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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”—Demetri Maverick

Mood Music 1: Burn My Dread

------->Epic Quest<---------

A Lazer Gun ENT. Production

Press START To Begin

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>Dimensional Dive

Copyright LENT 2010

[center].::The Story::.


I hate this city…so…cheery…

What if I just mixed things up a bit?

Played a little Game?

Just an innocent, harmless little game

I picked one fine time to move to this city eh?

Out of all the times I could have moved here, I pick the one time when everything and everyone is going bat shit crazy to settle down.

Well, let me pause there. I doubt you want to hear the ramblings of someone who hasn’t even introduced themselves right?


So allow me to introduce myself, I am Demetri Maverick. A shopkeeper, I sell a variety of things, ranging from the mundane, to the supernatural. But that’s another story for another time. You’ve come to me to learn just what’s going on here in this city right? And that’s just what I will convey.

It started just about the day I moved here, December 31st, 2009. The Dimensional Equilibrium around 8-Bit started to fluctuate, meaning, in simpler terms, 8-Bit was getting ready to undergo a change.

Originally, every place in the world has it’s own Dimensional Equilibrium. Whether it be a small island, or a giant mountain like Everest. This keeps our dimension, our world, away from crossing with others like the astral dimension, which holds your ghosts and ghouls. Normally though, every so often, the Equilibrium will tend to fluctuate, which will explain your ‘ghost sightings’. You dig?

So, basically, I didn’t pay much mind to it all when 8-Bit’s started shift, it’s a normal thing, happens a lot when new people settle down in new towns and such.

Who am I to know all of this? Well…I guess you can say I’m a kind of…Gatekeeper.
I make sure the different dimensions and planes are all in order, it’s a tiring job, but someone has to do it. I don’t like talking about my work though; just the thought of it can turn troublesome.

Back to the matter at hand, remember when I said 8-Bit’s Equilibrium began to fluctuate? Well, it didn’t stop. Normally, these little instances are just that, instances. They only last for about a week at the longest. This one, kept on going, it’s March now, and the fluctuations are only getting more and more erratic.

For now…the townspeople are oblivious to the shifts. Normal people can’t perceive things foreign to their dimension, they only see the damage those things cause.

For example, the other day, I stumbled upon a T-Rex the size of a small skyscraper. I handled it no problem (Gatekeepers have dangerous jobs, as such, we’re granted abilities to match with whatever baddies we may encounter), however it’s footsteps left some pretty unsightly craters in the street.

The people of 8-Bit all see situations like this as ‘unexplained phenomena’, and they’re the talk of the town these days. For now they’re nothing but interesting little rumors, but I fear for when things escalate.

I need to get to the bottom of all of this before things get worse, today a T-Rex, tomorrow could be some death machine.

It’s all so damn troublesome…

The 8-Bit City Tourist Guide

Mood Music 2: Chemical Plant Zone

“8-Bit city, biggest city in the world, so much hustle and bustle it’s easy to get lost.”---Chase Horion, 8-Bit’s Go-To-Guy

Welcome to beautiful 8-Bit city! We thank you for choosing our streets as your vacation destination; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

8-Bit city is home to a number of eccentric and eclectic minds, we are the musical and artistic capital of the world. We have several clubs where you can go to hear some of the local talent, or studios where you can look at some of our art. You can find all of these in the industrial district of 8-Bit.

We also have a slew of interesting shops, they range from the small mom and pop, to the giant department store. You’re sure to find whatever you need if you head down to the shopping district of 8-Bit.

Not only do we have great minds in 8-Bit, we have some of the most fun individuals as well, and they’ve all worked together to bring about our most popular district, the recreational. Here, you can find arcades, if you’re into gaming, dojo’s if you like fighting, gymnasiums, and just about anything else you can think of that falls under the category of fun. You can also find our food courts and hotels in this district. Our most popular attraction as of late has been the Full Sensory X game we have in all of our arcades. Full Sensory X is ‘the next level’ of virtual gaming, immerse yourself in an entirely new world, where you are the character all movements are yours and yours alone!

For our more business-orientated individuals, take a trip to our Business District. All of the skyscrapers here are lined with hardworking men and women.

Tying all of this together is the main district, situated in the middle of circular 8-Bit. This is where you can find our smiling residents apartments, the main station of the monorail, which runs through town (above on a hovering train track, also top of the line 8-Bit tech), and our award winning educational facilities.

This brochure only gives you a brief taste of what 8-Bit has to offer, to get the whole dish, please, book your flight today! Mayor Drake and all of 8-Bit’s warm folk are waiting to meet you!

Atari High

Mood Music 3: The Returners

(( Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ROLE PLAY!! It just happens to have some highschool activity...like Persona. ))

“An institution which prides itself on promptness, excellence, and intelligence. We our the number one school in the world, and as soon as your enter our hallways, you will be certain of that.”—Principle Iori

Thank you for choosing Atari High to help further enlighten your no doubt already bright child. Here, we spare no expense on your child’s education. We have the most cutting edge technology for our educators, which are also, the top of their craft.

We have a slew of extracurriculars for the students to participate in even after the school day is done, ranging from art club and band, to our award winning sports teams. The Atari Knights teams are among some of the top ranked players in their divisions!

Classes start on April 1st this year, and will be held Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We have a no tolerance policy for truancy, and those who are caught committing such acts will be prosecuted to the max.

Freshman and Sophomores will find their homerooms on the first floor, while Juniors will find their classes on the second, and Seniors on the third. The fourth floor holds all of our extracurricular rooms as well as the stadium sized auditorium. The way our classes operate, students will stay in their assigned homeroom, while the teachers move from class to class based on what period it is.

In closing, we would like to again thank you for choosing our institution for your young mind. We know choosing a school for your child is hard, but rest assured, your child is in safe hands with Atari High.

