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Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. II: Fire

Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. II: Fire

War rages on...A new fire rises and with it a threat that seeks to burn all in it's path. This is the second chapter of a continuing saga! Please take a look inside.

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((Elemental Battles created by Stormwolf321))


The Elements are dying...this is the stark reality that the mighty Wolves of Nigerius face. It is a prophecy of death and destruction that will come to pass if not for the bravery of a few that boldly stand against the coming tide of darkness.

Welcome to Nigerius, a land of unparalleled wilderness and beauty much like our own world, but unlike ours it's land is dominated by great packs of wolves. Packs led by breeds of intelligent wolves that wield the mystical and primal power of the Elements. The Elements are the very source of all power and life in Nigerius as the Wolves once reveled in the splendor and prosperity it brought, once. Today, the Elements are threatened by an unseen, malevolent force that so far is succeeding in polluting the sacred Elements. Why? That is the very question that no one has an answer for.

In the search for answers it ultimately led the Packs to blame each other, creating tension and disorder that culminated into the Great War. It's been many years since the outbreak of warfare and the Wolves have grown weary of this prolonged conflict. It is obvious that this war has brought more ruin upon them instead of finding an end to their crisis. So much so, that certain packs are giving complete authority to tyrants and lunatics to finally rid them of the constant bloodshed and destruction.

This unfortunately has become the fate of the mighty Pack of Fire, the Tenneth. The Extremist, Prometheus, now sits as Alpha of the Tenneth and with it's grand army at his disposal there is no telling what mayhem he shall cause. The Forces of Evil are ever growing in power as a wicked plot begins to take hold, seeking to envelope the world in it's ever-lasting darkness. Can our heroes save their beloved homes or will Evil prevail? The answer is up to you.



Greetings! If you're still with us then I most certainly hope that means you wish to join us! I am your GM, Seveneleven, and I shall do my damnedest to lead you all through this fantastical world to create one, great, story! First things first, you must create a character! You shall roleplay as a Wolf of Nigerius but what kind of Wolf is up to you. There are Seventeen Official Packs to choose from, not including the smaller, Cousin Packs. You may choose to create up to Four Wolves, all from different packs or perhaps all from the same pack? In order to get started please click on the link provided HERE, and read up on all the Packs, see which one interests you most and then begin to create your character!

In order to make this process a quick and simple one, I have provided with you a basic Character Sheet! Of course it is entirely optional if you want to use this Character Sheet, if you much prefer to fill one of your own creation then, please, be my guest! Once finished, submit it for approval and I shall review it as soon as I can. If your sheet happens to be rejected then please, do not get discouraged! I shall give you my reasons why and allow you the necessary time to make the corrections. So please, take your time and make a character that will make you proud!

Code: Select all
[b]Description[/b]: (Fur Color, Eye Color, Etc.) (May use pictures.)
[b]Abilities[/b]: (How do you use your pack element? Any special techniques?)
[b]Equipment[/b]: (Anything else your character uses?)


Regarding all important information please defer to the OOC Topics! These topics shall provide you with all the information you may need. If not? Then please do not hesitate to ask me any questions it is my great pleasure to provide you with any clarifications!

Now for the Rules!

Basic Rules
1. No Godmodding!
2. Please be fair and kind to other players.
3. Do not kill or attack another player without their consent!
4. If you shall be taking a leave of absence then please notify me beforehand!
5. At least try and check in once a week, I want to make sure you are dedicated to this roleplay.
6. I have no rules about posting order.
7. Regarding post length, I prefer quality over quantity but of course please don't make one liners.
8. While this is not specifically a mature roleplay, but please be aware that mature themes will come into play.
9. Remember to always enjoy yourself!
10. If you have read the previous information then please place in your character sheet or in the OOC, your favorite color, animal, and season.

Roleplay Rules
1. You are allowed to make up to Four Wolves. (Although we can negotiate if you wish to to add more characters.)
2. Please choose abilities associated with your Element. (E.g. A Water Wolf cannot suddenly breathe Fire.)
3. Spirit Wolves do not count in Rule #1.
4. Spirit Wolves cannot directly interact with the Living but can interact with objects and the environment.
5. Halfbreeds may choose abilities based on either parent's Element or may choose to wield both but on a weaker scale.
6. All Players are allowed to make up to Two Extra Characters if they are another Race besides the Wolf.


