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"In my head, 9 outta 10 voices are telling me to kill you-the other one's singing the tetris melody..."

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Jayx

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"CHEATZ! Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right"

Name: Jayx...just Jayx (she refuses to divulge a last name, even to teachers, who are unsure if Jayx is her first or sir name)
Gender: Female

Jayx is of average height, and build, with no real gripping physical attributes-apart from her slightly larger than normal feet- She has brown hair, cut short to just above her shoulders in an A-line (shorter in back than in front), her eyes resemble green olives, with brown in the center instead of red/orange, and she has a bit of freckles across her nose. Her attire is generally more for comfort and practicality rather than anything else. Her clothing articles always tend to include running shoes or boots, and never any skirts or dresses, unless pants are worn underneath them. It isn't uncommon to see her wearing fingerless gloves and goggles on her forehead-though their purposes are unclear.


Jayx is a fairly practical person. She's a realist as she puts it, and tends to view everything from an outsider's perspective, unattached from the world, which is incredibly easy for her as she has no real emotional attachments. She's a kind person, with a sarcastic sense of humor and is extremely intelligent, however, no one seems to ever find that out as they can normally not get passed her vacant stare, distant demeanor, and habit of speaking to herself in a third-person manner. It takes a great deal to cause her embarrassment, surprise, or fear. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot to induce excitement and other lively emotions. She can be perceived as cold simply because of her distant attitude towards people, however, once engaged, she is very talkative and has numerous ideas and opinions to express.

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Jayx: Gymnopedie No.1:

Jayx's Dreams:Final Fantasy Prelude

Imaginary Friends:

(Him): Jayx's protector and guardian. Unlike all the other imaginary friends, he is constantly present in her mind and she converses with him casually on a regular basis. He is her closest companion/imaginary friend and is the one friend that, once he gains a physical body, can think and feel independently (though his emotions and thoughts affect her and she is constantly aware of them, just as he is constantly aware of her thoughts and feelings). While he is in physical form, he can act independently but when summoned by her he automatically appears back at her side, whether he wishes to or not. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the other friends and they respect him and treat him as such (since he is the oldest). He looks down on them generally (in an authoritative manner), apart from Karen, who he treats as an equal.
Theme: Gnossienne No.1:

Karen: More of a maternal figure than a "friend" she takes place of the mother Jayx never knew. Named after the name of Jayx's real mother (who gave her away for adoption), Karen takes the role of consolation and comfort that Jayx subconsciously believes a mother's characteristics should be. Karen is the second oldest "Friend" of Jayx and is seen as a mother to all of the other Friends (especially to Kid, who openly calls her "mom"). She is respected highly by (Him), to whom she treats as an equal, though occasionally she will go so far as to even give Him advice. She is summoned (subconsciously) whenever Jayx is in emotional distress or confusion, in need of maternal care, or harmed in any way.
Theme: Beatrix's Theme, FFIX

Kid: Jayx's ever cheery inner child. She is filled with optimism and happiness and was created in the memory of Jayx's childhood, along with the subconscious need for positive influence and motivation. She does her job dutifully and has the ability to rejuvenation Jayx when she is at her worst. She is (believe it or not) the third oldest friend and in spite of her immature appearance (and attitude) she is far from ignorant-she simply likes to look on the brighter side of a situation and encourages Jayx to do the same. She is summoned whenever Jayx is emotionally/physically injured, nostalgic towards her past, generally depressed, or uncharacteristically childlike in attitude. Kid is identical to Jayx when Jayx was 10 years old and as Karen represents Jayx's "mother", Kid sees Karen as her mother too. Despite her age, she isn't treated with the respect Karen and (him) receive.
Theme:Zelda, Song of Storms ... re=related

Odd: Odd is the “defect” imaginary friend that is the essence of her short term attention span. He was subconsciously made in order to distract her from reality and repel her from it and towards her imagination/other worlds and dimensions. He takes pleasure in the simple things and encourages Jayx to also. He is not intelligent-and is frequently more of a nuisance than anything else. For example-he is the source of the songs stuck in her head, or, if she is in moral conflict and her Friends are giving her advice, he is the one yelling at her in German (which she doesn’t speak), or he is the one who gives her odd trivia facts at random moments and fills her head with distractions. He is not appreciated by the others, except Kid, who doesn’t mind him too much. He was born early on but didn’t tend to surface until 9th grade when she was thrown into semi-reality and stress became overwhelming. He is called upon when Jayx becomes too swarmed with problems/conflicts i.e-when she is thinking too much.
Theme: Tetris Theme

Brave:Pirates of the Caribbean: ... re=related

Julia: Final Fantasy X theme ... re=related

The Forgottens: Requiem for a Dream:


Due to the insistence of certain individuals and the unusual assortment of classes she takes at school, her back pack is almost always filled with an odd combination of useful items. She is a firm believer in practicality, and while the items can be arguably impractical to some, she suffers with a slightly sore back so that she can carry around all of them. these items include: A miniature sewing kit from her home-ec class, a small, basic tool box for her machine and auto shop classes, extra food and water (for whenever she's hungry unexpectedly), a mini make-up kit (for drama-she severely opposes cosmetics), a scarf and hat, a small container of tissues, a long rope, a ball of yarn + knitting needles(home-ec), scissors, a glue stick, a box of pens, a notebook, her psychology textbook, a rubberband ball, a stuffed animal jellyfish, and a mickey mouse pez dispenser filled with pink and yellow pez.

Her pockets are usually also stuffed with random items such as gum (despite the fact that she despises it), paperclips, loose change, random cash, her student I.D (which ironically, also simply says "Jayx), and a few unused tea-bags.

She purposely has a habit of forgetting her cell-phone, for numerous reasons, all of which she refuses to divulge to people when inquired-or rather, there's a new excuse every time.


Since Jayx was young, she has always possessed an overactive imagination. During her childhood, this was a favored and sought out trait and it made her fairly well liked in school. Other children always loved playing with Jayx because she could create the most exciting games to play, and always had the most interesting imaginary friends who always had such interesting things to say.
However, as Jayx grew older, the acceptance of her became more and more fleeting. She transitioned from a fun playmate to the creepy girl who talks to herself. This never bothered Jayx too much though; not that she was anti-social or anything, but because people held no real interest to her-along with this reality in general. The older Jayx got, the more and more she began to recede into her mind; her days spent fantasizing about imaginary places and imaginary situations, keeping her momentarily content, until she awoke from these daydreams and found herself, once again, in reality. More than anything though, she has always found her time dreaming to be her most favorably spent hours. In her dreams, she is able to see her imaginary worlds more clearly than she can in any other way. She can see her friends she in unable to see during the day, and spend hours talking and acting as an average person would. Dreams are her second life to her, and it has always made it difficult for her to participate in reality.

Because of her scatter-brained ways, she struggles in school, though she has almost complete apathy for her studies, which is completely lost by her teachers and class-mates, who all just assume her silence is out of stupidity and that she is dim-witted because of her slow reactions and responses to things. She was somehow able to make her way through school however, all the way to her Senior year without too much trouble, and despite the persistence of counselors, teachers and other faculty, she shows little concern about her future.

Naturally, her interest is peaked by the unusual incidences that start happening in the city, shortly after the first arrive, her reality begins to feel more and more warped-and her once imaginary friends, start taking physical forms...

So begins...

Jayx's Story