----Principle Shu Iori

Here’s where YOU come in

Mood Music 4: Those Who Fight Further

”These few…will be the Players…I wonder…can they do it?”—Unknown

The erratic movements of the rift have caused strange changes within the city of 8-Bit.It looks like slowly but surely, a small group of people within 8-Bit are gaining awareness of the ‘unexplained phenomena’s causes. Not only that, but they’re also gaining Gatekeeper-like abilities, but with an serious change; the way their moves grow and evolve are similar to a video game. The only way they can increase the power of their skills is to ‘level up’. These individuals level up by gaining experience points, I guess through battle?

I’ve even gained possession of a few items which ‘power-up’ my own abilities, my guess is their also a result of the Equilibrium’s situation and do the same for the individuals who have gained these abilities.

Regardless, I can’t let these people divulge these abilities that they’ve gained, if they did that, they could seriously screw up the nature of this world.

Character Template

Age: ((within high school boundaries, unless you want to be an adult, that’s cool…you just wouldn’t be in school with the others…unless you failed…then…ouch))
Grade: ((self explanatory, if you’re not in school, ignore it))
Ability: ((Don’t go overboard, you are only level one right now after all. BTW you don’t have to be awakened to your power yet, for example, my own character Xavier hasn’t been awakened to his power yet, however, he can still see the creatures and things that have slipped through the dimensional gate))
Personality: ((You don’t have to do a lot here, I understand it’s easier to act out your personality in-game, rather than write about it))
History: ((AT LEAST a paragraph))
Other: ((Likes? Dislikes? Themes? Put em here. If you got a theme, maybe add an 8-Bit sounding one too?))

(For Quick Copy & Paste Jobs)


The Heroes

”You’ve got the tools, the techniques, let’s see if you can shine.”—Demetri Maverick

Xavier Wallace (Senior) – Astro_B0Y

Preston Amada (Freshman) - Tobinator

Daniel Anderson (Senior) - Chris45

Rio Green (Junior) - Rio Green

Charlotte Dales (Junior)- N!GHTMARE TRA!N

Nym Valentine (Freshman) - Valor

Grace L. (adult) - The Adversary

Jayx (senior) - Jayx

John 'Jack' Kernow (senior) - Buddywazzizname

Yun-Qi "Benjamin" Liou (adult) - Tæfarós

Kahn Izhvale - *Darth-Kryon* (abandoned)

Lilli Hedervary (Freshman) - Fruity Loops of Pain

Aeymle Eolis (Junior) - EikouNekoChan

Joel Mitori (senior) - Nemeth09

Naydelle Pierson (senior) - CelticCat1293

Michale Storm (teacher) - TheMindStorm

Don Scharf (senior) - donanater


The Rules

"Remember kids, you can't spell 'Fun' without a U, and you know what word has a U? Rules! I also spell detention with a U, it's silent. Hint, Hint."---Principle Shu Iori

1. THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ROLEPLAY!! This is more a disclaimer than anything.

2. Standard RP rules apply, you don't need me to tell you that though right?

3. Keep it funky, respect everyone, post regularly.

4. Aliens are cool. Mythical creatures are cool. The can be in this RP. Seeing how there's a whole dimensional rift going on, anything's possible, they can even go to school with us. Just make sure they're not gods.

5. Leveling up and the flow of the day are controlled by me, I'll periodically post what time it is somewhere in my posts.

6. Post "CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right" somwehere in you're profile so I know you read everything.

7. Romance is cool. Sexy time is cool. In RP's romance is cool. Sexy time isn't. Feel me?

8. Congrats, you made it to the end! NOW POST!

9. !NOTE! No more Seniors! The RP is flooded with them, may I suggest Juniors? Or even Sophomores? There's 0 of those...

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Characterization: Proficient Plot: Advanced Depth: Advanced Style: Advanced Mechanics: Advanced Overall: Advanced
Din wrote:Overall I'm a fan of the plot, which was put together so creatively. Real clever with the thumbnail, also.

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Character Portrait: Xavier Wallace *EDITS INSIDE* "I wanna slay a dragon, rescue a princess or two. Gimme some action!"
Character Portrait: Demetri Maverick A Gatekeeper, travels the world to make sure the Dimensions are in check.
Character Portrait: Daniel Anderson "Get off my back Pizza with Fried rice wont kill me!"
Character Portrait: Rio Green
Rio Green played by Rio Green
Acyolyte of Thunder
Character Portrait: Charlotte Dales "I'm a dreamer, so I'm an artist."
Character Portrait: Nym Valentine
Nym Valentine played by Valor
A girl who needs to grow out of her shy habits.
Character Portrait: Jayx
Jayx played by Jayx
"In my head, 9 outta 10 voices are telling me to kill you-the other one's singing the tetris melody..."
Character Portrait: Lilli Hedervary 'Yeah, I'm small. Yeah, I look like the quiet type, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your a- I mean butt...haha...
Character Portrait: Aeymle Eolis 'Please don't stop the music!';An extraterrestrial girl with a passion for music
Character Portrait: Joel Mitori
Joel Mitori played by Nemmy826
"Death is just a pause in the cycle....they will serve me once again" A rather gifted senior who knows a little too much necromancy
Character Portrait: Don Scharf
Don Scharf played by donanater
The man who xeroxes your soul.
Character Portrait: Michale Storm just another teacher but this one is no push over
Character Portrait: Neccar Yakubovich A very kind but evil looking character, he does not attack, fight, or scare you.
Character Portrait: Amelie Slenn Good artists copy. Great artists steal.
Character Portrait: Tyler Corrigan "Spectres. Tell me: Have you ever seen a spectre? No? Because they don't exist"

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Aemyle led the young man to where the others were and gestured for him to put her down in the middle of them. Two women appeared, one a mere child, and took over caring for the wounded girl. The young man seemed to know them, so Aemyle dismissed their appearance and took to watching their surroundings, quietly singing a song to fill the odd silence of the time-stop.

