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Enchantom, the land of soceresses, elves, and many magical creatures. The King was murdered, and his brother was jailed, while his niece is brought into royalty. Wait, what?

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New World by Emperess Matilda of Alsmia. Selfish and rude, Bosnio never thought of his Queen, and named the new land Bosnia. Once killing the natives, creatures who were ridiculed and prisoners of the Alsmian Empire were sent to the New World, and soon turned Bosnia into the Bosnian Empire, under a cruel King with high taxes and lazy royals. After the Great Matilda died, her son became Emperor Brooks, and took Bosnio off of the throne. Once Matilda's daughter and Brooks's sister, Sana Celiamo, was put into power, Bosnia was changed to the highly prosperous Celiamo Empire.
Sixty Years later, Sana died of a heart attack suddenly. Her and Brook's children, Thomas and Alexandra, both held hands walking behind her coffin. When they went to a ball a year after, Brooks was killed, and his brother, George, was accused of the murder and sent into jail. They find George's daughter, Hannah, was brought to royalty. Huh, nice plan... While rebellions called The Council and The Order is coming up. The Order and the Council hates the inflating taxes higher and higher, the lazier and lazier royals, and the missing middle class.

Thomas (open)
Alexandra (taken)
Hannah (open)
Regent Holis (open)
Council Leader Hank (open)
Order Co-Leaders The Order Sisters (taken)
Order members *always* (open)
Royals *always* (open)
George (open)
Teachers *always* (open)
Peasants *always* (open)

*- cannot be mixed

~- usually are mixed

*Afrit- ususally evil, can change any form; the changing form is the only magic Afrits can do.

Angel- a winged creature, only capable of flying and the smallest of magic, but more than humans can do.

Centaur- the most common are male, and are usually brown. The rarest are white and female; but there are while males and brown

Elf- A creature with pointed ears, capable of elemental magic, but less than Elementals. Few elf people use dark magic, but most use
light music.

Elemental- Made by a certain element, and has almost unlimited power of that element. Cannot do any other magic than the element.

Fairy- Unlike Pixies, Fairies are of normal size, and are of light magic. They have wings that match the main use of magic the fairy uses.

*Fauness- A woman saytr. With bare chest and goat bottom portion of her body, the fauness is mainly used for satyr/ess offspring,
and can do very little magic.

Gaint- Monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength. Can use no magic whatsoever, and can be on the oafish side.

Gnome- A small, humanoid creature who lives underground.

~Human- A creature of normal quality, and the only magical quality is of small magic. Has more emotions than other creatures, but is also can be very skilled.

Incubus- A male demon disguised as a human to get sexual relations, usually to become a father





Succubus- A female demon disguised as a human in order to seduce men through sexual intercourse.



*-cannot be mixed

Sorcerer/ess: A creature of high magic skills. As any simpleton can do the minor of magic, a socerer/ess of high training and skill can be able to do very dark or light magic. More Socerers/esses are of elven species.

Rider: A creature, usually human, who is able to ride dragons, unicorns, peagus, or even phoenix. Only one ride has been able to tame a Phoenix to be able to ride it. They are not very good to get in a fight with.

*Auki: or healer. They can heal almost any wound, they usually use light magic to defend themselves, but some have been known to use dark magic. They are weak against just about any enemy attack, but their healing ability and magical ability make up for it.

*Assassin- A creature who is very skilled with hand weapons

Swordsmen/woman- The knights of the lower class, not actually employed. Usually trained by their father, the swordmen/women aren't the most skilled at swords. Can do no magic whatsoever.

Archer- They are strong bow and crossbow users, they can fight well in mid range and long range. Most Archers are good with short swords so if they do have to fight close range they aren’t completely defenseless

Knight- The swordmen of the upper class, employed to the King. Usually trained by the best Knights, the knights are the most skilled at swords. Can do small hand magic.

Guard- They range from low class to high class. They're first tested of their loyalty, then employed. Usually Sorcerer or Knights along with Guards so they can protect their place of employment.

Towns, Cities, and Important places in the country in the Celiamo Empire:

Sana Palace: The Palace of the Empire, located in the Captiol

Pholio: The Capitol of the Empire

Jhana: The town located just outside the Capitol, crawling with thieves

Kcoa: The city where Thomas and Alexandra find their help

Towns, Cities, and Important Place in the Alsmian Empire:

Cholio: The Capitol of the Empire

Mhana: The town located just outside the Capitol, crawling with thieves

Dcoa:The Council's HQ. Located inside of the Alsmian Empire, also helping Thomas and Alexandra.

Name: (Full Name)
Age: (14+)
Sex: (female or male)
Race: (Choose from main page)
Occupation: (Choose from main page)
Residence: (Pholio, Jhana, or Kcoa)
Personality: (optional, may come out in RP)
History: (At least a paragraph, some may come out in RP)
Appearance: (not anime image)
Physical features: (basically description of height, eyes, etc)
Other: (Pets, family, secrets, etc)

Starting Date:
Sunday, October 3rd


.PG-16, sex scenes in PM

.Proper Grammar

.Mary Sue's suck

.Post in chat tab

.NO one-liners. Three plus

.Other RPG rules

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