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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”

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“8-Bit City, it’s a town full of dreamers, gamers, musicians, crooks, dream stealers, bastards, and maybe even a few heroes. I just want to know if you’ve got what it takes to fight for it. Don’t dissapoint.”—Demetri Maverick

Mood Music 1: Burn My Dread

------->Epic Quest<---------

A Lazer Gun ENT. Production

Press START To Begin

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>Dimensional Dive

Copyright LENT 2010

[center].::The Story::.


I hate this city…so…cheery…

What if I just mixed things up a bit?

Played a little Game?

Just an innocent, harmless little game

I picked one fine time to move to this city eh?

Out of all the times I could have moved here, I pick the one time when everything and everyone is going bat shit crazy to settle down.

Well, let me pause there. I doubt you want to hear the ramblings of someone who hasn’t even introduced themselves right?


So allow me to introduce myself, I am Demetri Maverick. A shopkeeper, I sell a variety of things, ranging from the mundane, to the supernatural. But that’s another story for another time. You’ve come to me to learn just what’s going on here in this city right? And that’s just what I will convey.

It started just about the day I moved here, December 31st, 2009. The Dimensional Equilibrium around 8-Bit started to fluctuate, meaning, in simpler terms, 8-Bit was getting ready to undergo a change.

Originally, every place in the world has it’s own Dimensional Equilibrium. Whether it be a small island, or a giant mountain like Everest. This keeps our dimension, our world, away from crossing with others like the astral dimension, which holds your ghosts and ghouls. Normally though, every so often, the Equilibrium will tend to fluctuate, which will explain your ‘ghost sightings’. You dig?

So, basically, I didn’t pay much mind to it all when 8-Bit’s started shift, it’s a normal thing, happens a lot when new people settle down in new towns and such.

Who am I to know all of this? Well…I guess you can say I’m a kind of…Gatekeeper.
I make sure the different dimensions and planes are all in order, it’s a tiring job, but someone has to do it. I don’t like talking about my work though; just the thought of it can turn troublesome.

Back to the matter at hand, remember when I said 8-Bit’s Equilibrium began to fluctuate? Well, it didn’t stop. Normally, these little instances are just that, instances. They only last for about a week at the longest. This one, kept on going, it’s March now, and the fluctuations are only getting more and more erratic.

For now…the townspeople are oblivious to the shifts. Normal people can’t perceive things foreign to their dimension, they only see the damage those things cause.

For example, the other day, I stumbled upon a T-Rex the size of a small skyscraper. I handled it no problem (Gatekeepers have dangerous jobs, as such, we’re granted abilities to match with whatever baddies we may encounter), however it’s footsteps left some pretty unsightly craters in the street.

The people of 8-Bit all see situations like this as ‘unexplained phenomena’, and they’re the talk of the town these days. For now they’re nothing but interesting little rumors, but I fear for when things escalate.

I need to get to the bottom of all of this before things get worse, today a T-Rex, tomorrow could be some death machine.

It’s all so damn troublesome…

The 8-Bit City Tourist Guide

Mood Music 2: Chemical Plant Zone

“8-Bit city, biggest city in the world, so much hustle and bustle it’s easy to get lost.”---Chase Horion, 8-Bit’s Go-To-Guy

Welcome to beautiful 8-Bit city! We thank you for choosing our streets as your vacation destination; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

8-Bit city is home to a number of eccentric and eclectic minds, we are the musical and artistic capital of the world. We have several clubs where you can go to hear some of the local talent, or studios where you can look at some of our art. You can find all of these in the industrial district of 8-Bit.

We also have a slew of interesting shops, they range from the small mom and pop, to the giant department store. You’re sure to find whatever you need if you head down to the shopping district of 8-Bit.

Not only do we have great minds in 8-Bit, we have some of the most fun individuals as well, and they’ve all worked together to bring about our most popular district, the recreational. Here, you can find arcades, if you’re into gaming, dojo’s if you like fighting, gymnasiums, and just about anything else you can think of that falls under the category of fun. You can also find our food courts and hotels in this district. Our most popular attraction as of late has been the Full Sensory X game we have in all of our arcades. Full Sensory X is ‘the next level’ of virtual gaming, immerse yourself in an entirely new world, where you are the character all movements are yours and yours alone!

For our more business-orientated individuals, take a trip to our Business District. All of the skyscrapers here are lined with hardworking men and women.

Tying all of this together is the main district, situated in the middle of circular 8-Bit. This is where you can find our smiling residents apartments, the main station of the monorail, which runs through town (above on a hovering train track, also top of the line 8-Bit tech), and our award winning educational facilities.

This brochure only gives you a brief taste of what 8-Bit has to offer, to get the whole dish, please, book your flight today! Mayor Drake and all of 8-Bit’s warm folk are waiting to meet you!

Atari High

Mood Music 3: The Returners

(( Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ROLE PLAY!! It just happens to have some highschool activity...like Persona. ))

“An institution which prides itself on promptness, excellence, and intelligence. We our the number one school in the world, and as soon as your enter our hallways, you will be certain of that.”—Principle Iori

Thank you for choosing Atari High to help further enlighten your no doubt already bright child. Here, we spare no expense on your child’s education. We have the most cutting edge technology for our educators, which are also, the top of their craft.