This town is colder now, I think it’s sick of us,
It’s time to make our move, I’m shakin’ off the rust,
I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here,
I’m staring down myself, countin’ up the years…

The young man approached her, and thanked her for her kindness. She smiled and listened as he continued.

"What exactly is going on here?" His hand went to a sort of sheath at his side; he must have a blade of sorts. Odd for an urban citizen. “Is there any way I can help?”

“Quite honestly, I am unsure what this situation calls for. In the very least, we should stick together until this anomaly ends. That is why two of our companions have gone in search of others who are not frozen.” Aemyle shrugged with a smile, then nodded to the gun she held. “I, ‘the lady with the gun’ as our glasses-wearing companion jested, remain here with these two, as a safeguard should the ‘chimera’ awaken. If it does, I should hope you are handy with that blade of your’s.”

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Xavier and Preston had entered what he could only describe as a rainforest of people. You’d be surprised how hot and humid so many people could make a once cool summer’s day, and not to mention the flames not too far away—they were still for the moment, but they were still hot.

“Hey Preston…be careful in here…we might as well be blind right now…so…ehh?” Somewhere above the crowd, he heard a voice call out, a girl. “You hear that? Where the hell is she?” Even with his six foot two height, Xavier couldn’t see over the sheer mass of people. The large man started jumping up each time his head poked over the crowd, he got just a little more of an idea of where they were.

“Man, we came that far in here?” He mumbled to himself, though still loud enough so that Preston could hear. The others were just little splotches of color far behind them now, the shopping district was only second in size to the recreation district, so it was no surprise how many people were evacuating.

"Hey! Hey, up here!"

“Up where?!” Xavier touched down on the ground again, this time though, before he took off again, he crouched down real low, readying himself to jump higher then ever. And so, he took off, and lo and behold, he spotted her, standing atop dumpster, waving her hands to make herself more apparent.

“Sheesh! You made yourself hard enough to find.” He grumbled, she wasn’t too far, a few yards northwest. “Stay there! We’ll come for you!” The young man hollered, feet firmly planted on the ground yet again.

“Heheh. That wasn’t too shabby…maybe I should play basketball…” He was joking of course, he loathed sports. “Let’s roll Preston…I’m worried about the others…”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 02:04:15, as written by Toaster
Preston followed close behind Xavier, small droplets of sweat forming on his brow, some rolling down the side of his face as they pushed their way through the frozen sea of people. In a way he could still feel the flames at his back, but it was more then likely his mind playing tricks on him.

Preston nodded his head in reply to Xavier, and then he heard the call of a girl as well. "Yeah, I hear her too, but where?" It was hopeless for Preston to see among the people, he was shorter then about 99% of the crowd. He saw Xavier jumping, and when his attempts were seeming to fail, he didn't even bother trying to jump up. Before his friend crouched low to the ground, he though of hopping aboard his shoulders to get more sight distance, but then the man vaulted into the air, apparently high enough to see the damsel in distress.

Preston turned to face where they had come from, and noticed that they actually had gone much farther then he had anticipated to look for this girl, but at least they found her, and now they could get her to safety. Peering through the opening of a few people, he was able to spot the girl, standing on a dumpster, and hollering to the two boys. She looked like she was trying to start a riot, or at least that is what it would have looked like if everyone was moving and this was an action movie.

Preston chuckled softly when Xavier made the comment about joining basketball, and then nodded when he mentioned being worried about the others, so he moved quickly behind Xavier to get to the girl, wondering in his mind if basketball would ever be available again to play.

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Finally, someone still moving... she thought, as she saw the two boys making their way towards her. Charlotte heard one of them shout to her "Stay there! We'll come for you!" and a few other things that were quieter and didn't catch.

Charlotte stopped waving her arms, and instead watched their progress through the frozen crowd. When they were close enough, she hopped down from the dumpster, thankfully touching ground, still watching the moving shadow, which seemed as though it was walking in slow-motion & STILL not going anywhere. Maybe that one's not even there. Charlotte shrugged it off. She saw the guys coming closer until they had pushed through the last few people of the crowd towards her. She made sure they could see the knife in her hand by her side.

"Hey, nice to see I'm not the only one out here. What the hell is going on??" She asked, making a small gesture to the bodies that were stopped in their tracks still. Quickly she studied each of them- one deffinately younger than the other- and thought they looked a bit familiar. She thought she'd seen their faces around school.

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Lilli stared at the wounded girl as the unknown man placed her on the ground. Even though she wanted to, she resisted the urge to turn around completely. 'I've seen way to much bloody people today. If I see one more I swear I'm going to vomit...'

She looked up to see yet another two people join their growing crowd and the first thing she noticed about one of them was her pink dress with yellow ducks on it. 'I wonder where she bought that,' Lilli thought. It was a weird dress, she must admit. She would never wear that.

Before Lilli could become even more judgmental, Lilli changed her train of thought to something that was more pleasant. Like...eating. The last time she'd eaten something was more than six hours ago. Just then her stomach made this loud beast-like sound to indicate that she was hungry. Hopefully no one heard it.

She yawned and stuck her hands into the pockets of her blouse as she silently waited for the other two to return.

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How'd he get here, again?

Oh, right. He had made the brilliant deduction that the the mall foodcourt wasn't exactly secure in the event of shit suddenly blowing up, and escaped out a fire exit and into an alley. Then something hit him. Then everything was black.

Life was funny like that.

He just really hoped this wasn't death; this was too damned boring to sit through for eternity.

"Get up."

Oh, great. A voice. That's always a good sign.

"Get up and fight."

