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a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Astro_B0Y

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"CHEATZ! Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right"

Name: Xavier Wallace
Age: 17
Grade: Senior




Xavier is a young man with light brown skin and a pair of warm eyes to match. He has a perpetual grin on his face and styles his black hair in a buzz cut. He keeps his facial hair styled in a chinstrap, and his left ear is pierced twice, once in the typical place with a square stud, and his cartilage pierced with a black bar. He's got the build of a lineman, odd, due to his distaste for sports.

He wears a tight black tee shirt, with white stripes along the ends of the sleeves, torso, and collar, and the decal of a classic 'black mage' from the Final Fantasy series on the chest. As for his jeans he sports a pair of fitted dark blue jeans that hang just a bit below the waste, and a pair of gray chuck taylors (converses) with the decal of a black lazer gun on them. Hanging from his left back pocket is the white lanyard which holds his house and car keys, this also has the black decal of several different classic FF classes embroidered on it. On his right arm is the black tattoo of a dragon, it starts with it's head at the tip of his index finger, and wraps the length of his entire arm. On his left arm, he wears a white digital watch.

Finally Xavier wears a pair black framed square glasses, his vision went south on a count of too much gaming.


+Likes: Anime (favoirte= FMA), Manga (Favorite also= FMA), Classic Cartoons, VIDEO GAMES, Painting, Movies and Music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie Rock, classic funk & soul, and a little Punk.

+Dislikes: Emotional People, Quiet spaces, People who make fun of his hobbies, hot shots

+Habits:Shrugs a lot, laughs like a lumberjack, sleeping in class (at exactly 7:45 and 25 seconds on Mondays)
+Favorite Phrase: "Doesn't that beat all?"

+Fun Fact 1: Xavier has beaten over 1500 games, all to 100% Completion, he owns just about every system known to man, but his favorite by far is is Playstation 2, he claims that the most epic games he has ever played are on that.

+Fun Fact 2: He keeps all of his games in three tall lit cabinets, which are the only orderly things in his typhoon of a room.

+Fun Fact 3: He's a closet fan of the classics, Shakespeare, Dickens and the like, but he doesn't dare to let that get out.

+Fun Fact 4: He has an obsession with Giant Robots, more Gundams than Transformer.

+Fun Fact 5: Even though he's very popular in school, he doesn't associate with many people. He's received numerous academic accolades including the 'Mayor's Roll', reserved for extremely gifted students. He's one of the few students that Atari likes to brag about.

+Fun Fact 6: He's developed a passionate love for tonkotsu ramen, pork bone. Mostly because he thinks it's the only decent thing on the menu at his job.

+Fun Fact 7: He's got an unhealthy obsession with blue m&ms and gummi worms, those are his vices.


Main: Just Another Day (Knuckles Chaotix)

Around Town/Working/School: [url=http://youtu.be/bKt6jdb8YfY]Theme of the Tantalus

Battle: Panic

As the Credits Roll:The Adventures of a Young Spaceman



Xavier, to his friends, is your quintessential big guy with a heart of gold. Wherever he comes around, a joke and hearty laughter aren't to far behind. If you’re tight with Xavier; you’ve got a strong ally. But don't cross him, because payback is a mug. If he doesn't know you, he's downright anti-social sure, he'll say hi, smile, wave, be polite and such but he'll keep it moving. Xavier keeps a very tight circle, despite his popularity, but it doesn't take much, other than a good personality for him to take a liking to you.. Xavier hates the spotlight, and gets uncomfortable when all eyes are on him.

He tends to often get thrown into programs where he has to be a 'Big Brother' or mentor, thanks to his grades and extracurriculars, as such he's developed a soft spot for the little guy.

Very intelligent, Xavier always places top in his class exams, even though you can find him knocked out in class religiously on Mondays. He's also a very artistic, creative soul. He loves to paint and draw and is an on and off member of the Atari High Art Club, he's even gifted in music he's a band geek, drumline, he plays the bass drum, thanks to him, the Atari Knights marching band actually has a bit of funk in it's scores. Still though, his biggest passion other than art is video games. Old school, new school, handheld, console, PC, you name it, he plays it. He's completed over 1000 different titles, all to 100%, he prides himself on that statistic alone.

When he sets out to do something, Xavier bust down whatever obstacle is in his way he's like a speeding bullet, he doesn't care what he goes through, so long as he gets his target. A big picture guy, and a man of action, he doesn't particularly stress on details, its been a fatal flaw of his since he was a child. If he has to blow up an entire building to take out one baddie, he'll do it, so long as that bad guy is taken care off.