We have a slew of extracurriculars for the students to participate in even after the school day is done, ranging from art club and band, to our award winning sports teams. The Atari Knights teams are among some of the top ranked players in their divisions!

Classes start on April 1st this year, and will be held Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We have a no tolerance policy for truancy, and those who are caught committing such acts will be prosecuted to the max.

Freshman and Sophomores will find their homerooms on the first floor, while Juniors will find their classes on the second, and Seniors on the third. The fourth floor holds all of our extracurricular rooms as well as the stadium sized auditorium. The way our classes operate, students will stay in their assigned homeroom, while the teachers move from class to class based on what period it is.

In closing, we would like to again thank you for choosing our institution for your young mind. We know choosing a school for your child is hard, but rest assured, your child is in safe hands with Atari High.

----Principle Shu Iori

Here’s where YOU come in

Mood Music 4: Those Who Fight Further

”These few…will be the Players…I wonder…can they do it?”—Unknown

The erratic movements of the rift have caused strange changes within the city of 8-Bit.It looks like slowly but surely, a small group of people within 8-Bit are gaining awareness of the ‘unexplained phenomena’s causes. Not only that, but they’re also gaining Gatekeeper-like abilities, but with an serious change; the way their moves grow and evolve are similar to a video game. The only way they can increase the power of their skills is to ‘level up’. These individuals level up by gaining experience points, I guess through battle?

I’ve even gained possession of a few items which ‘power-up’ my own abilities, my guess is their also a result of the Equilibrium’s situation and do the same for the individuals who have gained these abilities.

Regardless, I can’t let these people divulge these abilities that they’ve gained, if they did that, they could seriously screw up the nature of this world.

Character Template

Age: ((within high school boundaries, unless you want to be an adult, that’s cool…you just wouldn’t be in school with the others…unless you failed…then…ouch))
Grade: ((self explanatory, if you’re not in school, ignore it))
Ability: ((Don’t go overboard, you are only level one right now after all. BTW you don’t have to be awakened to your power yet, for example, my own character Xavier hasn’t been awakened to his power yet, however, he can still see the creatures and things that have slipped through the dimensional gate))
Personality: ((You don’t have to do a lot here, I understand it’s easier to act out your personality in-game, rather than write about it))
History: ((AT LEAST a paragraph))
Other: ((Likes? Dislikes? Themes? Put em here. If you got a theme, maybe add an 8-Bit sounding one too?))

(For Quick Copy & Paste Jobs)


The Heroes

”You’ve got the tools, the techniques, let’s see if you can shine.”—Demetri Maverick

Xavier Wallace (Senior) – Astro_B0Y

Preston Amada (Freshman) - Tobinator

Daniel Anderson (Senior) - Chris45

Rio Green (Junior) - Rio Green

Charlotte Dales (Junior)- N!GHTMARE TRA!N

Nym Valentine (Freshman) - Valor

Grace L. (adult) - The Adversary

Jayx (senior) - Jayx

John 'Jack' Kernow (senior) - Buddywazzizname

Yun-Qi "Benjamin" Liou (adult) - Tæfarós

Kahn Izhvale - *Darth-Kryon* (abandoned)

Lilli Hedervary (Freshman) - Fruity Loops of Pain

Aeymle Eolis (Junior) - EikouNekoChan

Joel Mitori (senior) - Nemeth09

Naydelle Pierson (senior) - CelticCat1293

Michale Storm (teacher) - TheMindStorm

Don Scharf (senior) - donanater


The Rules

"Remember kids, you can't spell 'Fun' without a U, and you know what word has a U? Rules! I also spell detention with a U, it's silent. Hint, Hint."---Principle Shu Iori

1. THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ROLEPLAY!! This is more a disclaimer than anything.

2. Standard RP rules apply, you don't need me to tell you that though right?

3. Keep it funky, respect everyone, post regularly.

4. Aliens are cool. Mythical creatures are cool. The can be in this RP. Seeing how there's a whole dimensional rift going on, anything's possible, they can even go to school with us. Just make sure they're not gods.

5. Leveling up and the flow of the day are controlled by me, I'll periodically post what time it is somewhere in my posts.

6. Post "CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right" somwehere in you're profile so I know you read everything.

7. Romance is cool. Sexy time is cool. In RP's romance is cool. Sexy time isn't. Feel me?

8. Congrats, you made it to the end! NOW POST!

9. !NOTE! No more Seniors! The RP is flooded with them, may I suggest Juniors? Or even Sophomores? There's 0 of those...

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Characterization: Proficient Plot: Advanced Depth: Advanced Style: Advanced Mechanics: Advanced Overall: Advanced
Din wrote:Overall I'm a fan of the plot, which was put together so creatively. Real clever with the thumbnail, also.