A low whine started in his ears, steadily growing in pitch and volume as a single sentence filled his otherwise black vision;



Jack's world flickered back into the visual plane around him like an old television screen, words, pictures and assorted diagrams flashing through it as a simple 'CONFIGURING...' blinked in and out in the top-right corner of his sight. Not really knowing what the hell was going on with the world around him or in his own head, the young man staggered to his feet, finding to his surprise and relief that he managed to do so without the aid of his crutches.

Whatever hellucination he was having seemed to work itself to it's conclusion and vanished as he started out the alleyway and into the street, not stopping to contemplate the fact that the universe had apparently stopped all around him as he wove through the crowd of horrified statues out of simple reluctance to confront the fact that he may just be insane.

Something on him kept on getting caught on the people he passed by.

It was really starting to piss him off.

Being thoroughly annoyed by the constant jerking of whatever the offending object was by the time he cleared the forest of people, his eyes shot downward to see just what was screwing with him.

A crowbar was impaled through the right side of his stomach.

For the longest time, Jack stared at it. He knew it was no hellucination; he comprehended that it was there, but he felt no pain. On an impulse, he grabbed it. To the sound of metal grinding on metal, he pulled it out. Blood and a strange black fluid poured out from the new hole in his torso for a few seconds, before it suddenly closed itself up.


The young Welshman stood rooted to the spot, an unreadable expression coming across his features.

"...I'm a robot?" he thought out loud.

A transparent heads-up display superimposed itself over his field of vision.

'Cybernetic Organism, actually.' A female voice deadpanned in the back of his head.

Jack impulsively rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a bad headache coming on.

'...And I'm your Operating System.'

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“I gotta hand it to the guy that did this…he’s good. At first I thought he just missed us, but nah, he left us free to move about purposely…does he really want us to fight that?” He spoke to his search partner, parting through more and more people.

Finally, through an empty pocket in the crowd, he spotted their target. Yet another familiar face, Xavier had to study her a bit though, he was certain he never actually talked to her, but he made it an effort to know most of the people that attended Atari.

“Yo…” He said casually, stepping up to her, allowing Preston some room beside him as well. The first thing he noticed besides her face, was the knife that she seemed to place a certain emphasis on. Apparently, this girl didn’t trust them, good reason to, but could you really afford to knife down anyone in a situation like this?

“Hey, nice to see I'm not the only one out here. What the hell is going on??"

“I wish we knew. You been watching the news tonight? Apparently one of the ‘Unexplained Phenomena’ got pissed. …And then, this happened,” He was being intentionally vague, he wasn’t sure if she could see the beast for herself, or even heard the voice he and the others had, he wanted to wait before he brought it up, see if she knew anything about it herself.

“Regardless…we should meet up with the rest of our group, they can all move too—come on…” Xavier’s voice trailed off…he had just caught a whiff of something fierce. Flames, active, moving flames.

“Oh no…”

A wail all too familiar pierced his ears, it was even more upset than before.

He turned around franticly to see the bright orange flash of the once stalled flames flying once again through the air.

The chimera was back on the march, and judging by the noises it was making, it wasn’t happy.

“We gotta get back to the others…now.” Just as he was ready to head back into the sea of people, the tide itself started moving again.

“Dammit! We’ll never make it back there in time now,” He it his lip, it looked like their time to rest was over.

“Preston, and…” He didn’t have time to ask for a name, “Ugh, senior year’s hell already…”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 03:04:20, as written by Toaster
Preston kept quiet, listening to Xavier as he went on about whoever the hell could have been responsible for this hell-hole of a nightmare they were stuck in the dead center of. The though of fighting the chimera sent shivers down his spine, but he liked the idea of doing something right for a change.

When they arrived at the dumpster, Preston was surprised to find that the girl was actually pretty, although she was too old for him, judging by her height. Although, everyone seemed to be taller then him nowadays. He held up one of his hands in a weak attempt at a greeting, mumbling, 'hullo', and then putting his hand back down to his side when he noticed the small knife in her hand. He knew she had good reason for the item she was carrying, but he thought the only reason she would have it out at the time was because of Xavier, out of the two he was definately the more intimidating.

"Yeah." He chimed in, when Xavier was finished talking to her. "Were all going to stick together, and help each other out so nobody has to be out here alone." He had gained some of his confidence back, thinking little about the girl's looks, and a little more on the situation at hand.

The sound that infiltrated his ears at that moment was almost enough to bring him to his knees again, even though he kept his ground, he still winced in the all too familiar fear that had washed over him tonight. He turned around to see the Chimera coming back to life, and he could have died at the moment, just from the state of shock he was thrown into.

The crowd started to come back to life as well, and he was soon being pushed around, rocked by the tidal wave of human bodies, and nearly tossed to the floor. "Xavier!" He shouted, trying to keep close to him, but his small frame would hardly allow it. Instinctivly, he reached out and made an attempt to grab the girl's hand, hoping if he did succesfully grasp her hand, she wouldn't bug out and stab him with her knife. He knew where the crowd was, and he didn't want the newest edition to their party to be lost.

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Charlotte followed the two boys, Preston- the younger- & the one who made conversation, who took charge, still nameless. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, like he'd done this before. What if he had?

Everything was going back into motion now, and with one glance she saw the extra shadow seemed to have dissappeared. The one breathing fire at this now very chaotic crowd looked as if he'd keep going on his rampage. Was she the only one who saw it? But the older boy had said something about those weird "Phenomenas." And meeting back up with the rest of their group. More kids from school, maybe. She turned her knife in, so it wouldn't get caught on some unfortunate person's skin or slow her down. She shoved it in her pocket and tried to keep her eyes on Preston & Mr. Nameless.

As her mind was still running with random thoughts, possibilities, and which way to pass this person running, she thought back to when the two boys had reached her. “I gotta hand it to the guy that did this…he’s good. At first I thought he just missed us, but nah, he left us free to move about purposely…does he really want us to fight that?” That, as in the over-sized shadow bellowing fire at us? Maybe.