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Durandel
Durandel played by Seveneleven
A Canicus Wolf considered a traitor in his own homeland, he seeks to topple the oppressive government that rules over his Pack.
Character Portrait: Nova
Nova played by William Krypt
An Ausi scout, forced to be a hero by guilt and circumstance.
Character Portrait: Blue
Blue played by BlueWind_22
"Be careful who you share your weaknesses with."
Character Portrait: Nezín
Nezín played by Muunchkin
A sneaky one she is..
Character Portrait: Mydnyte
Mydnyte played by Seveneleven
A Kamaria Wolf who's out for vengeance against the Wolves who enslaved his kind.
Character Portrait: Summanus
Summanus played by Seveneleven
A Borak Mercenary who's trying to atone for his Past.
Character Portrait: Tiberius An Arlyne juvenile, trying to survive with a smile.
Character Portrait: Satori Baku "The mind can be a powerful tool. Just make sure you are the one truly in control of it."
Character Portrait: Shamus
Shamus played by William Krypt
A sneaky Saffron con, trading luck for a meal.
Character Portrait: Blossom
Blossom played by BlueWind_22
Character Portrait: Vesta Aine "I am the last of the real Tenneth. All others must BURN!!"
Character Portrait: Amarok
Amarok played by FullArmorNavy
"The Shadows are my play ground and my best friends."
Character Portrait: Schemeko
Schemeko played by Seveneleven
"When they say I'm toxic, I don't believe they know just how right they are."
Character Portrait: Fang Hunter "We're in this together for better or for worse."
Character Portrait: NPC
NPC played by Seveneleven
Character Portrait: Aurae
Aurae played by FullArmorNavy
"I am a leaf on the wind watch how I soar."
Character Portrait: Ash
Ash played by BlueWind_22
Character Portrait: tate
tate played by Darkstarwolf777
"i am stained by blood on the outside, but stains you can not see are much darker"

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These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?

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The Factory

The Factory by Seveneleven

The Largest Factory in the City.

Hephaestus City

Hephaestus City by Seveneleven

Main City of the Tenneth

Maxim Lake

Maxim Lake by Seveneleven

The Largest Lake around.

The Vulcan Mountains

The Vulcan Mountains by Seveneleven

The Fiercest of all Terrain.

Abandoned Prison

Abandoned Prison by Seveneleven

Nothing more than a place filled with bad memories.

The Burning Edge

The Burning Edge by Seveneleven

The casualties of war

Dead Forest

Dead Forest by Seveneleven

A Truly Haunting Place.

Prometheus's Palace

Prometheus's Palace by Seveneleven

The Seat of Power for the Tenneth.

Ember Fortress

Ember Fortress by Seveneleven

A massive fort built right into the mountain.

Solaris Chamber

Solaris Chamber by Seveneleven

The Chamber Room that holds the crystal.

The Acacia Woods

The Acacia Woods by Seveneleven

A place where the plants seem to have a mind of their own.


Arboria by Seveneleven

Main City of the Aven


Springwood by Seveneleven

An Aven village named after their favorite season.

The Forest Heart

The Forest Heart by Seveneleven

Just like a real heart this place is beating with life.


Abelionni by Seveneleven

The God of Trees

Onatah Cliffs

Onatah Cliffs by Seveneleven

Watch your step.


Stonehold by Seveneleven

Main City of the Dimitrios

Valley of Iron

Valley of Iron by Seveneleven

The Valley below the Cliffs.

The Floating Mountains of Era

The Floating Mountains of Era by Seveneleven

Where the Impossible is Possible.


Gothaire by Seveneleven

Main City of the Avira

Nerine Falls

Nerine Falls by Seveneleven

A vision of paradise.

Black Valley

Black Valley by Seveneleven

A land of seemingly perpetual darkness.

Sakura Ruins

Sakura Ruins by Seveneleven

Bathe in the Light.

Camp Hadad

Camp Hadad by Seveneleven

The Borak Occupation.

The Arjuna Mountains

The Arjuna Mountains by Seveneleven

Lightning Strikes Twice.


Perun by Seveneleven

Main City of the Borak

The Sharikere Mountains

The Sharikere Mountains by Seveneleven

The Snow Covered Mountains of the Sharikere

Neva City

Neva City by Seveneleven

The Main City of the Ausi

Lake Eirwyn

Lake Eirwyn by Seveneleven

A large lake found in the Sharikeres.