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Character Portrait: Demetri Maverick A Gatekeeper, travels the world to make sure the Dimensions are in check.
Character Portrait: Daniel Anderson "Get off my back Pizza with Fried rice wont kill me!"
Character Portrait: Rio Green
Rio Green played by Rio Green
Acyolyte of Thunder
Character Portrait: Charlotte Dales "I'm a dreamer, so I'm an artist."
Character Portrait: Nym Valentine
Nym Valentine played by Valor
A girl who needs to grow out of her shy habits.
Character Portrait: Jayx
Jayx played by Jayx
"In my head, 9 outta 10 voices are telling me to kill you-the other one's singing the tetris melody..."
Character Portrait: Lilli Hedervary 'Yeah, I'm small. Yeah, I look like the quiet type, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your a- I mean butt...haha...
Character Portrait: Aeymle Eolis 'Please don't stop the music!';An extraterrestrial girl with a passion for music
Character Portrait: Joel Mitori
Joel Mitori played by Nemmy826
"Death is just a pause in the cycle....they will serve me once again" A rather gifted senior who knows a little too much necromancy
Character Portrait: Don Scharf
Don Scharf played by donanater
The man who xeroxes your soul.
Character Portrait: Michale Storm just another teacher but this one is no push over
Character Portrait: Neccar Yakubovich A very kind but evil looking character, he does not attack, fight, or scare you.
Character Portrait: Amelie Slenn Good artists copy. Great artists steal.
Character Portrait: Tyler Corrigan "Spectres. Tell me: Have you ever seen a spectre? No? Because they don't exist"

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 06:22:30, as written by Jayx
WHAT THE HELL!? He thought angrily as he took another few slashes at the beast. He had little to show for his work and found himself narrowly missing a jet of flames on numerous occasions. He briefly wondered what would happen to him if he were to "die"? Would he simply return to Jayx again or would he vanish completely?
Damn Bastard with his "do you want to fight?" crap-forgot to mention he'd be making me as good as a fucking human in the process!!
He charged once more at the beast, only to get slugged by one of its massive clawed fists.
He found himself almost immediately transferred back in front of Jayx, who he glared at somewhat reproachfully. She was now standing, the other two still at either side of her, holding her hands. She looked much better now, though her cuts hadn't completely healed. He noted that you could see the fight fairly well from this distance, and realized she must have been watching him as he got pummeled by that beast.
"It's no use-it seems a lot stronger than-"
"no, it's not stronger, I'm weaker." He interrupted, anticipating her sentence before she had fully spoken it aloud. He glanced over at the beast, glaring at it reproachfully. Jayx looked distressed.
"But how's that possible? You've never had trouble with them before-"
"Yeah, well, this isn't quite like those other times is it?"
She shook her head. "I suppose not. Why do you think that is?"
"How the hell should I know? More importantly-I'd like to know what the hell a chimera's doing here!" he spat angrily. Jayx frowned, thoughtfully.
"It is a bit unusual...what will you do?"
"Keep fighting-'the hell else am I supposed to do?"
"Can I help?"
"No." He stated sharply. "You stay here where you're safe-or, well, moderately safe at least-Kid and Karen will look after you won't you?" He said, glancing at the two of them. They nodded in unison.
"Sir Yes Sir!" Kid said, standing straight and saluting at him. He nodded.
"Good. Not exactly a favorable situation-but at least He's not here." He muttered wearily.
"Who? Br-" He covered Jayx's mouth before she was capable of speaking the name.
"Elephants." He said sharply, causing her to tilt her head, confused. He kept his hand clamped on her mouth. "Please, do me a favor and focus all your energy on thinking about elephants-don't let yourself get distract-shit-just-think of elephants, or talk to Kid or Karen-we don't want any more of your Friends popping up-not now."
Jayx nodded, still looking confused. Kid saluted again.
"Leave it to me! 'course, I think Odd'd do a better job at-"
"NO!" He growled angrily, Karen immediately bent down a little so that she was at Jayx's height and began talking to her quietly, Jayx seemed distracted enough and now that His hand was removed she was able to reply. He took advantage of her distraction to pull Kid aside, muttering to her sharply. "I already told you, we don't need any more Friends popping up and I'd almost rather have Julia showing up than either of those two."
Kid's face lit up at the name.
"Oh! We should invite Julia! She'd make Jayx happy!-"
"NO! Listen to me! NO FRIENDS! Got it? You and Karen are fine, but NO OTHERS, that's an order Kid. Do everything in your power to keep her mind off them and on something more harmless. alright?"
Kid nodded, looking a little hurt. However, she bounced back tremendously quickly.
"Aye, aye, Sir! You can count on me!"
"Good. Now get back over there."
"What're you gonna do?" She asked curiously, tilting her head just as Jayx had. His attention was already on the chimera once more and he continued to stare at it while speaking to her.
"I'm not sure yet-but clearly what we're all doing now isn't working."
"Okies, well g'luck!" Kid said, unfazed, happily skipping back over to Jayx. He glanced back at them momentairly before starting forward yet again.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 06:23:07, as written by Astro_B0Y
Xavier’s heart sank as he saw Preston get attacked, maybe it was impulsive, maybe it was reckless, but he couldn’t stand there and just let him lie there—the kid had grown on him.

“Shit, Preston!” But just as he broke away from behind the beast to run to his new friend’s aid, the beast turned back around to him with a frightening speed, it’s tail snapped around from it’s backside, and smacked across Xavier’s side, sending him flying to the side and into the crowd, skidding for a long distance.