Charlotte took a glance at it. The shadow morphed...into...something she'd heard of...in Greek mythology? Roman? But even the flash of creature that was replaced once again by shadow had a name- Chimera. No mistaking it.

Then there was a voice in her head, one that stung- not in pain, but something else.

"Will you fight?"

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(OOC: Edited for organization)

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"Sooo... what was that?" Jack inquired, understandably put off by the unnatural but clearly organic screeching from down the street.

'The Chimera.'

"...The What?"

'The Chim-...'

Announcing it's presence with an enraged howl, the twisted jest against nature rounded the corner and scanned the crowd behind Jack like a starved man at a buffet as it steamed purposefully and hungrily forward, stopping abruptly when it spotted the boy in question.

'That thing.'

"Oh." the lad responded in a small, but comprehending voice.

Jack quickly pieced together that the creature was staring at him specifically because he was staring right back, and by the snarl it emitted, it was easy to assume that it was unamused by this developement.

"Ah, crap."

In a split-second, the teenager was skidding down the road from the force of the chimera's claw, his dense, cybernetic body slamming into the side of a car and completely buckling it with the force of the blow. Stunned by the fact that he wasn't immediately converted to silly-putty, Jack just sat there blinking in surprise, then without a word he lifted himself out of the wreckage of an impact that would have turned a normal person into a fine paste as his grey eyes filled with an angry orange glow.


"Alright..." He snarled "Your ass is mine, fucker."

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"Aw fuck."

Lilli didn't even bother saying any other word than the F-bomb to tone down her cursing. This was...this was just messed up on so many levels. The Chimera had begun moving again and the large army of scared civilians had begun moving as well. Judging by the amount of people running, it looked like the other two boys-and the screaming girl-would have a hard time making it back to the others. And if Lady Luck was currently having a bad day, the Chimera would make it over to them before the other boys did.

Lilli took her hands out of her pockets and made a stance that was supposed to look like she was ready to fight, but instead looked like she was ready to just run away. She looked at the other members of her party and asked them a very desperate question.

"What the hell are we going to do now?!"

She then heard a loud noise and turned her head towards the disruption. "Oh wait."

She looked towards the Chimera to see that it was fighting some teenager.

"Is that teenager fighting that thing? Alone?"

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Will you fight?

The voice managed to stir him from his sleep, and he had a sudden, sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. Grace sat up slowly, wide awake in seconds.

Something hath disturbed the Force, he thought; a curious, worried frown contorting his features for a moment. He shrugged on his frock coat and grabbed his cane as he stood. He heard a deafening howl and cringed as cracks ran along the front windows of his shop. A number of glass figurines burst, sending shards flying through the shop. Grace rose back up, his eyes steeled, and marched to the window. When he looked outside he saw what appeared to be something he recognized from mythology.

A chimera, the thought ran numbly through his head. But . . that was impossible! They didn't exist! The impossible amalgam was simply a figment of man's fear of the unknown, there was no way it was real! He was rocked from his stupor when the beast slapped someone, sending them flying into a car.

"Oh, dearest me . ." he muttered, still in shock. He realized his hands were shaking, and that he was gripping his cane harder. He took a deep breath and looked back at the lumbering monster.

Will you fight?

He heard the voice again. For a moment Grace was silent. Then he swallowed hard and said, "Sure. Why not!" he laughed hoarsely. He almost dropped his cane from his iron grip when an unprecedented surge of energy rushed through his body, bringing him to his knees. It seemed to suck all the air right out of him. As he gasped for breath, strange, blue-orange flames appeared on his fingers, and crawled harmlessly across his gloves and cane. His breathing returned, and he realized that the fire was cold, and that as he shifted it ran almost like water. He slowly, shakily, stood back up and looked out at the chimera. "This won't end well." he muttered, pushing the door open and stepping out onto the sidewalk.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 04:10:39, as written by Astro_B0Y
Preston, and the damsel-not-so-in-distress, were ahead of him, Preston did good in keeping her close, Xavier’s large frame wouldn’t allow him to be swept up in the sea of people, but if either one of them was caught alone there was no telling where they could end up.

“This is great, just great,” He let out a low roar of frustration, he couldn’t take it any longer, fear was no excuse for plain rudeness. The next man that tried to bum rush him, Xavier swatted away, he tried to hold back, but apparently he didn’t know his own strength—the fragile looking business man fell to the ground, letting a string of curses fly Xavier’s way. The young man had neither the patience, nor the energy to get into to it with this fellow, instead, he took the chance of a somewhat clear path to get closer to Preston, who was at least a few yards ahead of him in all the discord.

His senses were alerted by an all too familiar ‘crunching’ sound, a body smacking against a car.

“Not again,” The large man jumped up, trying to rise himself above the mass of heads, and to his amazement, someone was in a stand off with the beast.

“No way…is that…Jack?!” Jack Kernow…as far as Xavier knew, this guy wasn’t even supposed to be outside of the house, let alone in a stand off with a damn mythical creature. He was a senior like him, so Xavier knew the fellow well.

“I can’t even be surprised by anything anymore…” As much as he wanted to run over to Jack, it seemed as if he was for the most part good against the creature. For now, he had to locate his newest friend.

“Dammit, Dammit, Dammit.” If that wasn’t the word of the day. Xavier continued his mad dash, searching for any sign of the duo.

“Tonkotsu!” He hollered out, hoping that his booming voice resounded over all of the chaos around him.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 04:21:40, as written by Toaster
Preston continued to drag the girl along behind him, weaving through the crowd of hurrying people, he had nearly forgotten the terror of it while they were frozen, and he occasionally made contact with a stomach or a pelvis with his solid skull, for one hand gripped the girl's hand, and the other dangled freely behind him, as if it was completely made of rubber. "Come on! We gotta get out of this!" He called to the girl, as he tried to pull her along with him down an alley way, which for the most part seemed abandoned. He was almost to the entrance when he heard something that made the hairs on his neck stand on end. 'Tonkotsu!' Oh, crap, it was Xavier. Preston could have sworn that he was ahead of the two. Without even thinking, he let go of the girl's hand, pointing to the alley way and hollering, "Wait in there, you should be alright. I'll be right back!"

