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'Yeah, I'm small. Yeah, I look like the quiet type, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your a- I mean butt...haha...

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Fruity Loops of Pain

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CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right
Name: Lilli Hedervary
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Grade: 9th or Freshman
Appearance: Image
She often wears a brown or gray knee length blouse with black stockings and black and white converse high tops. If she's walking around town or anything else of the like, she also wears a red beret on her head. At home, she wears a simple t-shirt and shorts. She’s exactly 5 feet tall. She also looks like a young girl in middle school.

Ability: Wind Manipulation. Since she starts out at 'Level 1' her power right now is limited to only quick bursts of wind. As she 'Levels up' her powers can grow and she will be able to do more things, such as take the air out of something/someone, use wind as a weapon (i.e. being able to lash out with wind, making it strike like a really dull knife), a tornado ranging from different sizes (It'll take a while for her to actually get up to being able to form an actual tornado. At this level, she'll be able to start forming a Tornado that is about two feet tall and is mainly controlled by her. Later on, she might be able to form a rather large tornado by using the sky as the starting point.) She has control of her powers but they can often go out of control when she gets really mad. Her power also works like this. The madder she gets, the more power she has. Her level doesn't increase but let's just say...right now. She's only able to control quick bursts of wind. If she gets really pissed off, that quick burst of wind can grown into a mini wind storm. Everyone knows, not everyone is in their right mind when they are mad. Thus, controlling her power when she's mad can be a difficulty.

Personality: Lilli's normal self is a calm, quiet, and ever-smiling girl who is often mischaracterized as being someone who never gets angry and is-to put it bluntly-very weak. The first part of this is true. Unless she gets mad or is having an off day, she is calm, quiet, and smiles a lot. If you call her weak, make fun of her shortness (of exactly 5 feet), make it seem as if you are looking down on her, or if you are in a physical fight with her...she gets hot headed. If you get her mad, she has a very pissed off scowl on her face and looks violent. As for if she's dangerous or not...she likes to kick people and takes on a foulmouthed side. Her powers can also be put into consideration when she's mad, as explained before. Some people are even surprised by her sudden mood changes. One minute she could be happy and smiling, and then the next, she’ll be cursing nonstop and glaring at people.

History: When Lilli was a child, she was always quiet. She never said a word unless she needed too and she was always friendly. The day her life changed was when she gained notice of her powers. It was just a little incident, when a mild breeze flew into her parents’ bedroom, scattering papers and bed sheets everywhere. She knew something was wrong, since the window wasn’t even open, and since she was the only one in the room. She didn’t know what triggered it, it was just random occurrence. Lilli was about twelve then, and ever since then, her personality was wacked. It was like in addition to being quiet and friendly, she grew a split personality that was the complete opposite. People thought it was puberty. Lilli thought it was her powers and puberty, but it could also be just a natural occurrence as well.
Lilli lives with her mother and father. Her mother and father are doctors at the local hospital and they’re hardly ever home, though just enough to take care of Lilli.

-Music/The Cello (Though it’s not a part of her past, when Lilli first entered the school, she made Music her extracurricular activity. She’s not the best at Cello because she just learned the basics, but she’s still pretty good at it. She also only uses the Cello at school and doesn’t own one for home.)
-Super sad Movies. ’I Am Sam’ is her favorite. She likes scary movies too.
-Anime/Manga/Fan fiction (She like's it but watchs it rarily)
-Books (Often reads in her free time)
-Video Games (She has a whole bunch of games that are rated M)
-A challenge
-Making friends…sort of.

-People who make crude comments about her height (Mainly) or anything else about her.
-Roaches (She’s not afraid of them, but she feels like killing them every time she sees one.)
-Roses (Don’t ask her why. She doesn’t know herself.)

- Lilli's Theme (Calm or Happy)
- Fight Theme
- Extremely Pissed off Theme (I'll hardly ever use this)


She carries nothing on her but her cell phone.

So begins...

Lilli Hedervary's Story