It all went from good, to bad in a freighting few seconds.

From the concrete, Xavier was amazed at how many people simply stepped over him, or on him for that matter, without so much as an ‘excuse me’. In times of crisis however, people typically looked out for number one—if Xavier had been like them…maybe he would have done the same thing.

“Augh!” He managed to pull himself to his knees, but a staggering amount of pain shot through his side, but it was nothing like what Preston was feeling, he imagined.

From somewhere behind him, he heard the roar of…a tiger? Whatever new creature was coming to their aid, he had his doubts that it could stop this tank.

“We gotta go…we gotta run…we—“

In a blur of gray, black, and brown, a new challenger appeared.

The Gatekeeper

Xavier didn’t know what it was, but there was something about this guy that was different, his air was reminiscent of the shrouded man from earlier, but a lot less frightening.

For some reason, seeing this man appear, even obstructed by the moving crowd, brought Xavier a sense of relief.

“This is going to be one hell of a clean up job,” The tall, lanky man shrugged and shook his head, he seemed way to relax to be like them. Could it be that he fought things like this before?

The Chimera lashed out at him instantly, casting down one of it’s giant fists his way, but it was blocked by the man, in an amazing display.

An aloof smirk appeared on his face as he stretched out his free hand to the side, he still held the fist of the beast at bay, with only a palm.

Around his free arm, a dazzling purple light spiraled up and down, coming to a stop at the center of his palm. It all gathered there, creating a large, basketball sized sphere of light.

"Do you know how much paperwork you've thrown on my desk?" He scolded the chimera.

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Jack froze as the kid who'd been chucking rocks at the monster was slammed into wall, his sensory equipment doing an active scan to make sure he was still alright (all the while forgetting to ask just how he knew how to). He was breathing, thankfully, but he was still a mess...

'Jack! The chimera!' the female voice of his operating system screamed the warning into his brain the beast in question made a bee-line for the fallen boy after it had thrown Xavier back into the crowd with it's tail.

"Oh, hell no you don't!" the cyborg roared as he took off on towards the behemoth as fast as his legs would carry him and slammed his shoulder into it as hard as he could possibly could, causing it to crash onto it's side and roll into a recovery, still unharmed.

Warning screens began to appear on his HUD as it became apparent that the constant damage and wear his body had taken in this fight was beginning to take it's toll. His organic tissues had steadily been slowing down their regeneration rate and had now stopped completely to conserve energy, leaving the armour plating beneath his skin visible in some places (especially his arm, which still remained burned down to the bare-metal) while his servos and gears groaned wearily from the strain of having been running at peak capacity for such an extended period of time.

Straining to get to his feet, he was helpless to stop the abomination as it suddenly went on a mad charge towards some other man stepping out from the mob. The boy cringed and shut his eyes, knowing what was coming.

...Hearing an absense of a certain wet 'crunch', he opened them again. And couldn't stop his jaw from dropping.

After all their effort just to try and bruise the damn thing, this guy just comes along and stops it in it's tracks... with his bare hand.

Not that he was complaining, mind you.

With the monster suitably distracted, Jack trudged over to the boy who'd saved the girl's life, hoping that the combination of his knowledge of first-aid and the sensory devices in his eyes could be put to use at least easing the kid's pain.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 06:35:04, as written by Jayx
He froze at the sight of the beasts new opponent.
No... he thought, rushing forward. What the hell is he doing here!?

He brushed passed the people, this time rage flaring through him as he moved forward. He stopped near by the boy he recognized as Xavier, also watching the new fighter's heroic display.
That cocky bastard. he thought angrily, his fist clenched around his sword.

"MAVERICK!!!" He yelled enraged, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?"

* * *

Simultaneously Jayx was able to hear His thoughts, and her eyes darted to the newcomer hopefully. At the sight of him Jayx began to beam.

Alright, we're okay now.she thought happily. She couldn't help but laugh as she heard His' outburst, and despite Kid and Karen's protests, she began making her way through the crowd and towards the monster, Him, and the newcomer. Once she had gotten closer to Him, she noticed Xavier not to far off and changed direction, rushing up to him and bending over slightly so as to get more in his sight level.
"Hi-you okay?" She asked, smiling in spite of herself. Relief had swept over her. We're okay-we have to be. she thought confidently, holding out a hand in assistance.

She was mildly aware of the sound of growling-a sound that wasn't emitting from the Chimera. Are there more of them? she wondered, mildly, having already re-obtained her calm demeanor.

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Charlotte the tiger had lashed out and leaped for the most obvious place- the neck vein. She didn't know how this thing could be defeated, but if this was real, not a dream, the juglar beeding out just might stop the Chimera.


Her claws and teeth sunk into it, the beast roared in either pain or aggrevation, & tried to shake her off. It took a few tries, but eventually she was unlodged and tossed aside like a piece of unwanted meat. She rolled over and saw him, as her vision swam back into focus. Luckily, Charlotte landed only a few yards aay from where Preston was, though after the impact of hitting the ground she instantly turned back into a human girl. Now she felt the pain and bruises.

