveneleven

The gloomy land of the Alva.

The Elian Desert

The Elian Desert by Seveneleven

A place forgotten by time.

The Swamps of Nazar

The Swamps of Nazar by Seveneleven

The noxious lifeforms here, present a whole other challenge for a traveling wolf.

Haya Meadows

Haya Meadows by Seveneleven

Was there ever a more joyful place?

Avril Lake

Avril Lake by Seveneleven

A beautiful lake found in the Haya Meadows

Syaukat Canyons

Syaukat Canyons by Seveneleven

Here the mind is your greatest weapon.

The Adonis Badlands

The Adonis Badlands by Seveneleven

I wouldn't stay long if I were you.

Zeno Plains

Zeno Plains by Seveneleven

Vast fields and larger animals can be found here.

The Oto Caverns

The Oto Caverns by Seveneleven

Watch your head.


Field by Seveneleven

You see nothing out of the ordinary.

Rocky Wasteland

Rocky Wasteland by Seveneleven

A plain area filled with rocks.

Desert Wasteland

Desert Wasteland by Seveneleven

It's uncomfortable out here in the heat...with no shade.

The Saffron Wheatfields

The Saffron Wheatfields by Seveneleven

Agriculture at it's finest.

Abandoned Prison

Abandoned Prison by Seveneleven

Nothing more than a place filled with bad memories.

The Heart

The Heart by Seveneleven

The heart of Nigerius is currently dying...

Volcanic Wasteland

Volcanic Wasteland by Seveneleven

"Can't stand the Heat?"

Lake Eldrid

Lake Eldrid by Seveneleven

"It's just a lake...made out of lava!"


Lakeside by Seveneleven

"Down by the Lake."

Promethean Headquarters

Promethean Headquarters by Seveneleven

"The base of a revolution."


Stonehold by Seveneleven

Major City of the Dimitrios

Mount Ember

Mount Ember by Seveneleven

Another famous mountain in the Vulcans.

Ember Fortress

Ember Fortress by Seveneleven

A massive fort built right into the mountain.

Solaris Chamber

Solaris Chamber by Seveneleven

The Chamber Room that holds the Crystal.


Arboria by Seveneleven

Main City of the Aven


Springwood by Seveneleven

An Aven Village named after their favored Season.

Harvest Grove

Harvest Grove by Seveneleven

It's pretty self-explanatory what goes on around here.

Dead Forest

Dead Forest by Seveneleven

A Truly Haunting Place.

The Forest Heart

The Forest Heart by Seveneleven

Just like a real heart it beats with life!


Abelionni by Seveneleven

The God of Trees

Frozen Wasteland

Frozen Wasteland by Seveneleven

The best place to escape the heat...if you don't freeze to death that is.

Hero's Cave

Hero's Cave by Seveneleven

Was once the scene where many things took place.

Cape Cold

Cape Cold by Seveneleven

Aptly Named

Hidden Path

Hidden Path by Seveneleven

Has that always been there?

Camp Hadad

Camp Hadad by Seveneleven

The Borak Occupation.

Dark Path

Dark Path by Seveneleven

Definitely the path least traveled.

The Lands of Nigerius

The Lands of Nigerius by Seveneleven

The Land of once Bliss and Happiness.


Forest by Seveneleven

You find yourself in a forest...

Sunlit Path

Sunlit Path by Seveneleven

This way looks nice.

The Vulcan Mountains

The Vulcan Mountains by Seveneleven

The Fiercest of all Terrain.

Mount Hephaestus

Mount Hephaestus by Seveneleven

The Largest Volcano in the Vulcan Mountains.

Hephaestus City

Hephaestus City by Seveneleven

Major city of the Tenneth.

Onatah Cliffs

Onatah Cliffs by Seveneleven

The Place where you wander too far and down you go.

Valley of Iron

Valley of Iron by Seveneleven

The Valleys below the Cliffs.

The Floating Mountains of Era

The Floating Mountains of Era by Seveneleven

Where the Impossible is Possible.


Gothaire by Seveneleven

The city found on the largest mountain.

Nerine Falls

Nerine Falls by Seveneleven

Beautiful falls of the purest water cascade down from the walls of rock...

The Sharikere Mountains

The Sharikere Mountains by Seveneleven

The Snow Covered Mountains of the Sharikere.

Lake Eirwyn

Lake Eirwyn by Seveneleven

A Large Lake found in the Sharikere.

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Taking advantage of Blue's tensing up, Nova quickly grabbed another mouthful of the smaller needles that revealed themselves when she changed position. It wasn't too difficult to keep them out of his tongue, he just had to grab them at the right angle. The hard part was knowing just how hard to pull.

"Heh, and you think I am?" Nova responded once he got his mouth clear, inspecting her backside to see if there were any other offending needles. "The only times I have opened my mouth is to wind you up or to get Durandel turned into a gem slave. There's a reason I usually travel alone. You want a good travel companion, look to Khan up there. He has the patience of the gods" Nova said back, looking from the back of her head up to where Durandel was walking up ahead, before walking up next to her to keep ahead of the closing trail. The Aven's warning was coming true, as they moved the foliage seemed to wrap around were they just were, concealing any tracks they were making.