His biggest weakness is perhaps doing to much to protect those he loves. He’s not Superman, he knows that, but he’ll damn sure try to be. Like everyone else, he runs out of gas. But when Xavier's engine does stall he never gives himself time to completely refuel, as a result when he burns out, Xavier really burns out. His family and friends are his heart, harm them, and you’ve just made an enemy for life.


He keeps a few things on him at all times, and these items are...

- His white G1 cellphone, complete with the Final Fantasy 'Victory' theme for a ringtone
- A tiny notepad kept in his back pocket, he uses this to scribble down ideas for new pieces
- His apartment & car keys (His car is black hooptie, nothing special)
- His white wallet, complete with about ten dollars on a good day, and a membership to the arcade
- His white, special edition PSP, complete with image of Darth Vader on the back side

In battle (when it all begins) he grabs a pair of obsidian gauntlets, the one on his left hand (he's left handed btw) is equipped with a set of sharp claws that can also be used for added grip.


If Xavier were a class in classic FF he would be marked as a red mage. While his own strength, coupled with the natural boost he gains from being 'awakened' he's able to be a formidable opponent fists alone. But his true strength lies in the attack-magic ability he was graced with.

It's not however, a typical mage's ability. Yes, he can cast typical elemental attack magics, but his technique can do much more.

Imagination[INSPIRATION] ((different from Zekkai's))

Imagination, in the Dimensions is the very make-up of space ((think matter)). Everything with shape or form is made of it. Stray bits of Imagination that have yet to take form also exist, waiting for the time when it can maybe become a tree, home, or even a human. The ability to control Imagination is called Inspiration, everyone has it, but only those with enough of it can truly manipulate the space around them.

Xavier's true power allows him to take objects from other dimensions and manipulate, doing the following;

Abilities, None of which he is currently aware of

+A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The screen of Xavier's PSP begins to shine brilliantly, and from it, suddenly appear three ‘Fairies’ each with their own personalities and essence. This ability acts as a doorway to more techniques for Xavier to perform, and by itself is really nothing but a pretty light show. The three Faeries Xavier controls ((err, will control)) are as follow…

Oberon (Energy)- He’s the leader of the three, and the strongest of the group, when Xavier calls upon Oberon his movements become much more quick, fluid and graceful. The attacks he can use consist of energy and lazer-like moves (like finger tip zaps lulz). When using this form he is known to conjure up two ‘energy blades’ (meh, light sabers), it’s a must for swordfights.

Titania (shockwaves/sound waves/tremors)- Wife to Oberon, and a perpetual nag, Titania blesses Xavier with a supersonic voice, and sonic boom claps. (From his phone he generates endless sound waves with speaker mode)

Puck (fire & Ice)- A tricky fellow, Puck too lends his powers to Xavier. When he calls upon Puck, Xavier's fighting style becomes a lot more acrobatic and impish. Puck bestows elemental attacks of fire and ice. His left hand is his fire, while his left hand brings the ice.



((This all doesn't become available until much, much later in the RP, I just want his whole skill set out there for everyone to see so I don't look like I pulled it out my ass later on.))

A) Change the form of his own Gantlets, seeing how they are products of another dimension ((we all get our weapons from Demetri later on))

B) ‘rewrite’ them into his own image. (within very strict limits). Doing such a feat like B takes a load off Xavier depending on the size of the transformation, if he rewrites a flower, it would be on par with a simple spell, if he rewrites a bus, he'll need to take time to recharge.


Xavier's life is less than extraordinary, his life isn't anything spectacular, he's not an orphan, nor was he cursed with some strange case of amnesia that hides his only vaguer past.

He's just a typical 17 year old kid. His parents divorced when he was about ten, for a while they juggled him and his two younger siblings back and forth until his mother finally won full custody of him when he was thirteen. Normally, life is pretty hard for a single mother, but this was furthest from their case, his mother was a lawyer, and a damn good one at that. So money wasn't an issue. It wasn't until he turned fourteen that they moved to 8-Bit, his mother's law firm had been bought out by one of the companies there, so, they packed up and shoved off. The move didn't effect him much, after a while of being bounced around, you learn how to be pretty flexible.

His mom has always frowned upon his game addiction, but praised his smarts and artistic ability. She says that he got it from his father, who was a starving artist himself. However, she urges him to only make his art a hobby, and not a career, despite his protests against the idea.

Xavier longs for something different in his mundane life, especially seeing how this is to be his senior year at Atari High. Because aside from his job at Ramen Don (which tends to be surprisingly exciting, what with the Don's family & all), and the tales he plays through at home, life is quickly getting dry.

So begins...

Xavier Wallace's Story