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"Get off my back Pizza with Fried rice wont kill me!"

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by chris45

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CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right"

Name: Daniel Anderson

Gender: male


Grade: senior

Appearance: (not my picture, but now I want to draw him so I might change this to my drawing in the near future.)

Daniel is 5’8 and weighs 115 pounds. He has light tanned skin and brownish eyes. His hair is usually styled to cover his left eye. There is nothing wrong with his left eye he just likes his hair styled that way. Daniel likes to change the color of his hair often. He may have it black for a few days and than he likes to make it purple or blue. Daniel is always changing things up. His style of clothing is all over the place. He may wear something baggy and loose one day and preppy the next. Daniel enjoys trying new things and blending different styles together to see how they work. Sometimes he can look completely ridiculous while other days he looks stylish.

Likes: Games, movies, anime, sleeping in class, making others laugh, Italian and Asian foods, drawing

Dislikes: Spinach, bugs, people who show off to much, people who are to serious, cheaters


Main: In Operation

Battle: Vs Enemies

Random moments: Flame of Resolution


Personality: Daniel is a nice guy, he enjoys helping others when he can. Daniel doesn’t like seeing people get hurt even if he doesn’t like them. Though if that person is truly a bad person he wouldn’t mind fighting them and beating them up. Daniel likes to think about things a lot, because he doesn’t like to just rush in and do something he will regret later on. Daniel can be weird sometimes because he will often do random things like falling asleep in class and waking up and saying the first thing on his mind. Daniel likes to make people laugh and help them to not take life so seriously. Daniel can be considered a class clown with his jokes and random outbursts, but he is really just a good guy trying to live his life to the fullest.


Ability: Daniel has the ability to summon armor/clothing and weapons. For the weapon he gains basic knowledge of how to use it when he touches it. And for the armor or clothing he gains basic knowledge of how it do the skills of the person the item was made for. Ex: if he was to summon knight armor, he would know how to fight like a rookie knight.
Though as Daniel gets stronger he will be able to enhance his armor and weapons to make them stronger and give them different looks. He will also be able to mix his armor and weapons to blend the abilities of his different styles.

For now all Daniel can summon is knight armor, a kite shield and a short sword. Though with training he will be able to summon more powerful weapons and armor.

p.s.: he doesn’t know about his powers I’m just stating what he can do when he discovers his powers.

Equipment: Daniel has a motorcycle, it’s all black and nothing really stands out about it other than that it’s a motorcycle. Daniel carries his house and car keys with him at all times. He carries his cell phone(Droid X) with him. And his wallet.


History: Daniel is an average kid, when he first started high school he was at the top of the class. And as the years went on he sank to the middle. Daniel did this on purpose because he was tired of taking the higher level classes. His parents urged him to do better, but all he wanted to do was live like a normal kid and have a life that didn’t involve nothing but studying. So Daniel got to enjoy himself and that’s how he kind of got the position of class clown, because he was just being himself and having fun. This is also why Daniel changes his appearance a lot because he is still trying to find out who is the real Daniel. He never really got to make friends since he was labeled the smart kid at the beginning of his high school years. So if he ever goes out he usually goes alone, though he is ok with that because he often goes to the arcade and has fun beating all the high scores he can.

So begins...

Daniel Anderson's Story