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Here, you'll find the numerous apartment complexes in which the townspeople reside, as well as the schools and main station for the monorail.

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Main/Residential District is a part of 8-Bit City.


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This is the most relaxed place in 8-Bit, and the most green.

Situated in the center of 8-Bit, which is built around a man made body of water, the residential district is basically a large floating concrete and steel island. Apartments circle the perimeter while the monorail station lies dead in the center.

Four large roadway-bridges connect to the mainland to each of the respective districts, still permitting vehicle usage, although, using the monorail would normally be much faster.
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The smell of burnt breakfast was what woke him up, but the sound of the blaring alarm clock was what kept him from falling back asleep.

Xavier’s muscles were on fire, whatever part of him that thought last night was just a dream was instantly convinced, as a feat so simple as pulling oneself out of bed became a tiring chore.

“Sheesh…” He winced, slapping his face, the young man tried to gather his bearings. Dryly, Xavier took a look at the alarm clock on the wooden stand beside his bed—6:25.
He was running late, which was more or less expected, after all, after dropping everyone off, he didn’t get home until close to 1 AM.

Using his headboard as support, Xavier gingerly brought himself to his feet, the burnt breakfast his little sister no doubt was preparing, was tempting, it really was, but he needed a shower. Last night’s affairs left him smelling foul, and he figured some warm water would do his aching muscles some good. Before he limped out of his room however, he glanced at his PSP, scattered among his TV stand with other discs and arcade tokens—was that ‘fairy’ from last night still in there?

“Dimensional Dive…” He whispered the words to his self, it was all a hard pill to swallow. Regardless, no matter how much he thought of it on his own, there were several other perspectives he had to gather—thankfully, most of those perspectives would be at school today. Lunch was at twelve today for all students, he’d gather them there to go over just what happened.

“Ugh…” He grabbed his glasses, which rested just beside his PSP, and left out of the room, just thinking about it made his side hurt.


The shower did him good, but he couldn’t stay in as long as he wanted. Ten minutes was all he could spare. Now dressed, in a ‘vintage’ light green LoZ tee, complete with the golden decal of the Tri-Force on his chest, light blue jeans, a white belt, and a darker green pair of converses, he headed to the kitchen to grab some burnt toast.

His younger siblings had already left for school by the time he emerged, his sister, the oldest out of the two (she was 10), left a note on the fridge that read: ‘Try not to fall asleep today’. Xavier couldn’t help but smile at that one as he pulled the blue sticky note off of the chrome box and stuffed it in his back pocket.

“Yep…pretty burnt.” He laughed and grabbed a single piece of black bread from the plate on the table beside him, and stormed out of the house, not even bothering to lock the door behind him, he never heard of anyone getting robbed in this area anyway.

An elevator ride later, and a brisk jog through a swanky lobby, the no doubt tardy young man was greeted by an extremely sunny day. It was as if last night’s ordeal never happened. The sun was high and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. A gentle breeze brushed against his face and rustled the trees about; even the lake looked more beautiful, twinkling from the intense sun up above.

Xavier brought his left wrist into eye view, his digital watch, this time green, read 6:45. Yep, he was going to be late, his apartment complex was on the outer most ring of the residential island, which meant he had a bit of a drive to make.

“Augh, I gotta go!” He hollered, darting for his car which was in the parking lot a few blocks away.

April 1st, 2010

Verse Two: Dimensional Dive

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((Haha, making up a story because I was at a friend's house for two days!!))

Charlotte was having an absaloute horrid first day of school, considering she wasn't there. She had puked at a minimum of ten times the night before, and couldn't stomache much but water. She sighed and rolled over in her bed, thinking of how her mother should be teaching Freshman art or something. She didn't care.

All she cared about at the moment was the pieces she remembered of the night when she and a few others battled the Chimera. So many things happened, it was insane. The voice, the burning energy, fighting...

Her stomache churned. In a bad way. Charlotte groaned and rolled to the edge of her bed, flopped out to the floor. When she stood, she hurried to the bathroom and knelt beside the toliet. Thank God my hair is in a ponytail, she thought as she emptied her stomache for the third time this afternoon.

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((Sorry for my absence guys, it's the last weekend before school so I been out and all))

Should we go after them? Aemyle asked Jayx, who nodded in agreement. She looked at the other in the group with a look that said 'let's go' and started for the door, it shouldn't be too hard to find the others right?

