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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-17 10:53:43, as written by chris45
8-bit city, Arcade, 6:45 p.m.
Daniel's theme, In operation

The sun was starting to set and it made the scene of the epic struggle between two competitors that much more epic. One and seventeen year old senior, the other a twelve year old seventh grader. The place where this battle took place, 8-bit city’s arcade. The name of the game, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The seventeen year old, yelled to the boy “ you can’t beat me, and let me show you why.” the boy started to mash the buttons and than suddenly the arcade was silent as the boy had just pulled off a super combo and the young twelve year old was defeated instantly.

The seventeen year old turned to crowd of people who were watching this battle for over an hour. The boy stuck his hands to the sky in celebration of his victory. The crowd started to clap, most were just excited the long drawn out fight was over. The boy parted his black with red highlighted hair to cover the left side of his face. He turned to the twelve year old and said “ you did good, kid I’ll face you again some other time.” the boy stuck out his hand and the kid shook it. They both smiled and the kid left the arcade defeated, yet happy. The seventeen year old boy turned around after hearing someone say to him “ Hey, Daniel I’ll take you on now.”

Daniel laughed and said “ only if you think your good enough.” a boy of about fifteen or sixteen appeared from the crowd. He walked up to the machine and than after picking their characters Daniel and the boy began to fight. It took roughly about five minutes for the boy to cry out in utter defeat. The boy looked to Daniel and asked “ how are you so good?” Daniel replied “practice and even more practice.” Daniel smiled, he waved his hand to the boy and walked toward the doors. He opened them and walked out onto the street. He took out his Droid X cell phone to look at the time. It was seven o’ five. The sun had already set and the moon had risen. He looked up at it let the light from it revile his slightly tanned skin. After his moon gazing was over he let out a small yawn and than walked himself to the parking lot of the arcade. He walked to an all black motorcycle and he placed himself on it.

He stuck his key in and then started it, his headlights turned on, he put a helmet on his head that made it hard to see his face and he than took off heading home. As he drove the traffic was light so he decided to speed a little, he let the wind rush against his helmet. He than slowed down and turned down a side street where he slowly stopped his motorcycle and pulled up into the drive way of a two story house. That most would consider a medium sized home.

He got off his motorcycle, he took off his helmet and left it on the seat. He grabbed his keys He took out his cell phone to look at the time it was seven thirty. Daniel walked up to the door of the house and he opened it. As he walked inside the door he tried to say “ I’m home” but all he could get out was “I’m..” before a hand pressed against his forehead holding him back. He pushed the hand away and saw his father dressed in formal clothing and Daniel asked “ you going out?” his father replied “ no, but you are. Tonight me and your mother are having a romantic dinner alone.” Daniel turned around and asked “ when should I be back?” his father replied “ come back at like nine, ten if things go well.”

Daniel shuttered at the thought of what he meant by if things go well. Daniel got back on his motorcycle and after putting on his helmet and starting it up he took off down the drive way thinking what he could do for the next hour or two. He stopped the bike and took out his phone. It was seven thirty five, he sighed and said “ maybe I’ll get some food and see a movie.” Daniel turned from the drive way and then drove down the street. He turned down the main street and headed toward a near by Italian restaurant