He wasted no time, not even waiting to see if she was going to take his adive before he was hurtling back through the tremendous crowd. "Xavier! Xavier!" He called out for his friend, not knowing where he could be in the endless ocean of panicing people. Preston saw a car nearby, flipped on it's left side, the front end burning with a raging fire, but it was his only chance.

With his track running legs, he vaulted up onto the burning car, looking through the crowd for any sign of his friend. "Xavier!" He called, waving his arms frantically through the air, worried sick about his friend, and all the while panicing about the Chimera.

He turned to see if the girl was still okay, but was suddenly knocked to the ground, something with great force had impacted the car, causing him to be thrown to the floor. He caught a foot to the face when he hit the ground, along with the pain in his back from hitting the hard street. "Ow.." He gasped, having the wind knocked out of him as another grown man stepped on his chest to get past him.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 04:30:54, as written by Jayx
((darnit, tried posting a minute ago and I guess it didn't process, so if I post twice in a row that's why))

"Shit." He muttered, staring at the giant roaring beast and unsheathing his sword. "of all the fucking things she could possibly find, she finds a chimera." He muttered, glancing back at the unconscious figure. The girls were doing the best they could to help her, and Kid-sensing him looking, looked up and smiled her signature smile, making an okay sign with her hand. He nodded, turning away and walking over towards where the beast was-noting that he wasn't the first to attempt to take on the creature.

The crowd-having been unfrozen-was now in a mad rush once more, as if not a single second had gone by. This made weaving through the crowd to get to the beast particularly difficult-the sword helped-and by the time he had reached it, it had already flung quite a number of people over to one side or another. He grimmaced, taking an alternative route and hopping onto one of the near by cars while the beast was distracted.
His sword raised, he leaped towards the beast, bringing his sword down harshly.
He landed sloppily, only to glance back and realize that instead of slicing off its appendage, he had merely made a slight cut in its side.
"what the-" he muttered. This Chimera didn't look any different than the others-it shouldn't be-then why-
His thoughts were interrupted by the chimera who-disgruntled by his attack, swung its tail at him, lifting him off his feet and flinging him against a wall with such a force it knocked the breath out of him momentarily. He sat there, stunned for a moment-he had never felt something so strongly before-the emotion was overwhelming, blinding all his other senses-what was happening to him? Why did he feel so weak?
Something warm trickled down his chin and he raised his hand to wipe it away. As he looked down at the source he was taken aback to see that it was blood-dark scarlet blood-coming from him.
The thought struck him almost as sharply as he had hit the wall, and he found himself momentairly stunned.
Am I....Human?

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"Shit." Charlotte had been dragged through a crowd of over-panicked 8-Bit City citizens, by a guy she didn't know, after seeing all these people frozen, with a giant shadow-monster-Chimera standing over their heads. Now this boy had left her in an alleyway to jump ontop of a burning car. Preston didn't strike her as the brightest. She was proven somewhat correct when he was thrown flat to the ground.

Now fighting with her concience if she should just leave him be, or help him, the more outgoing side of her won over. Charlotte rushed to Preston's side. She waved in his face, found it stupid, & quickly dragged him over to the brick wall, as far way from the burning car as she could. Charlotte wasn't very educated about cars, but she knew gasoline + fire = explosion.

She'd completey forgotten about her mother and the time by now, but was now wondering what in the fucking hell did "Tonkotsu" mean?! Someone had yelled it and Preston had responded.

Charlotte couldn't decide. Was this day exciting, or terrifying?

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The creature paused a moment, reevaluating his adversary who, against all reason, was still rather not dead. It apparently found this truth to be aggrivating, as it soon after let out a furious cry and charged forward, aiming to tear the offending one's head off for this madness and howling with rage when the little bastard dodged at a speed the little fleshy two-legged yummies weren't supposed to be capable of.

You can imagine what was going through the already furious chimera's mind when the insignificant little bug that side-stepped it's reaching swipe planted a fist into his face with enough force to make it stagger and roll off to the side. For a brief moment, the two stared at eachother, neither believing what just happened. Then the completely uninjured, but very pissed off abomination got back to it's feet...

...And a guy with a sword came from the sky and hit it in the side, and then was flung against a wall.

Thinking on his feet, Jack utilized his apparently superhuman strength and tore the door off a nearby pick-up truck, chucking it at the beast before it could go after the man; he knew the only reason he was still kicking was the fact that he was now mostly made of metal, and until he heard otherwise, he was willing to bet that anyone else was not. The beast, still unhurt, really didn't like being beaned on the side of the head. It turned towards the offending boy and letting out a column of fire he only mostly dodged, the organic tissues covering his left arm completely melting off and revealing the armoured appendage beneath.

Momentarily gawking at the state of his own arm, Jack's attention snapped back to the monstrocity as it used the distraction to charge forward and slam him into a lamppost, which bent from the force of the hit.

Again, to it's irritation, the kid got back up.

This was going to be a long night.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 05:01:13, as written by Astro_B0Y
The Chimera only grew more and more furious as the fighters took their attacks at it. Turning away from Jack, a forked tongue appeared from it’s mouth, and licked across it’s…for lack of a more accurate wording, mouth, to focus on the much more appetizing looking man with the blade. Jack was strong, but there was something about the fellow with the blade that drew the creature.

It stomped over to him, taking advantage of his stillness there on the ground, and just as it zeroed in, a large object exploded across the beast’s back—the door of a truck.

It doubled over, letting out another one of it’s blood curdling roars, but it didn’t seem injured…just…pissed.

