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"He's dancing..."


"...In his underpants."

"So it'd seem."

"Isn't that indecent exposure?"

"Gettin' awful close."

"Shouldn't you be arresting him?"


"Will you?"


The younger Kernow looked up from his seat on the mall bench to fix his father an incredulous stare.

"Why the hell not?" The boy asked, pointing at the offending figure with one of his crutches. "He's a mad, naked ginger running and dancing through the streets screaming about evil spirits."

John Sr. took a long drag from his cigar before answering.

"Because a mad, naked ginger runnin' and dancin' through the streets screamin' about evil spirits is the most goddamn entertainin' thing I've seen all day." He explained through his thick accent "'Sides, 'e 'as nipple rings. I refuse to be frightened of a man 'oo 'as nipple rings."

Jack didn't bother surpressing his snort.

The older man let out a laugh as he stepped away from the wall he'd been leaning on and offered his son a hand up, out of necessity more than anything, as Jack's recent spell of sickness had made even such a rudimentary movement an incredibly strenuous exercise.

"C'mon, I'll drive ye home in the squa-."

Suddenly, they felt it. Not an explosion, but a definite and unnatural 'thwoom'-ing sensation.

To top that sudden pulse of dread both father and son felt, the people outside had stopped congregating around the funny man in his underpants and were now running and screaming in that good old-fashioned 'Godzilla is Pissed' kinda way. Though he'd been off-duty for nearly an hour now, John immediately pulled out his pistol and turned to leave. He wasn't exactly pleased to leave Jack behind, but there'd be no way in hell he'd be able to get the near-crippled lad to his squadcar while wading through the terrified mob.

"Stay here." He ordered over his shoulder, emphasizing his point by both saying it in Welsh and in the tone he used to drill unruly recruits in. "Ya go out there, and ye'll only get trampled to death. I'll come back and collect ya in a tic."

"The fu-" Jack started, not exactly happy to sit pretty while something freaky enough to scare the knickers off thousands of people was apparently only a foodcourt and a glass wall away.


Satisfied that that comment had managed to stifle the boy's protests, John hurried out the abandoned foodcourt and disappeared into the human sea.

Jack, stunned into silence, found himself only able to make one comment.

"Ah, shit."

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Xavier's drive was cut short when he pulled up to the main street of the district, all around him, crowds of people were running wild amongst the flashing lights of the city. In a word, he was stuck. There was no way he could drive forward, not unless he wanted to mow down countless innocent people. With a grunt of frustration he turned to key into the off position; the car sounded like an airplane touching down as it turned off.

He removed the key, and hiked out of his window, touching down to the street below with as shaky balance.

Thankfully, he managed to park in an area where the crowd was less dense, so he could easily run towards the source of all the discord.

Quickly, Xavier ran towards the alleyway where it all started.

Ten minutes later he arrived at his destination. There was a police barricade all around to block any curious civilians, like himself, from getting inside. Around the same time he arrived, another cop, apparently formerly off duty, also showed up, of course, he was aloud on the premises. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be here, so instead, he went back just a bit, to a black mailbox a few yards away from it all, there he sat, back pressed against the cold steel of the object, gingerly watching the events ensue.

Xavier had chills running up and down his spine, there was something here, not only did the flames spitting from the ally prove that, but there was just some…presence he couldn’t ignore.

There was no time to reflect on that though, because at that moment, the invisible figure lashed out, attacking one of the on duty cops, he flew back, busting through the wooden barricade and into one of the police cars on the opposite side of the street.

The cop’s partners all hollered out in shock, Xavier would have too if he wasn’t trying to stay hidden, the cop that had just been attacked was gushing blood, from giant claw wounds on his torso.


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She heard the commotion before she saw it.

Charlotte had let off from work one hour and a half before, for the late shift to take over, where she worked at the music store. After she grabbed her things and left, she stopped at a few stores and another new one that had opened just to see what type of clothes they had. Shitty, as usual. No places sold any high boots or black converse, knee-high striped socks or just solid, skirts, maybe a pair of good ol' blue jeans, hoodies, or plain tees. And worst of all- no scarfs to be found. Anywhere.