Eirwyn Village

Eirwyn Village by Seveneleven

A major fishing village.

The Swamps of Nazar

The Swamps of Nazar by Seveneleven

Something smells funny...

The Elian Desert

The Elian Desert by Seveneleven

A place lost in time.

Haya Meadows

Haya Meadows by Seveneleven

Was there ever a more joyful place?

Avril Lake

Avril Lake by Seveneleven

A beautiful lake in the Meadows.

Felix Valley

Felix Valley by Seveneleven

Death hangs in the air.

The Adonis Badlands

The Adonis Badlands by Seveneleven

I wouldn't stay long if I were you.

Syaukat Canyons

Syaukat Canyons by Seveneleven

Here the mind is your greatest weapon.

The Oto Caverns

The Oto Caverns by Seveneleven

Watch your head.

Zeno Plains

Zeno Plains by Seveneleven

Vast fields and larger animals can be found here.

The Saffron Wheatfields

The Saffron Wheatfields by Seveneleven

Agriculture at it's finest.

Harvest Grove

Harvest Grove by Seveneleven

It's pretty self-explanatory what goes on around here.

The Heart

The Heart by Seveneleven

The Heart of Nigerius is currently dying...

Hero's Cave

Hero's Cave by Seveneleven

Was once the scene were many things took place.

Dark Path

Dark Path by Seveneleven

Definitely the path least traveled.

Desert Wasteland

Desert Wasteland by Seveneleven

It's uncomfortable out here in the heat...with no shade.


Field by Seveneleven

You see nothing out of the ordinary.

Frozen Wasteland

Frozen Wasteland by Seveneleven

The best place to escape the heat...if you don't freeze to death that is.

Cape Cold

Cape Cold by Seveneleven

Aptly Named.

Rocky Wasteland

Rocky Wasteland by Seveneleven

A plain area filled with rocks.

Volcanic Wasteland

Volcanic Wasteland by Seveneleven

Can't stand the Heat?

Lake Eldrid

Lake Eldrid by Seveneleven

It's just a lake...made out of lava!

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Blossom was waiting for Tiberius to say something, hopefully back up her words but Chaz appeared to have beat him to it.

"Well...I guess that might work." Chaz then mulled her words over. "O-okay, I'll do it." Chaz finally decided. "Go ahead and tell me the place you two are looking for?" Chaz asked.

Everything had just appeared to have gone their way when when Blossom was ambushed with a question she didn't know. It was such a downer, especially when they were this close, too! It was all going to be over and all cause she didn't ask that Stelmaria person questions! Why didn't she ask for a name of the place specifically! Why did he have to ask for something she didn't know! Wait! She did know it right? The lady from before had told her right? But she didn't say a name or exact place!!! Blossom was thinking in circles, feeling like she was at her wits end when she remembered. It was okay to lie. Drais wasn't here to snap at her for lying and Tiberius couldn't give her that look of his that he had for when she lied. This time, he'd look at her differently! Yes, lying would save them.

A sudden sad look appeared on Blossom's face again, and she pretended to be confused.

"Ah, drat. Silly me, and I am silly." She raised her paw to cover her eyes and then dropped it back it's normal position. Frustrated, she dropped her head, "I forgot the name of the place. I know I know it but - Gah! I swear we were the worst ones to be sent for this job. It's... something, come on Blossom! You know the name and its..." Blossom glared at her paw and then stood up, to point in the direction of the volcano. "I forgot it's name but it's that place. It is that place closest to the base of that big volcano."

She turned to look back at Chaz and Tiberius before shrugging her shoulders. "We aren't very good messengers, but we are trying and we already know the general direction. But if you have better directions...?" She smiled, Now I just hope Tiberius can keep playing along.


