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You see that thing there? Yeah that wont light on fire. I dont like that thing.

a character in “Elements of the World”, as played by the_fluffmeister

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Name of Wolf self: Eld (Swedish for fire)
Name of Human self: John Entrei
Age: 16, almost 17
Sex: Male
Element: Fire
Human Appearance: Image
Powers: Being that he doesn't know he's the wolf of fire yet I'll just RP through him gaining powers if that's cool
Personality: diagnosed pyromaniac, feels things very passionately but not for very long, has a strong dislike of aquatic sports but loves rain (because rain brings lightning which can start a fire), favorite animal is the chinchilla because it doesn't use water to bathe itself (
Bio: birth through age ten: unremarkable in any way shape or form, except for his neighbors houses keep burning down.
age ten and a half through fifteen: moved around a lot, strange fire kept happening around John and at age fifteen he was caught starting a house fire and was sent for therapy
age fifteen to start of RP: released from 'therapy' four weeks before 17th birthday on strict probation from having access to and source of flame and has all summer to get used to living on the outside again before going back to school. Over the course of three weeks after being released to the care of his parents, John has managed to retrieve his teddy bear from when he was younger and through that a reasonable number of lighters that had replaced a majority of the stuffing of the bear years before. In addition, through sleight of hand and misdirection John has managed to obtain several other things which produce his closest friend detailed below.
Items Carried Around/Weapons: 4 Bic lighters 2 books of strike-on-box matches and 1 butane torch lighter (all located inside teddy bear), 4 refill canisters for butane torch lighter (2 hidden behind dresser 1 taped to inner thigh and 1 stowed in teddy bear), 1 Zippo lighter (stored in cut out area of shoe made specifically for that purpose, left shoe by the way, that part is important), 1 set of flint and steel (in hollowed out mini bible carried around in jacket pocket), 1 box of 100 strike anywhere matches (held in pocket strapped to thigh which makes them rest directly to the right of Mr willy {discovered that people are generally unwilling to feel around the genitals of an underage male}), 1 box of 100 waterproof matches (stored in cube cut out of right shoe, probably shouldn't click my heels too often....), 1 cell phone with GPS tracker, 1 heartbeat monitor linked to GPS in cell phone, 1 teddy bear (carried always, played off as childish attachment to before the time when "that unhealthy obsession with fire" began, seen as positive attachment to non-flame based activity by therapist.
Other: Actually gets very little enjoyment from lighting things on fire, mostly just does it unconsciously or instinctively and dislikes it when things don't burn, favorite video clips to watch on internet are of water/snow or some such thing on fire, cannot watch them now though due to the whole probation thing and he wants to get through it as soon as possible so people will stop watching him so closely. Also being in an insane asylum taught John quite a few useful tricks such as pickpocketing, lock-picking, forced vomiting, lying, and various forms of sleight of hand or misdirection

So begins...

John Entrei's Story