But on her walk home, a crowd of people in an alley-way caught her attention. She quietly padded up and squeezed through the group of quickly confusion & chaotic people to see what this was all about. She finally got to where she could see the front. Nothing that she could see over this tall guys' head...


She checked her watch. I should really be getting home, it's getting late... Charlotte was really particularly concerned about what her pathetic mother thought when she strolled into their small apartment.

Then she saw it. Out of the corner of her eye, a little past the crowd & around the corner, slowly making its way closer...

Charlotte tried to breathe, close her eyes, tell herself it's not there, it's not real!

That's what she tried to convince herself before the crunch made her change her mind and look up at the bloody, slashed wounds of the police officer limply laying on the other side of the street.

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Xavier bit his lip; he was starting to think that coming here was a terrible idea. His heart was beating fast now, fast from the fear that he felt.

It only grew as the following occurred.

He didn’t see it all happen, he had his head turned away from the scene now, instead he was looking forward at the frantic crowd, people were evacuating the Shopping District like the whole area was on fire, he should have been with them. He should have moved a long time ago—but for some reason, his body wouldn’t budge.

In a fearsome display, the entirety of the police’s barricade was sent flying into the air. All around, wooden barriers were flying through the air, crashing on cars, rooftops and perhaps even people. The wind flew right out of Xavier’s body as one of the wooden objects feel only a hair away from his own feet. Quickly, he pulled his legs up against his body, in fear of yet another crashing down, closer this time. His body was shaking, this was way more action than he had bargained for.

“Dammit, dammit! Relax!” He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. For now, his body’s erratic movements had stopped, slowly, he took another look at the scene behind him—his eye’s widened to the size of saucers, each of the officers were laid out on the ground, either unconscious or…

There was a fearsome roar, from the center of all the chaos, and from midair ((which would have been where the beasts’ mouth was if Xavier could see it)) a geyser of furious flame erupted. Even from where he sat, he could feel the heat; he slammed his fist up against the mailbox, frustrated at his inability to do anything. It sounded like something had made the beast cry out in pain---was someone trying to fight that...force?

* * *

“This is bad…something of this high of a level, it could cause serious damage…” Demetri was running up against the current of people, he couldn’t risk warping in commotion like this, too many people could see, the again, they were probably blinded by terror. He looked down, frantically at the screen of his phone, the red blob was only getting larger and larger.

“Huh?” The dread locked man came to a quick stop, from further away, another, orange blip appeared on the grid. Moving extremely quick. “Orange…that’s…” He shook his head.


* * *

Far, at the edge of all the confusion, a man clad in black arose from seemingly nowhere. His body was frail looking, even with the added girth of his cloak. he stuck out like a sore thumb among the people of 8-Bit, but he didn't seem to mind.

With a pair of glowing crimson eyes he strolled closer towards the scene. Whistling an ominous tune.

[[I'm probably gonna turn in after this one, I'll be up at like 10 something my time (eastern), sorry everyone]]

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Listened to the taller boy as he warned him of the dangers of Rainbow Ramen, and he couldn't help but stifle a laugh as the elderly man scolded him for talking down about his creation. He ordered what the man had recommended, and when it arrived, another customer came through the door. He only looked for a moment to see the girl, and soon learned her name, Jayx, from hearing it come from the darker teen. He slurped the noodles curiously, enjoying the taste and feeling happy that he had listened to the other man.

As he continued to finish his bowl, something out of the corner of his eye caused him to turn, the older boy had got up and hurried out of the store as something happened on the television. He watched as he left, and wondered what could have possibly happened on the T.V. As the girl known as Jayx got up to leave as well, he heard the elder mn say something about the 'Shopping District'. So, with curiousity on his mind, he payed for the food, left a tip, and began heading for the shopping district as well.

As he slowly jogged down the sidewalk, trying to keep up with the crowd, he saw something that made his stomach do backflips. A police officer was sent careening into the air, and what looked like blood was pouring through his torso. His vision was caught off as a bigger, grown man pushed him out of the way to get through. It nearly knocked Preston to his feet, and he grunted in anger as he fought to keep his balance. He moved out of the way of the next few people to move through the crowd, heading for the side of the street as to not be stuck in the middle of it.

