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Don't be afraid of what you don't know, after all the things you can't see are only hidden in the shadows

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Ariadne "Ari" Quinn
Role: Princess
Which Kingdom Are They From: Tibolt
Background Information about Your Kingdom: In the kingdom of Tibolt, the royal family holds most of the power. They have a small group of five elders who have a big influence on the family's decisions. Each member has their own special advisor, who helps them with the little tasks while the royals focus on the bigger picture. The men and women are considered equal, even the mixed-bloods. Tibolt is a generally peaceful kingdom where the nobels and commoners even have traditional feasts together one the holidays. They all set aside their differences for a few days a year and just kick back and enjoy life. The royal family has been of one blood line for over two hundred years, and they intend to keep it that way. All members of the family are expected to have offspring of their own to carry out the bloodline. Ariadne has other plans that especially don't involve reproducing.
Age: 20
Race: Full blooded Oni
Description: Ari is a dark beauty with waist length raven hair that tumbles over her shoulders in natural lucious waves. Her creamy vanilla skin is almost flawless, save for the light scar painted a straight, horizontal line across her left cheek right under her eye. The first thing people notice when they look at her is her large, beautiful doe shaped eyes. The unusual dark crimson shade of them demand people's attention, though they are usually lit with amusement. When she uses her abilities, her red eyes glow ominously from under her long, heavy lashes. Her full lips are usually pulled back in a sadistic smirk, accenting the dimple in her right cheek and hiding the straight pearly whites behind them. Ari stands at a height of five foot nothing and weighs about a hundred and ten pounds. Her stature is the least frightening thing about her. Though she may be small, she's got a dangerous build of bone and nicely toned muscles that shift gracefully under her skin with every lithe movement she makes.
Ablitlies: As an Oni, Ari was trained in the art of black magic since she was a little girl. Along with her affinity for empathy (the ability to sense other's feelings, though in her case they're all the negative feelings one has), Ari can use her black magic to create illusions and appear in someone's dreams, as well as bring them nightmares. Ari is also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Instead of being taught how to be a proper lady and a spoiled bitch, Ari was trained from the minute she could walk to be a warrior, more specifically an assassin.
Weapons: Ari loves weapons. She is never anywhere without her set of twin daggers strapped to her thighs (She named them Biz and Felix). She does own a few other weapons, such as sets of throwing knives and swords. She tends to stick with light blades she can easily carry around on her person.
Personality: Anyone who meets Ari can easily describe her in one word: deadly. Ari is a very dangerous girl and she knows it. Her attitude is generally a careless, lazy one. She's a master manipulator and enjoys putting others in a state of discomfort or embarrassment for her own amusement. She tends to mind her own business, she's always been a loner, and expects other's to do the same. She's very slow to anger, but when she does get pissed off...well not many have lived to tell about it. In a state of frustration she doesn't hold back, weilding her words like a blade to slice through any who oppose her. Ariadne uses her quick wit and sarcasm to hide any emotions she deems to be vulnerable, making her come across as a heartless bitch at times. Of all things, Ari is anything but a spoiled little princess who throws a fit when she doesn't get her gold embroidered silk pillows fluffed up before she sleeps. She'd rather jump into a pit full of snakes than get her satin panties in a knot over a broken nail. Ari is extremely independant and stubborn, and does things her way reguardless of the consequences. She doesn't bother with the rules, and even goes out of her way to break a few out of boredom. Catching her in a bored or angry mood never works out for anyone.
Bio: Ariadne Quinn was born a bastard child in the kingdom of Tibolt. Her mother, Castrell, was no married to her father (the king) when she was born, though they were in love. At first, her birth was a secret, but not only because she was a bastard child. This proved to be difficult at first since her mother died of child birth and her father didn't know what to with her. Then, on her first birthday, he sent her away to live with his most trusted friend, Cain. Cain raised her to be a warrior/assassin, all the while reminding her of where she came from and promising that she would one day return there when things had been sorted out. On her fifteenth birthday, Ari was brought back to the palace of Tilbolt and her existence was announced to be public. To this day, she has no clue who her mother is and why her birth had to remain a secret.
Who is your fiancé: To be announced
Love Interest: No one. Ari's cynical veiw on love has prevented her from allowing anyone close enough to her. She does enjoy messing around with men and exploring her options, but immediately cuts all ties when emotions start playing a part in the "relationship". Ari's heart is surrounded by an inpenetrable steal wall, and no one has been strong enough to get through it yet. She's a girl that can't be tamed, and it's going to take a very special someone to prove otherwise.

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