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A Gatekeeper, travels the world to make sure the Dimensions are in check.

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Astro_B0Y

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"CHEATZ! Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right"

Name:Demetri Maverick
Age: Unknown (Gatekeepers are immortal)
Gender: Male

Demetri Maverick appears as a young man (no older than 25) with smooth brown skin. Standing at a little over six feet, he has a very slim, thin build. As for hairstyles, he has long, black dread locks that fall just past his shoulders, on his chin he has numerous prickly strands of chin stubble, generally as a result of laziness. Demetri has a permanent smirk on his face as a result of the constant jogging of his brain and underneath his left eye is a lightening bolt tattoo which significance as of now is unknown. Lastly as for his facial features, Demetri has a pair of warm, inviting golden eyes, however upon gazing deeper into them one can feel the sensation that he knows way too much about SOMETHING.

He typically dresses in a fitted gray, short-sleeved button down shirt with white buttons, a black and white tie, and a tiny red heart shaped pin on the pocket of his shirt. He keeps two wristbands on either one of his arms, on the right a black one, and on the right a gray one, both leather. As for the lower body he wears a pair of black fitted jeans white gators, and a white leather belt. Finally, a silver chain hangs from his back belt loop into his left pocket, this is actually the silver pocket watch he received as a gift from a special someone back when he was a human.

Demetri Maverick


Demetri is a curious man. On the outside, he's a laid back, often humorous soul. To those younger than him, he has the tendency to fall into a sort of big brother or fatherly role. He's lazy, and if he had it his way, he'd leave all the hum-drum filing and other tireless tasks to his assistance, but he's also a sort of perfectionist when it comes to his more important works, he can't leave a single stone unturned or else it nags him to no end, these two aspects of his persona are at a constant tug within Demetri.

He's constantly thinking and he has a vivid photographic memory. Demetri tends to put physical exercise to the side in order to devote full recreational time to strengthening his mental capability. Brain teasers, Rubix Cubes, Sudokus (sp?), and any other type of way to stretch his mind are his favorite leisurely activities. Demetri knows he's smart, and when the time arises, he doesn't hesitate to flaunt it.

He people watches a lot, he likes to assess what, or who, he's dealing with before he tackles it. The battle is won in preparation is a favorite quote of his.

Demetri has a candy addiction, Hersey Bars & M&M's are his favorite, but he'll take whatever sugar he can get his hands on. When he doesn't have candy for a while he goes through sugar withdrawal, and reverts to a dizzy, lethargic state.

Likes: Women, Coffee, Food, Research
Dislikes: Work, Sugar Free Food, Work, Reckless Behavior, and Work.



Great Fairy Fountain

Battle (For those rare moments)

Great Fairy Fountain Remix[/url]


Three items he has on him at all times are...

-His silver pocket watch
-His black Droid X phone, which holds digital copies of the majority of his finer research documents
-His mp3 and white DJ-style headphones


As a Gatekeeper, Maverick is presented with a number of techniques, (he's pretty much a God-Mod if I used him in battle, which I won't except for those 'event' battles(like us getting our asses handed to us by the big baddie?) ) much too many to list here. A short list however would be, dimension travel, extreme speed, elemental manipulation, and so much more.

However, he has one ability of his own that is a taboo in the Gatekeeper Order, which is being able to create his OWN Dimensional Gates, he keeps this ability a secret though, as it's existence would be grounds for execution.


Check the RP for his story, anything else will be included during the RP, he's more of an NPC than anything.

So begins...

Demetri Maverick's Story