What happened next nearly killed the little blonde boy, had he not already been forcing his frame through the people. The whole police barricade was sent forth with an amzing force, and a large chunk landed behind him as he made his way for the wall. Looking down for a moment to make sure this was all really happening, he looked back up, noticing the girl from the Ramen shop not too long ago. Jayx. She looked scared, just like he was. His body had released some sort of adrenaline to keep him calm, and he forced his way over to where she was, pressed against a wall. "Hey, Hey, are you alright? Come on, we should get out of here!" He waved for her to follow him, but before he could turn around there was a furious flame sent bursting forth from seemingly nowhere, and that was enough to make him fall to his knees, his entire person began to tremble.

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((Powers time!))


The phenomena had apparently gone completely berserk, the once focused stream of flame, was now spitting wildly about, scorching whatever had the misfortune of being in it’s path.

One of the said flames flew just inches over his head, Xavier feared that if he had drunk anything before all of this, he would have wetted himself something fierce.

“Shit, shit shit!” He held his head in his hands and shut his eyes tight, praying for a quick, and safe end to all of this discord. “Please Lord…get me out of this and I promise never to put down the Don’s recipes, I’ll never fall asleep in class again, I’ll always play the good route of games! Just get me out of here…please!” He hollered the last part, so loud that it resounded over even the wails of the invisible demon.

· * *
Elsewhere, at that same moment, a particularly shady looking, whistling man snapped his fingers. This seemingly innocent feat, caused a strange phenomena to occur, even stranger than what was already going on in the shopping district at that moment. Everything in the district, no, the entire city it seemed, came to a screeching halt.

That is…all except for a certain group of individuals ((us)).

Stranger’s Whistle

Xavier released his head from his grip, he tilted his dome upwards just a bit, still not opening his eyes however. He thought he had died, and this eerie silence was the afterlife.

“Shi—“ he leaped up from his shelter behind the mailbox, seeing a small flame only a breath in front of him, but something about it was…odd.

The foot tall ember was completely stagnant, it didn’t flicker, it didn’t budge. With his mouth opened wide it looked like he was about to say something, but that was all cut short when he took a look around his surroundings—everything was at a stand still.

The streaks of flame flying through the air, the evacuees of the shopping district, and even the birds scurrying above the sky trying to get to safer heights. Whatever words he was going to utter failed to escape him, and instead were replaced by a single gulp.

As he scouted the area further, from his standing position by the roadside mailbox, he noticed a few other bodies moving…though…they seemed as spooked as he was. For a moment, he was going to call out to them, he even had his hands cuffed around his mouth, ready to do so—but that idea quickly was scrapped---

* * *
Demetri’s mad dash towards the Rift-Hopper came to a halt, when all of a sudden, his body froze, and he couldn’t bring himself to move an inch.

“Huh—“ And then, out the corner of his eye, he saw him. The cloaked individual, and those crimson eyes that looked like the could shake a weaker individual to the core.

From under his hood, the man said a few short words to him, even granting him the honor of stopping his stroll.

“You should rest Maverick. This won’t take too long.”

The man’s voice was like a snake, and from the under the shadows of his head cover, Demetri could see the maniacal grin beginning to form.

“My, my, my! That’s a big one! Heheh. How can you all possibly defeat such a thing?”

Xavier’s heart sank as he looked further forward, amongst the sea of stalled bodies, he saw a single person cutting through the frozen discord, as if it was all common occurrence, he was even…whistling as he did this.

The fellow, although dressed in a heavy black shroud, had one outstanding feature, a pair of eerie glowing crimson eyes; the color of blood.


“Hmhmhm.” He stopped, still a considerable distance away from them.

Xavier heard a voice reminiscent of a slithering serpent echo in his mind.

Do you want to fight?

“Wha…” He looked around, trying to find the source of this, but there were no lips moving anywhere near him, and the speaker sounded like they were right in his eardrum.

Do you want to survive?


Things are only going to get harder here on out…I’m not taking no for an answer, so you might as well just say yes.

“I…want to fight!”

Xavier felt a rush of power flow through his veins, he felt like he had just been born again. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, everything in his body seemed so light. Even his vision seemed sharper ((and if you were looking at him, you could see that his pupils were glowing somethin' fierce)). It felt warm, fearsome, but at the same time, empowering and reassuring. The young man felt like he could pick up a house right now. He glanced at where the hooded man was, for some reason, and to his surprise, the fellow was gone.

