Atari HighGrace L.

"You touch my hat, you die. "

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"CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right"

Name: Grace L.

Gender: Male

Age: 22

When he was younger, Grace drew out an intricate design, and had them tattooed on his face. His eyes are an icy blue, and his hair is an inky black. Now that he is older he has grown his hair out, and from time-to-time will tie it into a ponytail with a red ribbon. He prefers to wear frock coats, and wears a top hat. Black gloves hide his hands, and he has an ebony walking stick with a silver knob at the top, and a silver tip at the bottom. There are still marks on his face from when he had piercings as a teenager.

Ability: Architectual Fire. This ability starts out as what appears to be the power to create and control fire that has an odd, bluish color mixed in with the natural color of fire. Though, these flames are more potent than natural fire. As the power grows it will eventually allow Grace to "recycle" what is destroyed by the flames. He will be able to build through destruction. The more he destroys, he more he will be able to create through it. This includes barricades, weapons, armor, and even creatures that can only be controlled by Damien - though these die after a short period of time if not killed. Using the fire itself drains him, but to create anything will drain him even more. Therefore, Grace will mostly be limited to simply bursts of fire or flamethrower-esque attacks.


Battle Theme:

Personality: Damien is somewhat laid back, and his personality is an odd combination of sarcastic and serious. Amongst other things, he is also a coffee addict.

History: Grace first arrived in 8-Bit when he was a teenager. He went to Atari High, but was mostly a loner due to his . . . eccentricities. He was obsessed with designing. Whether it be buildings, cities, or other, simpler, objects he would draw out blueprints for them. He began working with clay, glass, and stone, making sculptures and the like. He now paints out the intricate designs like the one tattooed on the left side of his face. After graduation he managed to open a store where he now sells his glass, clay, and stone sculptures and figurines along with his paintings. His shop is called The Man in the Hat, which is what some of the people around the city call him, as well as simply "Mr. L.".

So begins...

Grace L.'s Story