She got to her feet, holding her side where she fell and quickly got to Preston. Charlotte hadn't seen what happened, but he looked like he had some nasty burn marks.

Damn Fire-breathing bastard.

"Preston? Open your eyes. Hey! Look over here!" All she really knew how to do was keep him concious.

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“J-Jayx? Sheesh…you’re here too?” He spoke between heavy breaths, he didn’t feel like anything was broken, but it sure hurt like hell. “Don’t worry about me…” Xavier grabbed her hand, nodding in thanks. “You look a bit roughed up…you didn’t get hit did you?” He frowned, thinking about Preston.

Moments in front of them, The dread locked man was ready to let the blast go, that was, until a plain pissed off, Queen’s English speaking individual hollered out at him.


The one addressed as Maverick turned his head slightly to the owner of the voice, a sour look on his face.

“My job, just what the hell are you doing? Shouldn't you be protecting Jayx…?” Demetri tilted his head back towards Jayx and Xavier, part of him was shocked at seeing Him in this form, however, Demetri couldn’t let himself give Him the satisfaction of something like that.

“You let a mighty fine mess happen, eh?” Slowly, he aimed his free hand at the ‘torso’ of the beast, and, with nothing so much as a blink of the eye, fired off the basketball sized amount of purple energy. “You caused me so much damn trouble, normally I’d just erase you, but I’ve got something different in mind for you.” His words were aimed at the beast.

The Chimera didn’t stand a chance.

Its entire body was engulfed in the light, and, it let out it’s final pained wail.

“No way…” Xavier shut his eyes tight, the light was blinding for someone so close to it all.

“Did he get it?” Moments after the light subsided, and everything in the district went quiet…Xavier opened his eyes.

The unnaturally thick crowd was gone, the cops, debris, scorched concrete, gone.

All that remained in the large street was them.

“Wow, that worked out a lot better than I thought.” Demetri grinned goofily, strolling over to where the terror once made its last stand.

Xavier though his eyes were playing tricks on him…but in his hands, held from it’s scaly tail, was an almost cute looking creature.

Demetri grimaced, “You’re a lot…smaller than I imagined, this must have been you’re base form huh.” It vaguely resembled the fearsome beast they all tried so hard to defeat before, but it was much smaller…and furrier. It looked a lot like a dark blue monkey with a snake for a tail.

“He…shrunk it?”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 07:06:36, as written by Jayx
Jayx smiled back at Xavier briefly, shaking her head in assurance that she was fine, then ran over to Demetri without a second thought. She halted at the sight of the little creature in his hands and beamed happily. Not long after she had reached Demetri, Kid popped up again, right beside her, leaning over to stare at the adorable little beast.
"He's so cute!!! Are ya gonna keep him? Can I keep him? Let's name him Moe!"
Jayx was still smiling at Demetri.
"Hiya Demi! What brings you here?"

He glowered at the scene, following behind Jayx loyally but begrudgingly, his arms folded.
"'The Hell did you do Maverick?" He repeated, now staring at the creature in disgust. "You couldn't have just killed it-you had to make it pocket sized?"
"FUN SIZED MOE!!!" Kid exclaimed happily.
"It's not fun sized it's a nuisance. And impractical at that. What could you possibly do with that? Sure-it's easier to kill now-"
"NO!!!" Jayx and Kid protested in unison. He sighed, ignoring their outburst and sheathing his sword-a load of help it'd done him.
"Or Zarathustra!!! Yeah! Let's name him that!" Kid exclaimed, bouncing back quickly. "Though I really like Moe..."
"You're not going to name him." He said firmly, "that'll only cause you to grow attached." He turned to Jayx, "Control her, will you?" Jayx frowned-so did Kid, who turned and marched right up to Him, glaring up at him (he was a good 2 feet taller than her).
"Hey Mister-I'm right here-same as you! If ya got somethin t' say, say it!"
He opened his mouth, at a bit of a loss for words-however, the little mini chimera took that opportune time to emit a tiny, squeaky roar that sounded like a chew toy being stepped on. Kid squealed, her attention immediately brought back to her new best friend.

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More and more people joined the battle, but not without injury. The unusually strong young man seemed to be able to take much more damage than the average human, and the poor young blonde man from earlier (who she figured was ‘Preston’ from her fan’s yell afterward) was severely injured trying to rescue a young girl.

Shortly afterwards, though, a new warrior joined them. He brushed the beast’s attack away as if it were a fly to bother him. Afterwards, he began to gather violet energy, nonchalantly muttering something about paperwork.


“My job, just what the hell are you doing? Shouldn't you be protecting Jayx…?” He brushed off the yell as if it were nothing and continued on about how much trouble the chimera had caused. He shot the energy ball off, and in a flash of light there seemed to be no one in the area but them. Even the damage caused by the chimera had been repaired.

“Wow, that worked out a lot better than I thought.” The man grinned a bit, picking something up from where the chimera had once been. Aemyle got closer, as did some of the others. In his hand was a rather small blue moneky with a lizard tail that the young pink-clad girl seemed fond of.

The young girl referred to as ‘Jayx’ called the man ‘Demi’; the man with the sword called him ‘Maverick’. She for one wondered who this man was that he could do away with the chimera so easily. He seemed like he knew what was going on, and perhaps, with prodding, he could explain to them this whole ordeal.