“Was he...?" He realized he wasn’t in the position to ponder that thought now, there was still his current situation.

He turned around, facing the once invisible force, and now, just as he had expected- he could see the force…no, now it was apparent this thing was a beast, in all of it’s fearsome glory.

Tall, extremely tall, it looked like a cross between many-a animal, the wings of a bird, the legs of a lion, a tail of a snake, and the head of God knows what. It stood on two legs, while it’s arms were stretched wide, Xavier took note of the claws, that were no doubt the cause of the police officer’s wound earlier. It was still, just like everything else in the district...but for how long?

“He said…I can fight?”

((The experience that Xavier just went through will be the same for everyone whose going to awake to their powers, at least the part where the voice speaks to you))

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Charlotte was frozen in fear at what the shadow had just done. She had seen it blow gasps of bright orange fire, warming the air with a blistering heat. Since she was at the front of the crowd, she ducked down and covered her head.

Then, curiously, everything stopped. She looked up cautiously at the silent alleyway. Everything was still, the line of fire was hanging in midair from the shadow's mouth. She stood, turning around to see everyone of the crowd was frozen in their last position. Except for a few, moving around.

She saw one girl searching through the people. Charlotte quickly pushed her way through the crowd and up to her, still shaking from the horror.

My mom's going to kill me, being out this late...But there are other people moving. I wonder if they know what's going on? What if they can see the shadows too?!? she thought frantically.

"Hello?" She said to the girl, hoping to get some answers that made since to this commotion. "What's your name? Do you know what's going on here?" Charlotte asked, looking behind her and around her. There were a few others, moving silently threw the crowd.

Charlotte screamed before the girl infront of her could answer, eyes wide in horror.

There was another shadow, making its way carefully, silently, towards them.

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"I came to your shop earlier!"

Indeed, once he finally caught a glimpse of the boy, Xavier was able to put two and two together. If he of all people was caught in this, he worried who else was here.

“Sheesh, you should be somewhere safe kid…” He motioned for Dan to follow him as he jogged to meet the blonde haired student a few yards away. Xavier hated the idea of someone like him being in the middle of this, he wanted to tell the boy to head home, but there was no way he could get there, not with the monorails no doubt stalled.

“If you’re moving…does that mean you heard the voice too?” He didn’t particularly speak to him as he asked this, it was more rhetorical than anything. “Oh..yeah. I’m Xavier, the kid with the funky hair back there is Dan.” His mind wandered for a moment to the thought of Jayx, wondering if she made it home; something told him she didn’t though. “The cute girl with the freckles, she was in the shop too, you didn’t see her here did you? You know if she went home?” Xavier couldn’t help but worry about people he knew personally; it was part of his nature.

“ hey, do you think this could all just be in our imaginations, I mean I’m a creative person maybe this is just some messed up dream that we just so happen to be having at the same time.”

Xavier chuckled at the sentiment of his friend, at least that helped keep morale up.

“Tch, yeah, I’m at home right know sleepin’ like a baby in my Iron Man PJ’s. This is as real as it gets man…” He sighed.

How long would the beast stay frozen in time like that? It seemed WAY too convenient.


Another one? Xavier turned his attention away from the blonde haired boy form Ramen Don and Dan, and back towards the frozen sea of people, someone was emerging from it and they called out to them with an awkward tone. Couldn’t blame them though, how much more of an awkward situation could you be in when it came to introducing one’s self.

“Eh?” He turned the top half of his body to see who the new comer was, it was a young looking girl, probably a freshman.

“Damn, don’t you all got curfews?” He shook his head, truth be told, he should have been back home a long time ago, he had little siblings at the house who were probably waiting for him.

“Yo…” He motioned for her to come on over, he didn’t have the energy to jog and meet her.

At that moment, a scream from somewhere In the crowd pierced his ears— ((which would be Charlotte right?))

“Doesn’t this beat all…”


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Daniel still lying on the ground looked at Xavier’s feet and said “ hey, since when do they make iron man PJ’s teenage size. Oh well I guess that gives me some motivation to get out of this. Cause when I do I’m buying me some iron man PJ’s.” Daniel chuckled a little and than waved toward Preston. He listened to Preston as he spoke about how things like this don’t happen everyday.

