Amelia Adams

Wind Elemental

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Age: 16
Nationality 100% English
Sexuality: Homosexual, arguably bisexual, not that she herself really knows yet
Element: Wind
Height: 4'4 in imperial measurements.
Weight: 80lbs. or so, again in imperial measurements. About average for her, albeit extremely small, height and build.
Personality: Despite her youthful appearance, Amelia is actually quite mature and serious. Intellectually curious, highly analytical, and exceptionally brilliant, she has received a great deal of formal education, and it tends to show in her actions and speech. She is highly confused and bewildered by the concept of magic, as it strongly conflicts with all that she's learned thus far. Being educated primarily by tutors however, she has had little interaction with her peers. As a result, she doesn't posses quite the same social skills that others of her age do, often being overly polite, uncertain of certain social protocol, and speaking in an unnecessarily formal and verbose fashion. Her speech can also sometimes be a bit more... flowery, than necessary.
• Reading
• Mysteries
• Flowers
• Rain
• Dressing nicely

• Being unable to figure something out
• Unreasonableness
• As stereotypical as it might be for someone from her socioeconomic class, dirt is something of which she is not a fan
• Deliberate rudeness
• Reminders of her status when not in a situation directly pertaining to it

Marquess Harold James Adams, father
Marchioness Agnes Elizabeth Adams, mother

Brief History:
Born to a small family with an oft-forgotten title of the English nobility, Amelia's family doesn't actually possess any political power, they do have enough money that she was initially to be placed in one of the best independent boarding schools in England. That was of course before she became quite ill, was unable to enroll until the next term, and was taught in the meantime by tutors. By the time she'd recovered and the next term, however, she was ahead of where she would otherwise be in class, and had grown rather attached to her tutors. After some thought, her parents eventually decided to continue this, admittedly rather expensive, method of schooling.

So she rarely had reason to leave home, save for social events, at which she tended to accompany at least one of her parents the entire time, or on educational, albeit entertainingly so, outings. Consequently, Amelia is rather unused to interacting with others around her age autonomously of an adult. Though she is by no means shy or naive, her previous interactions have left her prepared primarily to interact in rather formal, vaguely political, settings. She had actually just returned from one such event the night she was abducted recruited as an Elemental.

Name: Seeing as it doesn't speak, Amelia doesn't actually know. As such, she just calls him Maxwell.

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Personality: As far as Amelia can tell, he's unable to speak, and isn't any more intelligent than a normal elephant, which I guess could still be considered impressive, considering his entire body is about the size of most other elephants' brains. He does seem a fairly happy little fellow though.

Image of possible magic activated appearance: The costume, not the girl wearing it.

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