Xavier could see this entire scene clear as day, the crowd was thinning now, allowing him a straight shot towards Jack, the Chimera, and the newcomer with the blade. He couldn’t find Preston or the girl, but he wouldn’t need to if that Chimera was done for, but…what could he do?

Still, Xavier ran towards the scene, hollering out at Jack as he did, a wild grin on his face.

“Sheesh man…I haven’t seen you since Junior year, and this is how you make you’re grand entrance?” He stopped just a few feet away from them, body held alert for anything.

“There’s gotta be something I can do…”

As soon as he said that, he heard a beep, from deep in his left pocket, and then a low hum, like the turning of a disc. It was his PSP.

“What?” This was hardly the time for games, but something told him to check the piece of hardware. Xavier gazed at it, eyes wide as he did, written across the screen were the words: ‘Firmware 0.00 Update Complete’.

“Random ass update…ehh?” The screen flashed bright white, and the words ‘Dimensional Dive Program: Activated’. And suddenly, erupting from his seemingly ordinary game handheld, was a tall pillar of blinding light. It subsided just as quick as it arrived, but standing in it’s place was something even more extraordinary.

Floating in front of him was a winged figure, he dressed in garb reminiscent of an orange version of Link’s tunic from Legend of Zelda, one other thing, this figure was extremely tiny fairy sized even, and painfully old school 8-Bit.

“What in the hell are you?” Xavier asked, but the little man only shook his head and turned around, pointing with one blocky finger towards the chimera.

“Talk later, we’ve gotta pummel that thing! I’ll lend you some power so just don’t die aight?!” The tiny fairy exploded into a mass of multicolored pixels, which showered all over Xavier’s person.

His eyes glowed with a fiery orange color, and to his surprise, he watched as both of his hands slowly became enveloped in two different elements, his right, a raging inferno, his left, a chilling ice. Neither one of these, oddly enough, brought him any sort of pain or discomfort.

This is more like it, heheh…!”

The First Battle

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The conversation ended there, leaving Aemyle to her humming and watching. But within the next few moments, she noticed movement in the crowd. Was that the two boys coming back with the screamer? But then she saw the chimera’s flames begin to flicker, and people begin to run by. Suddenly time had started again.

Tonkotsu!” She heard her fan’s voice shout from not too far off. The young man with the blade wasted no time in joining an unusually strong young man in the battle against the chimera a moment later. She turned to the young man who’d been with the one in glasses before.

“Remain here, and make sure these women can get the wounded one to safety.” She then smirked, “But do so quickly. According to the voice we heard earlier, I have a feeling we shall need your aide in this battle,”

Aemyle then aimed her gun at the creature and fired. The fight would be much easier now that she could see it. And she was surprised to see her fan exit the crowd and enter battle, wielding elements of fire and ice. With a smirk, she re-entered battle. She had a feeling this was going to be much easier than anticipated.

“The end is near, foul one!” Aemyle yelled as she fired off shots, slipping into song in her next phrase. “Victory shall belong to us,”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 05:10:31, as written by Jayx
Jayx opened her eyes weakly; her arms hurt and her head ached terribly. She moaned in pain, her vision very slowly clearing. Two people were leaning over her, both with expressions of concern as they continued to stare at her. However, the young girl's face split into a grin at the sign of movement.
"Well g'morning!" She said cheerily. Jayx blinked a few times, her eyes darting between the two of them.
"Am.....am I asleep?" She muttered-it was much harder to speak than she had expected. The girl shook her head, still smiling cheerily.
"Nope-a-dee-nope you look wide awake t' me!"
"You are." The woman stated in agreement.
Jayx struggled to sit up, the two others assisting her. She continued to glance at them, confused.
"Then....why're you-how?"
The girl shrugged.
"Dunno-we just kinda are. Good t' see ya!"
Jayx grinned slightly, then it turned into a confused but hopeful expression.

* * *

He was still staring at the blood on his hand when the beast was hit by the car door. However, it wasn't the sound that brought him to his senses, but the sudden feeling of weightlessness as he watched himself rapidly dissolving.
The next thing he knew he had appeared, sitting right besides Jayx, who was sitting up, looking at the two others. However, at his sudden appearance she flung her arms around him happily.
"You're here too!" She exclaimed, her weak, raspy voice a little more lively. He felt again, that odd sensation of warmth as she hugged him, and swiftly his pain began to vanish. He glanced down and saw that the blood on his hand was simply vanishing from sight and the longer she held onto him the better he felt. She too seemed to be affected because it was awhile before she let go. When she did she appeared much better than when he had left her, and the black eye she had received earlier had vanished, though she wasn't as healed as he was-in fact he felt completely better.
"Not completely human then." He muttered, to which Jayx looked at him curiously. He stood, picking up his sword, which had materialized with him, and nodded at the girl and woman who were kneeling beside her.
"Good to see you Kid, Karen. Keep an eye on her, I'll be right back." He said, turning and making his way back to the fight.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 05:22:04, as written by Toaster
Preston tried his best to even keep a steady breathing as he was dragged to the brick wall just in front of the alley. He opened his eyes to see the girl who'm he had previously forced over to the alley, looming over him, apparently she was the one who had brought him to safety. "Th-thank you.." He groaned, trying his best to sit up. "We have to get in the alley, it should be safe in there." He forced himself to his feet, and then pushed his way into the alley. 'I need to help them. There not going to be able to win alone.' He thought, hoping that the girl had followed him into the alley. Suddenly, something caught his eye. It seemed to be a trashcan, but it gave him the most bizarre idea he had ever conjured up in his life.

Without a moments hesitation, he grabbed the garbage can lid, reaching down and recovering a handful of rocks, decent sized ones at that, and he turned to run back out of the alley, feeling somewhat rejuvinated from being knocked onto the ground, and then nearly trampled.

