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This all takes place in a region called Ellidiuth which is a world full of many different types of land. There are many places to live and areas to visit such as beautiful forests and flying cites. The flying cites is where all the upper class live and then you have your cites on the ground. The forests are mostly unknown although people that venture in there have seen temples and creatures you could never dream of.

I would say more about the story line but all the characters stories go into in and i would be typing for day, so I apologize.

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Erebus walks into bar

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Erebus "Hello everyone!"

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#, as written by Vlad30
Viro hello

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Artyum Hair (refer to picture three) skin Lightly Tanned Age 30 At time of roleplay Race Human Birthday Aug 5 Sign Leo Backstory Mother died giving birth to him and his Father raised him to 3 Then sent him to military boarding school Exceled at Close Quarters Combat, Swordsmanship and marksmanship Specialized in military science At 15 Was Expelled for multiple accounts of insubordination Tried to go home to find his Father is dead and his house sold Went to cemetery to visit his father and mother grave sights At 16 Went and collected Inheritance Father left cash and a Sword (Sword turns into a sniper) Mother left cash and her dog tags carries it all as a keep sake Wears a long white trench coat with Fur collar Black combat shirt and black combat pants and black combat boots wears his and his mothers tags At 21 joined a Mercenary group


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