“Excuse me. I do not mean to be rude, but you seem to know what’s going on. Would you care to enlighten us?”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 07:38:19, as written by Astro_B0Y
After the Bout

Demetri had a tired expression on his face as the others ran towards him, Moe, as Kid dubbed him, wasn't looking to happy either, the once fearsome creature turned house pet had it's furry little arms crossed and a frown on it's blue face.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not even here!" He hollered, to the surprise of even Demetri himself. Though that look quickly faded, and he tossed the mini-chimera His way.

"I don't care what you guy name em'. Even though...he kind of looks like a Lenny to me..." Demetri grinned, "But Moe's good too." He nodded at Kid, then turned his attention to Jayx. "You shouldn't have even came here Jayx but what can you do..." He patted her on the head grinning, despite the circumstances, it was good to see her again.

"Everything should more or less be normal now, the townspeople won't remember a thing. This got way too out of hand..." Demetri took a glance at all of them now, they all look rather beat down.

"Despite the odds...you all did well." Demetri scratched his goatee, smiling satisfied, but he cast a sharp gaze down at Moe.

"You've got one hell of a report to file for me later. I don't know what made you---"

"I didn't even KNOW what was going on! All of a sudden, some dread locked bastard is holding me by the tail!" Moe leaped into the air, forgetting that he had no wings in this form, and that his surprise attack would be nothing but a surprise fail.

"You just be quiet!" Demetri delivered a swift kick to the bit sized beast, sending him skidding to the ground, and seeing stars.

“Excuse me. I do not mean to be rude, but you seem to know what’s going on. Would you care to enlighten us?"

"Ah?" Demetri looked behind him to see one of the fighters, something about her struck him as odd, but he didn't have the energy to pursue it tonight.

"It's a long story..." He rubbed his neck and sighed, "I'd rather not get into it here, hell, I'd rather not involve any of you....but it's too late for that. I'll tell you what. I own a shop in this district, find me tomorrow afternoon, and I'll explain everything...deal?" Demetri not only asked this to the green haired girl, but to everyone, except for Him of course.

Xavier slowly walked over to them, managing to break free from his limp finally. Just knowing it was all over helped dull the pain.

"Hell...that's fine with me...I'm dog tired..." Xavier mumbled, coming up next to Aeymle, he couldn't help but blush.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 07:53:31, as written by Jayx
"Ah no you don't!" He growled angrily, "Don't expect to feed us some shit about it being a "long story" then expect to bolt! You're not getting away that easily!" He spat loathingly.
Kid was still distracted by the mini-chimera, who could not be less interested in her, and Jayx was still far more interested in Demi.
"You never told me you had a shop here! 'course, I didn't even know you went here." Then, a thought ocured to her and she turned to Kid. "Where's Karen?"

As soon as the words popped out of her mouth Karen appeared before her, smiling cheerily and waving. Her eyes caught Demetri and she beamed.
"Demetri! Well, nice to see you-didn't expect you to be coming around here-of course, all of this was a bit unpredictable." She said happily, carrying a motherly tone that she seemed to address everyone with and laughing-a small, modest laugh. She then turned to face Kid and Jayx.
"Well, I suppose our work is done for now, come on sweetie, we'd better be going." She said, addressing Kid.
"Aww." Kid frowned, wrinkling her nose in protest. However, she bounced back quickly, as she seemed to have a habit of doing and stood, smiling once more and hugging Jayx.
"See ya later!" she said happily and disappeared.

Karen then turned to Him.
"I suppose you're going to stay here then? Well behave yourself, Demetri's been awfully kind to have assisted us in such a time of need."
"ASSISTED US!? Like hell he did! I bet he brought the fucking beast!"
"Language!" Karen warned. She then turned back to Jayx, smiling warmly and patting her on the cheek.
"Goodbye sweetie-if you need our help again just holler." and with that she also vanished.

Jayx smiled wistfully at their disappearance. She felt a bit melancholy that they were gone again, yet more complete now that they had returned.

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((I'm gonna try and wrap the day up as neatly, and quickly as possible here, check the new OOC thread for a recap/summary.))

"You better listen to Karen. She's smart you know, " Demetri teased Him, spinning around on his heel to get a good look of everyone.

"Like I said, tomorrow, just swing by my place. You can't miss it, and I'll explain everything...you," Xavier gulped as Demetri's golden gaze fell on him alone.

"Y-yeah?" He struggled to hide his nerves.

"You've got a car right? I'm going to need you to give Jayx, and anyone else who needs one, a ride home." The man didn't ask, so much as he did order Xavier to take everyone home.

"Fine...fine...the monorails are probably stopped huh?" He nodded, realizing how much sense that made, of course, Daniel wouldn't need a ride, he had a hog, but Preston was a definite.

"Right, good choice." Demetri grinned, turning to make his exit, however, not without patting Jayx on the back gently, "Take care of Him alright? And Moe. He's a hot head." The Chimera muttered something under his breath, but Demetri didn't make much of an effort to listen to it.

"We're all headed to the same place anyway. Come on guys," Xavier let out a loud yawn, this was the longest day of his life.