Daniel than said “ your right, there is no explanation for how this is real, but there is no explanation for why this is not real either. I mean think about it, all of us having the same dream. It’s either that or one of us is really good at making elaborate dream. But then that wouldn’t be possible because I never met you until now so that means this can’t be a dream. Daniel smacked his forehead after just proving his theory that this was a dream wrong.

Daniel than heard something that made him stand up, someone else had shown up. He watched Xavier as he talked about the kids not having curfews and smiled. Daniel than added on “ yea, if these kids had reasonable curfews they wouldn’t be in this mess.” Daniel than looked at the sky and said “ but than it would be just the two of us and that’s a lonely thought I would rather not think about.” Daniel’s eyes than widened as he heard a scream and he yelled out “ oh come on, what is going on now!”

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Charlotte realized the girl she had tried talking to was actually frozen too. Blinking and scolding herself at her girly outburst, she grabbed the switchblade she always carried in her back pocket. She hit the button, flipping the blade out and gripped it in her hand like a dagger. She watched the other shadow approaching out of the corner of her eye while she searched the crowd for people...that were moving.

She started walking quickly, pushing lightly through the group, not wanting to knock them over, afraid they'd shatter like glass. Charlotte jumped up, looking over heads for a better view. Ah! There, a dumpster she could climb onto for an areal view. Hurrying over there, Charlotte jumped onto the dumpster & clammored up quickly. She blinked and scanned the alley, seeing how many frozen people were there to her left, the cop thrown against bricks with a bleeding torso to her right, and the towering shadow with fire standing out of its mouth close infront of her.

Charlotte checked on the other shadow, still taking its non-graceful time lumbering over. She saw movement in her perrifial vision. Moving people.

"Hey! Hey, up here!" She called to them.

A thought crossed her mind; she reassuringly held onto her knife.

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Xavier and Preston had entered what he could only describe as a rainforest of people. You’d be surprised how hot and humid so many people could make a once cool summer’s day, and not to mention the flames not too far away—they were still for the moment, but they were still hot.

“Hey Preston…be careful in here…we might as well be blind right now…so…ehh?” Somewhere above the crowd, he heard a voice call out, a girl. “You hear that? Where the hell is she?” Even with his six foot two height, Xavier couldn’t see over the sheer mass of people. The large man started jumping up each time his head poked over the crowd, he got just a little more of an idea of where they were.

“Man, we came that far in here?” He mumbled to himself, though still loud enough so that Preston could hear. The others were just little splotches of color far behind them now, the shopping district was only second in size to the recreation district, so it was no surprise how many people were evacuating.

"Hey! Hey, up here!"

“Up where?!” Xavier touched down on the ground again, this time though, before he took off again, he crouched down real low, readying himself to jump higher then ever. And so, he took off, and lo and behold, he spotted her, standing atop dumpster, waving her hands to make herself more apparent.

“Sheesh! You made yourself hard enough to find.” He grumbled, she wasn’t too far, a few yards northwest. “Stay there! We’ll come for you!” The young man hollered, feet firmly planted on the ground yet again.

“Heheh. That wasn’t too shabby…maybe I should play basketball…” He was joking of course, he loathed sports. “Let’s roll Preston…I’m worried about the others…”

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Finally, someone still moving... she thought, as she saw the two boys making their way towards her. Charlotte heard one of them shout to her "Stay there! We'll come for you!" and a few other things that were quieter and didn't catch.

Charlotte stopped waving her arms, and instead watched their progress through the frozen crowd. When they were close enough, she hopped down from the dumpster, thankfully touching ground, still watching the moving shadow, which seemed as though it was walking in slow-motion & STILL not going anywhere. Maybe that one's not even there. Charlotte shrugged it off. She saw the guys coming closer until they had pushed through the last few people of the crowd towards her. She made sure they could see the knife in her hand by her side.

"Hey, nice to see I'm not the only one out here. What the hell is going on??" She asked, making a small gesture to the bodies that were stopped in their tracks still. Quickly she studied each of them- one deffinately younger than the other- and thought they looked a bit familiar. She thought she'd seen their faces around school.