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Durandel and Mydnyte

It was a few hours later as they group of wolves walked quietly through the wood. As of a few minutes ago the world around them began to change. The land became more wilder and unkempt, the plant life grew larger even the bushes were as big as boulders. As for the trees that surround them, they are far taller than any seen in any forest. As the Aven continue to guide them one can tell....they have begun to enter the Acacia Woods. Light became dim as the vast canopies of leaves began to block out to Sun. To supplement the loss of light the luminescent Lantern Flower that grew off of long vines, shines above them illuminating their path. "We have begun to enter the Woods, now stay close! If you become lost in these Woods then she may never let you go. The Forest is a mysterious Lady, even we, her loyal servants are not always privy to her whims." The Aven sing-songly spoke.

"What? Do you think us as pups? We understand the importance of sticking together already." Mydnyte grouchily responded. "Forgive me Master Kamaria, I did not mean to insult you. It's just that others in your group my not be so wise as you are." The Aven playfully chuckled. "Oh? Are you being clever with me Forest Wolf?" Mydnyte growled. Fang then chuckled as well. "Don't start with me." He growled at Fang. The Aven laughed aloud as he looked over to the others. "Now, now, we are almost there just bear with me." He spoke. Durandel looked over to see Blue and Nova following along as best they can. Beyond them he couldn't recognize a thing, it just looked like a huge green wall suddenly appeared from where they walked. This made the Canicus a little nervous, no wonder the Tenneth burned these Woods instead of braving them. He took the words the Aven spoke to heart you really could lose yourself out there, even on this path all these plants looked like they could jump out and eat ya alive. It felt incredibly claustrophobic.

"Well I hope you're right about that." Durandel mumbled. As they continued onward through the Acacia Woods it wouldn't be long until path diverted into two. "Alright to the left everybody." The Aven spoke as they turned. It was then the heard a howl. "Well, they've moved the sentries up further last I checked, must be the Warden's new orders." The Aven commented as he let loose a howl. After a few moments the howl was received and responded with another. "Alright, they should let us pass. In few moments we shall be at the village of Springwood and from there we shall part ways." The Aven spoke.


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Blue looked over at Durandel, her mind already processing the information with what info she had already accumulated about Nova and the others. She realized, something.... and that was when she growled unexpectedly at the leaves moving around them. Her walls came back up and she seemed to distant herself from her present company yet again. "Did my mo- Battledemon," she caught herself before she finished the word and quickly replaced it was the more formal name of her mother. She growled darkly again, the shadows around her thickening with a suffocating hatred. "Battledemon, what was she like?"

She needed more information about who her mother really was and why she did what she did.... to her. What mother would.... Blue looked at Nova, expecting an answer to her question.


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Focusing on the conversation up ahead, Nova almost missed Blue's question, and was glad when she repeated part of it. Clearly she didn't like his previous answer, as her voice was beginning to harden again. So much for jokes. "Well, if you hadn't figured out by how I initially treated you, she was quite distant. I don't know if I ever show any emotion except pain, but I figured that she was an Alva, and that kind of thing was natural" Nova explained candidly, doing little to water down the truth.

Still, it did seem a little harsh, and so he added that "she did have her heroic times, more than once. She threw her neck out to save the rest of us without any hopes of compensation or reward. When you threw yourself into the fight when we first met, I had no problem believing you were her, you acted so much like her. So I guess if you want to know what she was like, look at yourself."

Wondering how that last part would blow over, listening to the eerie howls echo through the forest, as the party began to hook left through the trees. No wonder the Tenneth burned places like this down, these trees were suffocating without a guide.


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Through the thick brush and grass as near limitless trees cover the sky, the group presses onward as the forest itself parts ways. What seemed like forever, Durandel spoke up, "So, are we nearly there?" He asked. Mydnyte shrugged his shoulders in response to this question. "I'm not sure, I've been here before but I came from a different path." He said. It was then the Aven chimed in with a much needed update. "Fret not, we're here." He said just as the last brush moved aside to reveal a busy village. Avens were milling about as lights came from hollowed out trees. It seemed they have entered Springwood's marketplace as stands held produce and trinkets with vendors overlooking their wares and selling them to the public. It was almost difficult to imagine that a war was going on.

Yet the hustle and bustle of daily life suddenly halted as the foregin group of wolves entered their homes. It didn't take long for the Aven to sniff out a Canicus as the public bared their fangs and growled at Durandel. The Lava Wolf became nervous as they were lead deeper into the village. He worried that these Aven will attack him on sight for being what he was. "Fret not, Master Canicus, they will not harm you. Not since you've entered with us." The Aven reassured. He then brought them to a particularly big, hollowed tree with an over hanging signage called the Springwood Inn. "It is here that I shall leave you, I know the owners they are kind and hospitable and will surely give you lodgings." He explained.