"Aww shit, we got school tomorrow...doesn't that beat all?"


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The smell of burnt breakfast was what woke him up, but the sound of the blaring alarm clock was what kept him from falling back asleep.

Xavier’s muscles were on fire, whatever part of him that thought last night was just a dream was instantly convinced, as a feat so simple as pulling oneself out of bed became a tiring chore.

“Sheesh…” He winced, slapping his face, the young man tried to gather his bearings. Dryly, Xavier took a look at the alarm clock on the wooden stand beside his bed—6:25.
He was running late, which was more or less expected, after all, after dropping everyone off, he didn’t get home until close to 1 AM.

Using his headboard as support, Xavier gingerly brought himself to his feet, the burnt breakfast his little sister no doubt was preparing, was tempting, it really was, but he needed a shower. Last night’s affairs left him smelling foul, and he figured some warm water would do his aching muscles some good. Before he limped out of his room however, he glanced at his PSP, scattered among his TV stand with other discs and arcade tokens—was that ‘fairy’ from last night still in there?

“Dimensional Dive…” He whispered the words to his self, it was all a hard pill to swallow. Regardless, no matter how much he thought of it on his own, there were several other perspectives he had to gather—thankfully, most of those perspectives would be at school today. Lunch was at twelve today for all students, he’d gather them there to go over just what happened.

“Ugh…” He grabbed his glasses, which rested just beside his PSP, and left out of the room, just thinking about it made his side hurt.


The shower did him good, but he couldn’t stay in as long as he wanted. Ten minutes was all he could spare. Now dressed, in a ‘vintage’ light green LoZ tee, complete with the golden decal of the Tri-Force on his chest, light blue jeans, a white belt, and a darker green pair of converses, he headed to the kitchen to grab some burnt toast.

His younger siblings had already left for school by the time he emerged, his sister, the oldest out of the two (she was 10), left a note on the fridge that read: ‘Try not to fall asleep today’. Xavier couldn’t help but smile at that one as he pulled the blue sticky note off of the chrome box and stuffed it in his back pocket.

“Yep…pretty burnt.” He laughed and grabbed a single piece of black bread from the plate on the table beside him, and stormed out of the house, not even bothering to lock the door behind him, he never heard of anyone getting robbed in this area anyway.

An elevator ride later, and a brisk jog through a swanky lobby, the no doubt tardy young man was greeted by an extremely sunny day. It was as if last night’s ordeal never happened. The sun was high and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. A gentle breeze brushed against his face and rustled the trees about; even the lake looked more beautiful, twinkling from the intense sun up above.

Xavier brought his left wrist into eye view, his digital watch, this time green, read 6:45. Yep, he was going to be late, his apartment complex was on the outer most ring of the residential island, which meant he had a bit of a drive to make.

“Augh, I gotta go!” He hollered, darting for his car which was in the parking lot a few blocks away.

April 1st, 2010

Verse Two: Dimensional Dive

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Setting: Atari High2010-08-19 19:25:01, as written by Toaster
Preston was driven to school early that morning by his mother. It was nearly 6:30 A.M when they were parked in the front parking lot. Preston was barely able to keep himself awake as he hoisted himself out of the passenger seat, and opening the back door to get his backpack, full of all the equiptment he would be needing. He leaned in the front passenger seat window, and smiled to his mom. "Thanks for the ride mom. Don't worry about picking me up though, I'm going to sign up for track and then I will probably walk home. I could use the work out." His mother nodded her head in reply, wishing him good luck on his first day as she drove off.

At that moment Preston thought of last night. Despite the large red markings on his chest and side from the flames, he could have said last night never even happened. It was amazing how he was able to play it off with his mother as to why he was out so late, he had told her he was trying to make new friends for his big day today. She fell for it hook line and sinker, and he was free to go to bed. He had barely gotten any sleep, what with the pain and everything that had happened, but he still felt wide awake as he stared at the big school. Being unconcious for most of the previous night, he didn't know there was a plan to meet with their savior after school today, so he had planned on signing up for track.

He wore a blue hoodie, much similar to his yellow one, and a pair of sark blue jeans, with a lighter spot in the knees, and a pair of black Nikes to go with the outfit. He shrugged his backpack on so it felt more comfortable, and marched into the school.

He was amazed to see the amount of people that were there already. School didn't start until 7:00, so he wondered what they could all be doing here. He made his way through the crowd, easily avoiding people compared to last night. He took a small piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it, noticing that his homeroom was one of the first on the first floor, given his last name and the alhabatized order of classrooms.

He entered his classroom a half an hour early, looking down at the paper to see the first class he had was going to be Earth Science, and that didn't bother him much. He was greeted by a cheery looking plump man, about in his mid-30's. "Good morning. My name is Preston, Preston Amada." The teacher chuckled, and then stood to shake his hand. 'An early bird, I like you already Preston. Your seat is going to be in the third row, fourth seat. There should be a sticker with your name on it. I'm Mr.Pullock, by the way. I expect great things for you, Amada.'