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How'd he get here, again?

Oh, right. He had made the brilliant deduction that the the mall foodcourt wasn't exactly secure in the event of shit suddenly blowing up, and escaped out a fire exit and into an alley. Then something hit him. Then everything was black.

Life was funny like that.

He just really hoped this wasn't death; this was too damned boring to sit through for eternity.

"Get up."

Oh, great. A voice. That's always a good sign.

"Get up and fight."

A low whine started in his ears, steadily growing in pitch and volume as a single sentence filled his otherwise black vision;



Jack's world flickered back into the visual plane around him like an old television screen, words, pictures and assorted diagrams flashing through it as a simple 'CONFIGURING...' blinked in and out in the top-right corner of his sight. Not really knowing what the hell was going on with the world around him or in his own head, the young man staggered to his feet, finding to his surprise and relief that he managed to do so without the aid of his crutches.

Whatever hellucination he was having seemed to work itself to it's conclusion and vanished as he started out the alleyway and into the street, not stopping to contemplate the fact that the universe had apparently stopped all around him as he wove through the crowd of horrified statues out of simple reluctance to confront the fact that he may just be insane.

Something on him kept on getting caught on the people he passed by.

It was really starting to piss him off.

Being thoroughly annoyed by the constant jerking of whatever the offending object was by the time he cleared the forest of people, his eyes shot downward to see just what was screwing with him.

A crowbar was impaled through the right side of his stomach.

For the longest time, Jack stared at it. He knew it was no hellucination; he comprehended that it was there, but he felt no pain. On an impulse, he grabbed it. To the sound of metal grinding on metal, he pulled it out. Blood and a strange black fluid poured out from the new hole in his torso for a few seconds, before it suddenly closed itself up.


The young Welshman stood rooted to the spot, an unreadable expression coming across his features.

"...I'm a robot?" he thought out loud.

A transparent heads-up display superimposed itself over his field of vision.

'Cybernetic Organism, actually.' A female voice deadpanned in the back of his head.

Jack impulsively rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a bad headache coming on.

'...And I'm your Operating System.'

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“I gotta hand it to the guy that did this…he’s good. At first I thought he just missed us, but nah, he left us free to move about purposely…does he really want us to fight that?” He spoke to his search partner, parting through more and more people.

Finally, through an empty pocket in the crowd, he spotted their target. Yet another familiar face, Xavier had to study her a bit though, he was certain he never actually talked to her, but he made it an effort to know most of the people that attended Atari.

“Yo…” He said casually, stepping up to her, allowing Preston some room beside him as well. The first thing he noticed besides her face, was the knife that she seemed to place a certain emphasis on. Apparently, this girl didn’t trust them, good reason to, but could you really afford to knife down anyone in a situation like this?

“Hey, nice to see I'm not the only one out here. What the hell is going on??"

“I wish we knew. You been watching the news tonight? Apparently one of the ‘Unexplained Phenomena’ got pissed. …And then, this happened,” He was being intentionally vague, he wasn’t sure if she could see the beast for herself, or even heard the voice he and the others had, he wanted to wait before he brought it up, see if she knew anything about it herself.

“Regardless…we should meet up with the rest of our group, they can all move too—come on…” Xavier’s voice trailed off…he had just caught a whiff of something fierce. Flames, active, moving flames.

“Oh no…”

A wail all too familiar pierced his ears, it was even more upset than before.

He turned around franticly to see the bright orange flash of the once stalled flames flying once again through the air.

The chimera was back on the march, and judging by the noises it was making, it wasn’t happy.

“We gotta get back to the others…now.” Just as he was ready to head back into the sea of people, the tide itself started moving again.

“Dammit! We’ll never make it back there in time now,” He it his lip, it looked like their time to rest was over.

“Preston, and…” He didn’t have time to ask for a name, “Ugh, senior year’s hell already…”

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Charlotte followed the two boys, Preston- the younger- & the one who made conversation, who took charge, still nameless. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, like he'd done this before. What if he had?

