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Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

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CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Name: Amelie Slenn

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

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Amelie is at a short 5'3 and weighs 96lbs. She has pale almost white skin from not spending as little time in the sun as possible and wears enough sunblock during tennis to stop her self from tanning in the slightest. She styles her hair to go with whatever outfit she's wearing at the time, but she is most often seen with it either loose or in two braids. Her eyes aren’t much to look at. A chocolate brown, there’s really nothing incredibly special about them, although some people tend to say it seems like she’s hiding something behind them. She doesn't pay much attention to what others deem fashionable but likes to look good enough for her own standards, which are high. Her closet mostly consists of white with a few accent colors and her style could be described as vintage. She is never seen without her delicate scrap metal red rose ring on her index finger and some form of ballet slippers on her feet.

Likes: tennis, Yellowtail sushi, mint flavored anything, classical music, lullabies, and being the best at whatever she does.

Dislikes: People who whine and complain, not getting things done, people who don't know when to stop fooling around, dragging out a situation longer than it has to be, people who don't know when to stop talking, being included in mundane conversations, and people who don't know what the words 'Personal Space' mean.

10 interesting facts:

1. When told to do something or is assigned a group she tends turn into a tyrant to get the job done and over with.
2. Aims to be the best at whatever she does, whether it's a video game, a sport, or a project.
3. She’s very picky with her food. The list of what she likes to eat is much shorter than what she doesn't.
4. Everything is deemed as either a 'Fail' or a 'Win' and she always has a witty or sarcastic comment to make, although she knows when to keep them to herself.
5. She tends to hint at knowing more than she does, especially when it gives her the upper hand.
6. Respect is something that she believes needs to be earned, but she's polite to everyone.
7. Once she becomes friends with someone she's loyal to the very end. She just needs to find someone that will put up with her.
8. She is grouped with those few select students that are bragged about at Atari High. With all the academic awards she’s able to achieve, and how well known her sister seems to be, it’s no surprise.
9. She has absolutely no pain tolerance what so ever and hates seeing blood.
10. Even though she loves flowers, roses especially, she very rarely stops to smell them.


Main: Up is Down [url]]Up is Down [/url]

Battle: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni [url]]Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni [/url]

As the screen fades: [url=]Monochrome Kiss [/url]


Amelie is seen as cold by her peers, but when and if she decides to like you, she can be very caring and as loyal as can be. If she doesn't like you, watch out, stay around her too long and you may end up with frostbite. Don't fret too much though, she's a diligent believer that the only thing constant is change, so with a little work, there's a chance she'll warm up to you. She isn’t a bully but she won’t stop or prevent any bullying that doesn’t directly involve her or who she cares about.

She doesn't vie for the spotlight but does enjoy the glow and won't turn away from it.

As for extracurriculars, there's the art club and orchestra. Along with the other random clubs she joined for the sole reason that they looked good on a college application. She's in tune with the finer side of things, such as classical music and makes sure the band doesn't get too funky while she plays her cello.

She's all business when it comes to things she is required to do and hates when other people hold her back or slow her down. Everything has to be finalized and perfected down to the last detail. Some say her perfectionism going to be her down fall, but what do they know? They don't have an older sister's shadow looming over them.

For those she even has the slightest respect for, she'll risk anything to help them, unless of course it's tennis. They're on their own for that, although she’ll gladly help them get off the court. But she'll fly to the moon and back to make those she really cares for, happy.


Items to never leave behind:
-White Nokia5230 (Specialized ringtones for each caller, of course)
-Keys to her red Ferari *Present from her successful at whatever she does sister (Don't forget the "Maybe one day, you too will make something this great out of yourself." note that came with it.)

She doesn't like carrying things around with her, knowing she'll lose or forget them if she's not careful.

Amelie is a thief. But what she steals isn’t anything material, they’re ideas that haven’t been fully formed yet. It started out innocently enough. The first time might have been when she was trying to figure out an answer to a problem on a test. She just guesses a number that pops into her head and by ‘luck’ it seems to have been right. Or it could have been that time when they had to draw a creative birdhouse and she couldn’t think of anything till she just doodled a design on her paper. Molding and forming it to look how she wanted it to. It’s impossible to say when it first started. She didn’t even know she was stealing anything. She has no control over it.
In a sentence: She leaves with an answer and the person she stole it from gets the feeling that they just forgot something.

As she levels up, she gains control and the power evolves. Until finally, but not for a long time, it becomes a cross between clairvoyance and mind reading. She just knows an idea of what a specific person is about to do.

This, mixed with her reflexes from tennis help during battles. She knows how the enemy is going to act and can react accordingly


She doesn’t get why people always give her that same pity-filled stare when they find out her parents are never home. It’s not like their wasting their lives with useless pastimes, they work. Money is a necessity. Plus she where would she get the money to buy clothes and other things if they didn’t? Her parents love her, they always have. Just as much as Ellie, they claim.
Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Slenn, her older sister. If there was ever a pity me factor, this would be it. But pity gets a person no where. Work is what gets you recognized, what gets you out of the shadow. Not that she sees Ellie much either, even less than her parents, if that’s possible. Not that she’s complaining, of course. With Ellie off to college maybe all of Atari will stop knowing her as Eleanor’s sister and start recognizing her as Amelie.
She’s lived in 8-Bit her whole life. Her parent’s didn’t want to move her from place to place no matter where their jobs took them. None of them know anything about the rifts.
With her family never home things start to get lonely, maybe it’s time to start melting this ice queen.

So begins...

Amelie Slenn's Story