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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-17 06:49:13, as written by Astro_B0Y
Somewhere in 8-Bit, Sunday March 31st, 7:45 P.M.

In The Beginning

He sat there, comfortably resting atop the tallest skyscraper in all of 8-Bit City. The building itself was a marvel to look at even without the seemingly zen figure as an accessory. It’s height alone was staggering, it appeared as if it were able to touch Heaven itself. All around it, the clouds danced about, it was a wonder the dread locked fellow didn’t catch a case of vertigo.

The piece of architecture overlooked a crystal blue Lake Hylia; the man made body of water of which 8-Bit was built around.

The building itself was shaped like a triangle, made completely of glass, which caused it to sparkle brilliantly as the moonlight hit it, sort of like a natural light show. For the most part, it was free of any decorations, only one thing was written on it’s side Eos. This building housed the main force behind all of 8-Bit, Eos Corp. They built this city, bring in all of it’s funds, and rumors even say that Eos Corp and it’s president even have it’s hands in the government of 8-Bit, but that’s just a rumor of course.

However, this is not a tale of business, and government, no, this is a tale of heroism, gallantry, and coming of age.

It was atop this very building that perhaps the strongest of these heroes sat, Demetri Maverick. His legs casually dangling over the edge, golden irises looking out to the lake, which reflected the silvery gown that the moon wore, and gingerly sipping on a cup off coffee he had just purchased only a little while ago.

With his free hand, he ran his fingers through a few of his locks. As he pulled his lips mournfully away from the ring of the cup he let out a painful groan. Hope filled, he held the Styrofoam object up above him, shaking it a bit hoping to here some signs of life from within, but there were no fruits in his harvest. The cup was empty.

Regretfully, he tossed the cup from his presence, watching it dully as the wind took it into it’s own possession onto wherever it’s graces would have it.

“I really should buy two of those…” He mumbled as a note to himself, casting a glance to see if he could spot the empty piece of waste. When he gave up the search, he simply scratched the back of his head and let out a big yawn.

“I’ve caught a whiff of a couple anomalies here…they don’t seem hostile...buuut…” He frowned, “Who knows. I’m still worried about this place’s Equilibrium. If it keeps up like this…” Demetri grimaced at the thought, “This world could end up in the Dimensional Desert…” He shook his head, clearly at odds with that idea,

“I can’t let that happen…” With that, the dread locked man snapped his fingers, and with a whimsical melody a dark blue door appeared just a few feet away from the rooftop he sat on. With a grunt, Demetri rose to his feet, and effortlessly he ‘walked’ on the air.

As he approached the door, it opened slowly, revealing a soft blue light from deep within. The man entered without looking back at his former spot, the door closed behind him with a loud ‘click’ and disappeared in a bright flash, without a trace of its existence.


Verse One: Awakening

* * *

8-Bit City, Recreational District, Ramen Don, 8:35 PM

Xavier's Theme, Just Another Day

“Oy! Xavier, hurry up and get those floors clean! Tomorrows the first day of school, and you know that’s when business starts booming!” From far in the back of the small restaurant an hearty voice hollered at the sole worker not of Japanese decent, Xavier Wallace. The senior dressed in his typical street clothes save for one modification, the official ‘Ramen Don’ apron. It was a dark brown and had the restaurant mascot ‘Dr. Noodle’ on it (Xavier thought he looked like a middle age Japanese Charlie Brown).

When I say Ramen Don was a small restaurant, I mean it was a small restaurant. The eatery was arguably one of the smallest spots in the recreational district. Ramen Don had three tables, able to seat about four people each along the southern wall, while up north the kitchen, which was open to the customers, had a counter and a sort of ‘bar’ area where about eight people could sit and eat, and also keep a good eye on their grub as it was cooked. The décor was one word: wooden. Despite being part of the newest district in town it was also very old school and low tech. In fact, the Don and his sons cooked the noodles from scratch.

That wasn’t to say that Ramen Don wasn’t without it’s few faithful customers, up front, hanging from top of the window to the kitchen hung a long line of some important signatures. All of these signatures belonged to celebs, or long time patrons who ate at the Don’s spot, it’s sort of like a wall of fame. The restaurant was a must see destination on any noodle lovers pilgrimage, despite its lack of popularity these days, Ramen Don is a legend among chefs.

“Yeah, yeah. You know Noodles, I doubt the business is going to change, a lot of kids just head to that superstore’s food court to eat!” Xavier hollered to his boss, he affectionately referred to him as Noodles, only because he looked exactly like the restaurant’s mascot.

“Pish, posh! Superstore Eos have no flavor! It’s food lacks to subtle, yet powerful and refined taste of my noodles! They have nothing that Ramen Don does not!” The old man said as he beamed with pride at his noodles’ distinct flavor. Xavier shrugged however and walked to the front counter, reaching for the black remote that rested atop of it. He aimed for the old black box that was suspended by a simple shelf high in the top left corner of the restaurant. Switching the television to ‘on’ he began surfing through channels, which were mostly nothing but snow because the Don was too cheap to buy satellite. With a zombie-like movement he took one of the seats at the counter, not taking his eye off of the screen.

“Sheesh, can’t even get the videos on here…” He sighed, settling for the hourly 8-Bit City news. Anchorwoman Wendy Storms (xD) was currently transitioning to the next topic, Xavier watched with a goofy grin, because Ms. Storms was pretty hot, despite her being of the mature age of forty-five…allegedly.

“And now, a special report on Unexplained Phenomena that seem to be plaguing 8-Bit since December, our man on the street, Chase Horion is on the scene of yet another site of incident, this time, a mysterious wailing noise in a Shopping District alleyway! Chase?”

At that moment, the young man’s interest in the news quickly went south. Chase was handsome guy, but he wasn’t into dudes. He sighed, and swiveled around in his seat at the counter, facing back at the Don.

“More ‘Phenomena’? Sheesh! Where’s the real news? Like my new Rainbow Ramen?” The man said as he finished mopping the last bit of the now sparkling kitchen floor, Xavier’s less than stellar job on the tables no doubt paired in comparison. The employee cringed at his boss’ words.

“Ahhh, I think they’re definitely gonna do a story about your masterpiece Noodles…” He swung around in the chair, so the Don wouldn’t see his lips move for the next part, “In the emergency report, tch.”

“I heard that Wallace!” He always used Xavier’s last name when he was cross. The dark skinned character shrugged, and smoothly changed the subject.

“That’s all they ever talk about these days. Seriously…I’m tired of it…I’d be happy to see a story about your ramen,” Xavier glanced back up at the television, “Looks like quite a commotion going on in the Shopping District right now…come to think of it…this is the first time they’ve ever reported straight from the scene…” He frowned, thinking about everyone’s obsession in the whole fiasco.

Xavier looked down at his white digital watch,

“Eight fifty hm?”

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