Once back out into the action, he spotted the Chimera easily, and his intense and sudden case of self-loathing and a love for death were brought forth, althought what it really was was a hope to save the people he had come to know. "Hey you big bastard, come and get me!" He threw the handful of rocks at the Chimera, surprisingly hitting the beast, and then he began pounding his fist against the lid.

Whether the Chimera took notice of him or not, he ran toward it, doing an awkward zig-zag formation around the beast, hopefully gaining the attention of the creature, so he could lure it away from his friends.

Something hot was coming his way, he could feel it, he knew it was coming, somehow, someway. He knew. He turned and held the lid inf front of him just in time to take the full blast of heat. The power of the flame was almost instantly enough to burn through the lid, and he dropped it, rolling to the floor, miraculously dodging thr projectile, and he scurried behind another car. "Come on! Is that the best you can do?!" He hollere, picking up a random object and heaving it over the car at the Chimera, not knowing if it would have hit the target, nor did he care, he just wanted to have it's attention.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 05:38:03, as written by Astro_B0Y
The First Fight

Demetri was the last of the townspeople to regain his ability to move. His entire body felt stiff, but there was no time to stretch.

His cell was still in his left hand, frantic, he brought it eye level, a frightful gasp escaped him, the Rift-Hopper’s power level had all but engulfed the district. But that wasn’t all that frightened him, several orange blips, tiny, but slowly coming together, they were all approaching the Rift-Hopper’s energy signature, some, at least four of them, we’re already dead in the center of it.

The Gatekeeper’s mind flashed back to the cloaked individual who put him in that state of paralysis.

“He couldn’t have…he involved civilians?” He bit his lip, shoving the phone back into it’s place in his back pocket, he increased his speed ten-fold, he couldn’t warp there, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t use his speed to hurry onto the scene.

* *

Xavier watched with some excitement as two scenes, only described as amazing unfolded in front of him—the first, being Aemyle firing of some pretty to look at blue ‘energy’ rounds, and the second, Preston, in a burst of new found bravery attacking the creature, he didn’t have any powers as far as he could tell, but the kid managed to do a damn good job of distracting the beast.

The rocks Preston pelted the Chimera with simply bounced off of it, but Xavier doubted he was aiming to hurt it anyway, what he did was give them an opening, an excellent one at that.

“Nice! Let’s go, he gave us an opening, it’d be disrespectful not to take it.” Xavier, not knowing exactly ‘how’ he did it, sidestepped completely out of the creature’s line of sight, it wasn’t even a sidestep, he sort of…glided to the destination, was this thanks to the fariy’s doing? He didn’t care. He had power now, and he aimed to use it.

Stretching out his left palm forward, he watched with awe as a baseball sized orb of ice appeared millimeters away from his open hand--, with a single though ‘go’ he launched it the Chimera’s way. It exploded on contact, leaving sharp shards in the air free to fall and cut deep into it's scaly back.

Did that hurt it? All it did was wail out more.

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Charlotte was dumbfounded by how quickly Preston had gotten up & thrown himself back into the action. His idea wasn't very smart, & she thought he'd probably get killed, but the Chimera was backing away from the others fighting it and following Preston instead.

She had an odd thought, then. Why do I see these monsters as shadows, not what they really are?

There was the voice again, a burning sensation inside her that gave her something like a burst of energy.

You want to fight? You want to see them, because you need too.

Charlotte was frantically trying to block it out. She tried to go to Preston and help, but was pushed down by some unknown, invisible force. She was on her hands & knees, and barely crawled back to the safe alley before she was trampled. The voice came back.

You cannot escape it, so embrace it.

"Embrace what?" She scowled to herself.

Do you want to fight? Will you fight? It said, the voice pounding and commanding. There was no escaping this, she knew. It'll become forced, if she doesn't agree.

"I'll fight."

Good. Now you will see.

"See what?!" She tried to ask, but was interupted by a more intense burning of energy inside her. Something made her look up, and the shadowy figure turned into the Chimera, and stayed looking like that.

But Charlotte didn't stay looking like herself.

Charlotte Dales was now a tiger; strong, teeth bared, claws flexed, and running into the heat of the battle.

Was she crazy? It was a possibility.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 05:54:54, as written by Toaster
Preston was taking in deep breathes as he hid behind the car. He hoped deerly he had done his job correctly, his only goal was to stop the beast from harming his friends long enough for them to do some sort of damage to the thing. He peered up over the hood of the car. The car, luckily it wasn't on fire, was a red toyota, and it looked pretty beat up. He didn't know why he was taking so much notice into the car, but he shook his head and then looked back at the beast. It was screeching in some sort of emotion that he hoped was pain, and he watched as his allies fought fiercely for the sake of all of their lives.

Preston continued to scan the area, and he saw something that made his heart sink to the very pit of his chest. A little girl, younger then him, was standing close to the sidewalk, sobbing at the sight of the beast, even though she wasn't physically able to see the Chimera, she could certainly see the flame and chaos it was causing, and apparently she hadn't taken the initiative to run and get the hell out of the district. His first thought was to get over to where she was, and then get her to safety. He began jogging through the action, weaving left and right to avoid any random things that might have made it his way. He was nearly to the little girl when he looked over to the Chimera, and it had apparently noticed the sobbing child. It shot forth with a smaller flame, although it would easily be enough to kill the small child.

Giving his legs everything he could, he made it to the child, shoving her away from the scourge, but it felt as though it was a little late for him, because the sensation in his side gave way to a whole new world of pain. As soon as the flame hit, he was sent spiraling and careening into a brick wall, hitting the ground once more, and coughing up a small puddle of blood.

About 21 Seconds Into This Video

((Sorry for the video, but I saw the epicness of the fall and I knew I needed to put it into my post. Just imagine the green lightning being a red flame and everything will be ok. ;D))

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