Everything was going back into motion now, and with one glance she saw the extra shadow seemed to have dissappeared. The one breathing fire at this now very chaotic crowd looked as if he'd keep going on his rampage. Was she the only one who saw it? But the older boy had said something about those weird "Phenomenas." And meeting back up with the rest of their group. More kids from school, maybe. She turned her knife in, so it wouldn't get caught on some unfortunate person's skin or slow her down. She shoved it in her pocket and tried to keep her eyes on Preston & Mr. Nameless.

As her mind was still running with random thoughts, possibilities, and which way to pass this person running, she thought back to when the two boys had reached her. “I gotta hand it to the guy that did this…he’s good. At first I thought he just missed us, but nah, he left us free to move about purposely…does he really want us to fight that?” That, as in the over-sized shadow bellowing fire at us? Maybe.

Charlotte took a glance at it. The shadow morphed...into...something she'd heard of...in Greek mythology? Roman? But even the flash of creature that was replaced once again by shadow had a name- Chimera. No mistaking it.

Then there was a voice in her head, one that stung- not in pain, but something else.

"Will you fight?"

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"Sooo... what was that?" Jack inquired, understandably put off by the unnatural but clearly organic screeching from down the street.

'The Chimera.'

"...The What?"

'The Chim-...'

Announcing it's presence with an enraged howl, the twisted jest against nature rounded the corner and scanned the crowd behind Jack like a starved man at a buffet as it steamed purposefully and hungrily forward, stopping abruptly when it spotted the boy in question.

'That thing.'

"Oh." the lad responded in a small, but comprehending voice.

Jack quickly pieced together that the creature was staring at him specifically because he was staring right back, and by the snarl it emitted, it was easy to assume that it was unamused by this developement.

"Ah, crap."

In a split-second, the teenager was skidding down the road from the force of the chimera's claw, his dense, cybernetic body slamming into the side of a car and completely buckling it with the force of the blow. Stunned by the fact that he wasn't immediately converted to silly-putty, Jack just sat there blinking in surprise, then without a word he lifted himself out of the wreckage of an impact that would have turned a normal person into a fine paste as his grey eyes filled with an angry orange glow.


"Alright..." He snarled "Your ass is mine, fucker."

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The creature paused a moment, reevaluating his adversary who, against all reason, was still rather not dead. It apparently found this truth to be aggrivating, as it soon after let out a furious cry and charged forward, aiming to tear the offending one's head off for this madness and howling with rage when the little bastard dodged at a speed the little fleshy two-legged yummies weren't supposed to be capable of.

You can imagine what was going through the already furious chimera's mind when the insignificant little bug that side-stepped it's reaching swipe planted a fist into his face with enough force to make it stagger and roll off to the side. For a brief moment, the two stared at eachother, neither believing what just happened. Then the completely uninjured, but very pissed off abomination got back to it's feet...

...And a guy with a sword came from the sky and hit it in the side, and then was flung against a wall.

Thinking on his feet, Jack utilized his apparently superhuman strength and tore the door off a nearby pick-up truck, chucking it at the beast before it could go after the man; he knew the only reason he was still kicking was the fact that he was now mostly made of metal, and until he heard otherwise, he was willing to bet that anyone else was not. The beast, still unhurt, really didn't like being beaned on the side of the head. It turned towards the offending boy and letting out a column of fire he only mostly dodged, the organic tissues covering his left arm completely melting off and revealing the armoured appendage beneath.

Momentarily gawking at the state of his own arm, Jack's attention snapped back to the monstrocity as it used the distraction to charge forward and slam him into a lamppost, which bent from the force of the hit.

Again, to it's irritation, the kid got back up.

This was going to be a long night.

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Jack froze as the kid who'd been chucking rocks at the monster was slammed into wall, his sensory equipment doing an active scan to make sure he was still alright (all the while forgetting to ask just how he knew how to). He was breathing, thankfully, but he was still a mess...

'Jack! The chimera!' the female voice of his operating system screamed the warning into his brain the beast in question made a bee-line for the fallen boy after it had thrown Xavier back into the crowd with it's tail.

"Oh, hell no you don't!" the cyborg roared as he took off on towards the behemoth as fast as his legs would carry him and slammed his shoulder into it as hard as he could possibly could, causing it to crash onto it's side and roll into a recovery, still unharmed.