"Yes, except we have nothing to pay them with." Mydnyte interjected. "True, that is why Fox went to the trouble to make for you and your fellows, reservations." Mydnyte was bit taken back from the news and curiously he asked, "We were expected to arrive at this time?" "Not exactly, Fox didn't know when but did give the owners specific instructions but that is all I know. For now, I leave, please enjoy your stay here in Springwood. Alright Wolves back to the Woods!" He ordered as their escorts left their company returning to their previous duties. Mydnyte looked over his shoulder to the rest, "Well let's head inside and see what Fox has done for us." He said as the group entered the establishment.

Once inside they asked at the wolf behind the counter and apparently it was true. Fox some weeks earlier had explained to the Innkeeper that a Kamarian named Mydnyte would come with companions to meet with her a few weeks later. Fang remembered talking to Fox about it but never expected she would go out of her way to do this for them. While their group was larger than expected, they had enough room for them all. The Innkeeper lead them to their rooms and bid them a good stay. And their stay would be a bit long, they were a week ahead of schedule and would have to wait in Springwood for Fox to arrive.


Nearly the week has passed, and they stay in Springwood is mainly pleasant. The Aven did little to give Nova, Blue, or even the Kamarians trouble. As for Durandel, he was often met with suspicion and angry stares. The Canicus did learn from biting tongues about what the Aven's call the Burning Edge. In the Northernmost part of the Acacias the Tenneth attacked with an impressive force of troops. The Avens were easily outnumbered but thanks to their knowledge of the Woods and the power of their element the Forest Wolves pushed back the Tenneth assault with minimal losses. The Fire Wolves were outraged they had the superior numbers but they couldn't even push past five miles of the Woods. Their Commander, enraged at this humiliation ordered his forces to begin burning down the trees. This method did provide assaults as the Tenneth managed to push deeper into the Acacias.

This forced the Aven Alpha to intervene and with a host of Forest Wolves, created a defense so strong they managed to block the Tenneth advance. They did this by moving the Dendrium Trees creating a wall of steel-like wood that was very resistant to burning. The Tenneth lost many Wolves during their foray into the Woods and finding themselves on the losing side of this battle retreated. Yet the damage was done as a good portion of the Woods were lost to the raging forest fires that Tenneth continued to perpetuate. This new forest edge has been dubbed the Burning Edge and restoration to these lost woods has been a slow-going process. Coaxing new plant growth has found itself a most difficult challenge. Never before have the plants been so ignorant of the Avens leading towards a scare that their element is weakening. This fear has since been translated into anger at the Fire Pack for their rampant deforestation of their home.

So Durandel spent most of his time indoors trying to avoid the burning glares of the Forest Wolves. It was the eve of Fox's arrival and as Durandel laid alone in his room there was a sudden skitter across the floor. Durandel perked his head up as the dim light of the lantern partially illuminated the room. The Lava Wolf wasn't sure what it was but didn't particularly care, it couldn't have been a little squirrel or something. Before he could completely dismiss it a shadow of movement brushed across his vision as the wolf perked up again. "Gods, I am going to get any rest tonight?" He complained as he stood up. It was then a crow appeared as it bravely showed itself to Durandel, even squawking at him.

The Bird walked up to Durandel as if on a mission as it stared up at the wolf. It's talons reached for him as if trying to signal him to come closer. It seemed the crow wished to give a letter to Durandel as the bird untied a knot detaching the string and paper from it's left leg. The Canicus was of course confused at this strange display and wondered just what was going on. The Crow sat there as it motioned it's head to the paper trying to coax Durandel into picking it up. Slowly, Durandel picked up the paper and with it a caw it seemed to have congratulated him. Durandel opened the paper and could see that it was note, from Ezra! Quickly Durandel began to read the note.

"Durandel, my friend, I am not long for this world, by the time you read this I am probably dead. It is my sincerest hopes that this letter reaches you in time to do some good. Much has happened while you were away on mission, one of which happens to be my incarceration, which is where I met my Jivanta cellmate, Chaim. We took a big gamble on this one. Once we managed to lure the Crow to our cell window, we had to use rats to steal for us pen and paper. From there Chaim sent the Crow to look for you and we worried it might not find you, but if you are reading this letter then our gamble payed off. Now it's your turn.

Durandel, Prometheus has done it, earlier this week Cendrillion named him Supreme Commander of his army and now Prometheus has access to hundreds of soldiers. I can only shudder to think what he might do with such numbers...actually, I had the misfortune of finding out. Prometheus's ambitions didn't end with his newly acquired title, he sought to become the Alpha himself. His new position left him dangerously close to Cendrillion and Prometheus used it well. By the way I write this letter, I'm sure you could probably understand what has happened. Cendrillion is dead...Prometheus is our new Alpha..."


End of Chapter One

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