The CabinChantelle Camille

"Annoyed with her sister and looking for a way to shadow her with her own darkness"

a character in “Elemental Gifts”, as played by RosexXxStarlight

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Element: Dark
Age: 17
Race: Demon that controls shadows
Height: 5' 1/2"
Physical Description: It is obvious that Chantelle is Adelina's twin. They share the same cute charm, but everyone seems to be drawn to her twin instead because she emenates light. Chantelle is the complete opposite when it comes to hair and eyes. Chantelle's eyes lack any sort of color and you can't tell her pupils from her irises. It gives her a very strange appearance and her hair matches her eyes identically.


Chantelle knows what's behind Adelina's angel-like appearance and charm and wants to expose her for what she truly is. But no one has ever spared Chantelle a second glance, she's like a shadow in the corner that follows Adelina around and hates it. She doesn't hate her sister, but the attention she draws to herself unnecesarily. She doesn't want people to think of her as useless, evil or boring any more.


Chantelle has always been overshadowed by her sister and her twin has been the apple of her parents' eyes. They spoil them both, but somehow Adelina is always bettering her. She loves her parents, while it seems her twins only use them for the limitless supply of money. She's glad when the man whisks them away since no one cared about her powers back home.

So begins...

Chantelle Camille's Story