Warning screens began to appear on his HUD as it became apparent that the constant damage and wear his body had taken in this fight was beginning to take it's toll. His organic tissues had steadily been slowing down their regeneration rate and had now stopped completely to conserve energy, leaving the armour plating beneath his skin visible in some places (especially his arm, which still remained burned down to the bare-metal) while his servos and gears groaned wearily from the strain of having been running at peak capacity for such an extended period of time.

Straining to get to his feet, he was helpless to stop the abomination as it suddenly went on a mad charge towards some other man stepping out from the mob. The boy cringed and shut his eyes, knowing what was coming.

...Hearing an absense of a certain wet 'crunch', he opened them again. And couldn't stop his jaw from dropping.

After all their effort just to try and bruise the damn thing, this guy just comes along and stops it in it's tracks... with his bare hand.

Not that he was complaining, mind you.

With the monster suitably distracted, Jack trudged over to the boy who'd saved the girl's life, hoping that the combination of his knowledge of first-aid and the sensory devices in his eyes could be put to use at least easing the kid's pain.

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“J-Jayx? Sheesh…you’re here too?” He spoke between heavy breaths, he didn’t feel like anything was broken, but it sure hurt like hell. “Don’t worry about me…” Xavier grabbed her hand, nodding in thanks. “You look a bit roughed up…you didn’t get hit did you?” He frowned, thinking about Preston.

Moments in front of them, The dread locked man was ready to let the blast go, that was, until a plain pissed off, Queen’s English speaking individual hollered out at him.


The one addressed as Maverick turned his head slightly to the owner of the voice, a sour look on his face.

“My job, just what the hell are you doing? Shouldn't you be protecting Jayx…?” Demetri tilted his head back towards Jayx and Xavier, part of him was shocked at seeing Him in this form, however, Demetri couldn’t let himself give Him the satisfaction of something like that.

“You let a mighty fine mess happen, eh?” Slowly, he aimed his free hand at the ‘torso’ of the beast, and, with nothing so much as a blink of the eye, fired off the basketball sized amount of purple energy. “You caused me so much damn trouble, normally I’d just erase you, but I’ve got something different in mind for you.” His words were aimed at the beast.

The Chimera didn’t stand a chance.

Its entire body was engulfed in the light, and, it let out it’s final pained wail.

“No way…” Xavier shut his eyes tight, the light was blinding for someone so close to it all.

“Did he get it?” Moments after the light subsided, and everything in the district went quiet…Xavier opened his eyes.

The unnaturally thick crowd was gone, the cops, debris, scorched concrete, gone.

All that remained in the large street was them.

“Wow, that worked out a lot better than I thought.” Demetri grinned goofily, strolling over to where the terror once made its last stand.

Xavier though his eyes were playing tricks on him…but in his hands, held from it’s scaly tail, was an almost cute looking creature.

Demetri grimaced, “You’re a lot…smaller than I imagined, this must have been you’re base form huh.” It vaguely resembled the fearsome beast they all tried so hard to defeat before, but it was much smaller…and furrier. It looked a lot like a dark blue monkey with a snake for a tail.

“He…shrunk it?”

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((I'm gonna try and wrap the day up as neatly, and quickly as possible here, check the new OOC thread for a recap/summary.))

"You better listen to Karen. She's smart you know, " Demetri teased Him, spinning around on his heel to get a good look of everyone.

"Like I said, tomorrow, just swing by my place. You can't miss it, and I'll explain everything...you," Xavier gulped as Demetri's golden gaze fell on him alone.

"Y-yeah?" He struggled to hide his nerves.

"You've got a car right? I'm going to need you to give Jayx, and anyone else who needs one, a ride home." The man didn't ask, so much as he did order Xavier to take everyone home.

"Fine...fine...the monorails are probably stopped huh?" He nodded, realizing how much sense that made, of course, Daniel wouldn't need a ride, he had a hog, but Preston was a definite.

"Right, good choice." Demetri grinned, turning to make his exit, however, not without patting Jayx on the back gently, "Take care of Him alright? And Moe. He's a hot head." The Chimera muttered something under his breath, but Demetri didn't make much of an effort to listen to it.

"We're all headed to the same place anyway. Come on guys," Xavier let out a loud yawn, this was the longest day of his life.

"Aww shit, we got school tomorrow...doesn't that beat all?"