Ramen DonDon Scharf

The man who xeroxes your soul.

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by donanater

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


"CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right"+A B A A B (30 extra lives beat that)


Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior

He is neither tall nor short at 5'9", but his size fits his build just fine with being fit with a bit of extra fat around his belly that cant be seen but felt. While his glasses are just for show they compliment his blueish-teel eyes. His dirty blonde hair is brought out by his slightly tanned but still white skin. He wears a necklace with a sword that looks like a cross from far away, that is always around the collar of his jean jacket he wears over his uniform much to the teachers dismay. On his right wrist is his computer that he custimized for everyday use.


He is queit in the class only until he is asked a question by the techer which normally ends with him rambaling on and is told to sit back down. Nothing much else is known since he is a transfer student which is very rare since he is a senior.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX21yXWpa_c

Battle song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r21i-0kK ... re=related


He has his glass which do nothing other then look good on him. He carries a lighter that his father gave him just for those times you need one. Finally his biggest piece of equipment he carriers is on his wrist, which is a compact computer he carriers around and enters info of everything new he sees. He uses it to keep track of the creature's powers he is currently saving but it doesn't acutally hold them.

Ability:He is what is known as a copy fighter. When a enemy is dazed, or killed, or even asleep, don has but to touch him and he downloads his power. He can take the knowledge and learn to use a weapon or the wings to fly but only one aspect, his power also cuases the meduim to spring forth wether that be wings to fly or a sword to cut. The draw back is that he may only hold so many powers at once till he must erase a old one for a new one, Also he may not use the same power that he acuired from the exact person or creature till they no longer exist or risk destablazation.

His curent power lvl lets him store up to 3 powers and use each one for a maximun of a minute before the cooldown of a few minutes accure. He may use them all at once but they will run off the same timer, which is displayed on his wrist computer.


He is in fact a foriegner to the 8-bit city. He moved from place to place as he grew up. other then that he wasn't really worth mentioning, his father died when he was 13, while his mother is still alive. He moved to 8-bit in his junior year and shortly there after noticed the strange happening along with things he had never seen. He thought to himself I just might want to stay in this strange city. With that he finds himself attending his senoir year at atari high.

So begins...

Don Scharf's Story