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Character Portrait: Durandel Character Portrait: Nova Character Portrait: Mydnyte Character Portrait: Vesta Aine Character Portrait: Amarok Character Portrait: Fang Hunter
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Standing as tall and proud as she could, Vesta waited for her fiery death. She had tried to think of a way out but it all ended the same, so for once in her life she decided not to fight, to except things for how they are and to let it happen. Just before her execution could start the patrol captain raised a paw, "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" his ears were up scanning around. A moment later everyone could hear what had drawn his attention, the sound of several explosions in the distance rang through the factory. "PATROL ON ME! WE ARE FALLING BACK! WE MUST PROTECT THE HEART OF THE FACTORY! OUR FRIENDS WILL DEAL WITH THESE TWO!"[b] Looking down at Vesta, "You traitor. I hope you die a traitors death. And if I should see you again, I will make sure it is as slow and painful as possible." As soon as he finished, he turned and ran out the doorway behind him. One of the flanking officers followed well the other turned to the other patrolmen, [b]"YOU HEARD THE CAPTAIN! MOVE OUT!" He waited till all the other patrolmen had left before turning his attention on Vesta. After studying her for a moment the officer respectfully nods before walking out the door. Vesta gave it a ten count before turning to the guard who brought her here. Pouncing on him, she puts her left paw on his neck and lowers her head so she is looking him in the eyes. "Now you are going to tell me the fastest way to get ahead of them or I am going to kill you were you lie." Gasping for air as Vesta starts to apply more pressure to his neck. "The old walkway. We don't use it anymore but it will bypass most everything. Since we don't use it, its falling apart. You'll be lucky to get ten feet before it gives out under you. We blocked of the stairs to keep anyone from using it. There should be a staircase behind a wall panel in a maintenance room. Should be at the end of that hall." He motion towards a doorway on the side wall. Standing up and taking a few steps back, "Ok you can stand up. And don't worry I want kill you were you lie." Relived to still be alive the guard stands up and starts walking towards the door he came through. "Oh guard. I'm not sure how to tell you but I sure the captain has sent word that your with us so I would stay away from them. Then again I don't think that the resistance would take the chance with you so I would avoid them to. But well we are at it I minus well help you... die. You are a coward and a fool. Now die as one." As she was talking the guard turned to face her, but as she was finishing he turned away. Once finished, she shot a column of fire that hit him square in the hind quarters and engulf him. After a moment, she turned and ran out the door the guard motioned at. Quickly moving down the hall checking every corner and door she found the maintenance room. Knocking on the walls she found a loss panel. Behind it was an old spiral staircase. Moving up it as fast as she could, she came to an intersection, quickly picking what she hoped was the right way she continued her run. Not minute later she saw flashes of light, then nothing. Nearing were the light had came from she peered over the railing-less edge of her high walk. It was to dark, only a little light from fires burning in a office or control room. Taking a few steps she stopped, a group was trying to burn their way in, "I wonder resistance trying to save our people or..." she started whispering to herself but was interrupted when she saw a wolf jump from a window. But that wolf was no Tenneth nor did what she saw look like a Borak. The only other wolves here she knew about were her new friends. Quickly moving back to the edge to see if she could get a better look, one of the support cables gave out and Vesta fell. Hitting the lower catwalk, a support beam and a crate she came to rest on the ground floor in, the dark. Dazed by her fall and the sheer pain she was in, she manged to get to her paws and stubble her way towards where she saw the wolf jump. Trying to piece together all see saw was proving difficult due to how clouded her head was. She could tell it wasn't one of the Kamaria, or Summanus, so that left either Durandel or Nova.


Seeing Fang approach, Amarok turned towards him. Staring eye to eye it was not hard for Fang to notice the darkness that had overcome the young wolf. Her eyes seemed to have turned pitch black and it seemed to extend all the way to her soul. "Amarok? Amarok? It's me Fang. It's okay, everything is going to be alright. I'm here now, I'm here and I'm going to get us out of this place! Doesn't that sound nice, huh? Soon will be away from all of this madness, you'd like that, right?" As he spoke, his words seemed to reach what was left of the happy pup-like she-wolf. Her eyes cleared and shined once more though it was clear that a war was raging inside her. The pain and suffering she was going through was clear as day, and Fang, a fellow Kamaria, he could see a very dark shadow growing inside her eyes. Though her eyes cleared her stance never changed. "Fang...? I ... I remember. I remember everything." She said in a weak, hurting almost remorseful voice. "WAIT! Where is Mydnyte. He needs to know. He needs to know I remember our home. Our Pack. And... Vesta... where is Vesta? She, she isn't right. There is something wrong with her. We must help her. I remember the grove, I think my mother knew her and was bringing me there. I think My mother knew something was wrong here. Fang I need help." Amarok looked panicked and the more worked up she got the more she seemed to revert back to being herself.

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