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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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Owner: Astro_B0Y
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Kahn was in the privacy of his own home and was sitting in a chair in a candle lit room and then he heard a shadowy voice from behind him scream "Leave the dead". As soon as Kahn heard the voice he stands from his chair and looks at the mirror and sees his face shifting from old to young and then Kahn quietly says "Another day". Kahn begins taking off to school at 5:30 a.m. since he has never slept a single day in his life and stops by at a empty lot and raises his hand and closes his eyes and speaks a spell "Arga Lystravatha"and a dead corpse rises from the ground and bows to Kahn and says "What is my bidding master?" Kahn asked the corpse "What do you know of the shadowy voices?" The corpse chuckled and a bug crawled from a hole in his throat into a hole in his cheek then the corpse ate the bug inside "The dead are angry milord they told me to tell you if you contact the spirit world once again they will have your head". Kahn smiles and slowly approaches the corpse and says "Then there is more of a reason to call them out" Kahn slowly rests his hand on the corpses chest and giant blue flame pushes the corpse into the ground and buries the undead completely. Kahn continues venturing to school and his skin starts aging and wrinkling again and says to himself "So it is death the dead want from me".

During Kahns long walk his skin started changing young again and he began thinking of a way to please the dead. His first thought would be to sacrifice a poor living soul for the dead to spare him. He considered the sacrifice but would not know who he needs for the sacrifice. Kahn decided when he leaves school he will for the person he wishes to be a sacrifice for the dead.