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Acyolyte of Thunder

a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Rio Green

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Name: Rio Green (no middle name)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

---Height: 5'10"
---Weight: 135lbs
---Hair: Black, short, spiked in front, straight in back,
---Eyes: Gray, turn a faint violet when casting
---Skin: Mildly Pale
---Distance description (including clothes)
+++ Not incredibly tall, but definitely underweight. Wares white pants and white shirt covered by a long black cloak. Used to have glasses until his power awakened, then miraculously his eyes healed.

Ability: Spell caster, mainly focusing on but not limited to lightning spells. Currently can only shock things on touch

Other: CHEATZ up down up down left right left right


Has always been a straight A student but was always picked on because of how physically weak he was. loved to play RPG's and pretend that he was actually the hero. kind of a loner, although not by choice, he would have loved to have friends who would pretend with him or really any friends at all. lives at home alone after his parents were crushed by a dimensional monster 5 years prior. Rio is getting bored with school because he has learned all the material a year and a half early and just wants something exciting to happen.

Likes: Chocolate, Girls, Adventure games, Learning, Electronics, Storms and Rain
Dislikes: Bullies, Snakes, Cafeteria Food, Easy Boss Fights
Quirks: Will Attack Automatically if Startled, Giggles when Nervous
Talents: Is a Wiz at fixing Electronics and understanding how they work


Wooden staff


Moved to 8bit at age 5 with his parents. at age 12, experienced his first dimensional rift when his parents were crushed by an unseen beast. Rio Stayed at one of his friends houses until he could take care of himself. Focusing hard at school, he quickly became top of the class and finished the material early leaving him lots of free time to work as a repair man at the arcade. At age 17, while testing out one of the VR systems that he had just fixed, a dimensional rift opened as Rio had loaded his mage saved character causing a mixup of game and reality. Over the next few days, Rio learned how to use his magic to shock stuff he touched.

So begins...

Rio Green's Story