The CabinDamon Locke

The Vampiric Mentor, Strong, Ancient, and Dark. I dare you to defy him.

a character in “Elemental Gifts”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name: Damon Locke
Age: Ancient
Race: Vampire
Height: 6’ 2’’
Physical Description
Damon is tall with a slightly muscular build that is deceiving because his strength is far greater than it appears. His eyes normally appear a cool blue that make him look human but when enraged or effected by an extreme emotion they turn to his burning red eyes. Pitch black hair and long fangs are his most dark features that send chills through any enemy.

Personality: Well he is the “sadistic vampire.” An evil smirk on his face he plows through enemies with the snap of his fingers. Usually employing weaker creatures and creating young vampires he uses them for dirty work, he never grows close to them and will kill them without hesitation. Cool Calm and collected on the outside he’s a dangerous and deadly vampire on the inside that can snap at any second. He has a soft spot for Sandi and plans to mentor her for longer than he usually allows himself, but she’s filled with promise so he’s willing to risk the extra time spent with her. A key element of his personality is his superiority complex, he thoroughly believes he is the strongest creature in the world but doesn’t flaunt it.

History: Turned 300 years ago he’s evolved with the times gaining power and skill, he is the definition of the ancient all powerful vampire with the purest of vampire blood. Every few years he finds company in his lonely life usually younger attractive humans he can mentor and mold until he feels they’re getting to uncontrollable or are no longer of use to him. This has led him to be a very unknown vampire that sticks to the shadows and has very few connections with the vampire and human world. When the twins appeared in the world he searched the world for them looking to destroy them or take them under his own wing due to the rumors of their great power. Turning Sandi he intended to use the girl in his search for the twins recently he has caught onto their trail and plans to confront them as soon as possible.

So begins...

Damon Locke's Story