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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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7:55 p.m

Daniel slowed his motorcycle down and turned into the parking lot of the restaurant. He parked it and than took off his helmet. He laid it on the seat and than fixed his hair by shaking it wildly. He than parted it to cover the left side of his face as he always did. He let out a low yawn and than walked through the parking lot to get to the sidewalk. He walked down the sidewalk to get to the restaurant’s doors. He than saw a girl walking down the sidewalk as if she was lost or had nothing to do. He smiled and waved to the girl as she got closer.

For some reason she looked familiar, maybe he had seen her around school. But she looked young, she looked like she was a freshman or maybe a sophomore. Daniel couldn’t really tell. He shook his head getting rid of the thoughts and he walked into the restaurant. As he walked down the short walkway to get to the main part of the restaurant he saw a young woman waiting, she was the hostess. She looked at him and said “ hi welcome to..” she stopped after getting a good look at Daniel and than said “ oh it’s just you, what do you want Daniel?” Daniel looked at her and asked “ is that anyway to treat a customer, Priscilla.”

she replied “ no it’s not, but your not really a customer your more like a pest.” Daniel looked at her with a fake shocked expression on his face he placed his hand over his heart and he said “that really hurt, your going to make me cry.” Priscilla chuckled a little and said “ ok, come on I’ll get you a table, and maybe if you bring a date in sometimes I might not consider you such a pest.” Daniel looked at Priscilla and said “ sure I can do that, so.. Are you free tomorrow night?” Priscilla stared at him and Daniel said “ I’m just kidding, or am I.” Priscilla walked up to a free table and said “ you better be kidding or your going to be disappointed tomorrow night.” Daniel wiped his eyes as if he was crying and said “ you make me so sad. So can you tell the chef I’m here. So he can make my usual.” Priscilla shook her head and said “ fine.”

A waiter walked up to Daniel’s table and gave him a glass of water and than walked away and Daniel said “ hey, wait your not going to take my order?” the waiter turned to him and stared for a second and than said “ do I have to?” Daniel looked down at the table and said “ no, but you never know I might want to change my order every so often.” the waiter laughed and said “ you come in here almost every week and your order hasn’t changed once.” Daniel folded his arms and said “ does everyone in this restaurant have to be so rude.” Daniel chuckled as he began to drink his water, he knew most of the people who worked at the restaurant so they treated him more like a friend than a customer and this was their usual banter. As Daniel was drinking he found himself thinking about that girl, why did she look so lonely, he started to think that he should have talked to her instead of just heading inside.