The CabinSandi Cassina

The Young Vampiric Student

a character in “Elemental Gifts”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name: Sandi Cassina
Age: 15
Race: Vampire
Height: 5’ 2’’
Physical Description: Image
Small and adorable Sandi still looks like a child because Damon changed her before she even hit puberty. At Damon’s bite her hair turned a silvery white and her eyes glowed with a burning crimson thirst for blood. Her fangs are small and she tends to bite her lip with them leaving small red marks that disappear a few seconds after she bites them. Her adorable charm is irresistible, Damon chose her for her innocent appearance that will gain the trust of any creature.

Personality: Sweet and innocent she haves a very complicated relationship with Damon, he takes care of her and treasures her like no other but at the same time he was the twisted beast that turned her, sometimes she hates him for that. In her childish innocence she can see the beauty of being a vampire but doesn’t fully understand the cost of immortality and hurting people. She is easily overcome by her thirst and doesn’t resist it attacking most humans on sight, Damon has to hold her back when ever they’re in public areas.

History: As a Freshmen in High School Sandi’s life was just kicking off, she was quite the rebel and got relatively good grades in school. One night she and her friends decided to dress up to make themselves look older and go out to a club they knew nothing about, little did they know it was a popular goth and vampire hang out. She caught Damon’s attention as he forced himself to drink another shot of disgusting human alcohol. Flirting with her was simple and before she knew it he had lured him away from her friends and took her outside. With a quick drink and the intent to transform her the venom seeped in and he took her to his apartment allowing to suffer through her 2 days of pure torture.

So begins...

Sandi Cassina's Story