"I hope everything's okay..." Jayx whispered to herself before she exited through the doors.

* * *

Back in the streets of the residential district, Xavier was fixated not on Charlotte, but on the man who stood beside Jack. When he looked upon the old, long-nosed fellow, he felt a sensation similar to the first time he saw Moe's old form up close-- a mixture of fear and awe. It wasn't until Nym got Charlotte to her feet that Xavier snapped out of it. "You're right, we should get going..." He said walking towards them, though his head was still turned towards the old man.

"Indeed, I much rather do this in a more proper manner, but I cannot keep this many people asleep for long." The old man stepped closer to Xavier, Nym and Charlotte, his hand cuffed over his eyes to keep the sun away. "It looks like the rest of your group is on their way over as well, perfect timing! Now we can finally get going." He spoke joyously with a crooked smile.

"Whose that?" Jayx asked Xavier as her and the others regrouped with them.

"Dunno...he's a strange-looking character isn't he?" Xavier turned his body fully to the man, "Who are you? You sound like you know us..." He questioned, with a strong sense of bravado behind his voice. The stranger let out a horse laugh at the student's words, apparently Xavier was a lot funnier than he thought.

"I'm not so important, I am just a servant to Lord Maverick. He sent me to bring you to his shop," He tipped the top hat on his head respectfully, "You are Master Xavier Wallace yes? And the one who caused this fiasco is you," He wiggled a bit more of his white walking stick out from his arm, allowing just enough to point the shapeshifter's way, "Miss Charlotte Dales. I do hope you exercise more caution with your gift in the future." Despite the respectful airs, it was no secret that he was scolding the girl.

"Since you know all of us...it's only fair that we know your name right?" Xavier stepped a bit closer to the man, who was growing more and more annoying by the minute. "Mr......?"

"Alistair. As I said, I am but a servant to Lord Maverick. Please, we can save the introductions for later though, we should be going, there's work to be done!" Before Xavier could question him further, Alistair clapped his silk gloved hands together, creating a shadowy shape behind him-- the wispy cloud of darkness quickly took the shape of a door. Something inside him couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen something like this before...but Xavier had no idea where it was.

Maverick has servants? Tch... He scoffed.
Somebody's jealous! Kid teased.
He certainly is a character isn't he? Karen identified, just a tad bit hesitant to go along with Alistair.

"Just where is Dreads' shop?" Xavier asked, wary to step through this strange blue door. The question caused that same eerie smile to creep upon Alistair's face.

"Limbo." But before Xavier could even react, Alistair turned away from them, and stepped through the door, leaving it open for the others to follow.

The soft blue light and gentle fog on the inside made for a rather uneasy looking place. A place Xavier felt that he rather not enter. However, it wasn't as if he had a choice-- he wanted answers, and this Alistair character was the only lead they had. Besides, Limbo didn't seem like a place that was within driving distance. So, with a deep sigh, he turned to face the rest of the group a frown on his face.

"Well guys? I don't know about you, but I always learned not to follow creepy old men anywhere-- especially through doors that look like they shouldn't lead anywhere." He rubbed his neck, "But...if Dreads' place is through here then..." Jayx shook her head, stepping forward, past Xavier and in front of the open door, letting the soft blue light wash against her face.

"I'm going!" She proclaimed, without a hint of doubt in her voice or being, "We said we were going to see Demi right? So...what's one little scary door?" The freckled girl turned to the all with a wide grin on her face. Inside of her though, He was less than enthused.

Jayx...you're too naive. He grumbled, disappointed in her decision.

"Aha...well then. You took the words right out of my mouth Jayx." Xavier laughed as he slammed his fists into each other. The collision between the two caused brief flashes of blue and red to emit from either fist, however, Xavier didn't notice this occurrence. "After all that big talk at lunch, I can't just turned around now, it'd be unbecoming for a man of my character, wouldn't you agree?" The glasses wearing young man looked towards Aemyle as he spoke the last bit, smiling wide.

"If Limbo's anything like I've read...I won't blame you guys if you want to stay behind. There could be even worse sons of bitches in there than Moe's old self..." His gaze shifted away from them for a brief moment, before returning with its former fire. "But me and Jayx are going...and we'd be glad to have our team with us!" Xavier slammed his fists together, yet again causing them to spark up with colored flashes.

Aha....I sounded pretty cool... He rubbed his neck, a bit embarrassed from the showy speech.