Preston rolled his eyes as he made his way to his seat, teachers were already calling him by his last name. He plopped his backpack down on his seat, and unzipped the big pocket, pulling out a big yellow binder that he had scribbled, 'Science' across the front of, and then he put his bag in the basket on the underside of his chair. Unzipping his hoodie, he looked as a couple more students entered, both girls, and they began talking to Mr. Pullock, not even noticing Preston. He had taken off his hoodie, revealing a yellow undershirt with the words, 'Never Lose Hope' written in red across the chest, and sat down after hanging his hoodie on the chair, and wincing in pain as his side burned when he sat.

After a moment he looked back up to the white board, the words, 'Welcome Back Students' platered in big shiny markers had invaded the blankness of it, and Preston stifled a laughter.

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Lilli…Lilli wake up…”
Lilli felt a warm hand on her shoulder as it tried to shake her awake. She buried her face further in her pillow and squeezed her eyes shut. What was her mother doing here…?

“Lilli,” said Lilli’s mother, sharply. “Did you forget that you have school today?”

“No,” the girl mumbled into her pillow “What are you doing here?”

Lilli slowly threw the covers of her bed away to the other side and sat up to look at her mother. The older woman scowled at her daughter’s question.

“What, so I come home from work to see my daughter and I’m treated as if I’m some random guest?”

‘Here we go again,’ thought Lilli.

Her mother was standing by the door of the bedroom now but she was still going on and on about this topic…as if Lilli was listening.

“Mind you, I’m the one who pays the bills around here. Me and your father live here. Both your father and I work our butts off every day to take care of you.”

Lilli sighed and walked to her closet to get her clothes for school while her mother continued talking. Lilli picked up pretty much the same thing she wore last night. A brown blouse and black stockings. Hey wait…last night?

She stopped for a second. Last night was pretty rough wasn’t it? She had gone down to the Shopping District to find dinner, but she hadn’t expected all of last night’s events to happen. Like, time stopping, her seeing that…Chimera-thing, or seeing the small group of people last night fight the Chimera using unexplainable powers such as her own. She would have to confront them next time she saw them…just to confirm everything…

Lilli took her clothes and went to her bathroom to bathe and change. She walked in the bathroom and closed the door. Her mother was still talking. Why was she still talking?

“We are your parents. We give you shelter, clothe you, and feed you. You should treat us with more respect. Ever since about a year ago, you’ve changed so much and I don’t even know why.”

Lilli sighed again. Every parent was the same. You say one little thing and they just totally flip it around into something supersized; like it was the biggest problem in the world. Lilli opened the bathroom door and looked at her mother.

“Hey mom…you need to go shopping. There’s no food in here.”

“What do you mean? I went shopping just this morning and picked up a bunch of groceries.” The adult looked at her daughter. “You know…for a child you eat more than you should. Anyway, I have to go to work now. Your father’s probably complaining about my absence. Have a good day.”

Her mother was just about to leave when she stopped and looked back at her. “Oh and…please try not to get sent to the principal’s office on your first day…OK?”

With that, the woman left the room. Lilli closed the door and tried to hurry up take a shower and change so she wouldn’t be late for school. She thought about what her mother said.

‘I thought the District was seriously damaged from last night.’

Lilli dismissed those thoughts from her head-saving them for later-and continued to get ready. She finished changing, as well as finished all of her other morning duties, and made her way out of the room towards the kitchen. Her mother wasn’t lying. The whole kitchen was restocked. And her mother had even remembered to put the cereal box on the counter as well!

She quickly made herself a bowl and finished eating it in record time. She looked at the clock that was located on top of the stove. It read, 6:45. Making sure everything else was done and ready, she headed towards the door, put on her shoes as well as grabbed her backpack, and walked out the door, not forgetting to lock it behind her.

Atari high was in walking distance from Lilli’s house and it was, thankfully, always in sight. She made her way down the steps and started walking the path to school. It didn’t take her too long, only about ten minutes, and when she arrived, she walked inside and located her class. It was Science.

She walked in and greeted the teacher.

“Hi…I’m Lilli Hedervary,” she told the teacher…whose name was Mr. Pullock. “Nice to meet you.”

She was unsure of what to do next, so she turned towards the class and picked a random seat. She looked around to study her surroundings and her eyes caught sight of a student who was seated two desks away from her. He looked familiar…

“Hey wait,” Lilli said, surprised. “You’re that kid from last night!”

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((Here's Nym!))
Even as the creature closed in on her, Nym could not bring herself to move. Wide-eyed, she watched as the flames turned on her. Any moment now she would feel the impact of whatever had sent the officers flying, she knew it. Flinching she waited for this impact, only it did not come. The flames had turned for a girl with teal hair and a strange gun that fired blue glowing rounds.

She watched to see what would happen next, but that was the thing. Nothing happened. It was as if time froze. She looked around in a rather flustered manner to find that others had been exempted from this time-stop as well.

Will you fight?


No, the chick over there- Of course, you! I don’t make mistakes. Will you fight?

“No! No!” Not only was she freaked out by a random voice in her head, but she was scared out of her mind that it would ask her to fight whatever had been causing all of this chaos.

Are you sure? The voice asked her incredulously.

“Go away!” She commanded.

Alright. See you later. And the next thing she knew, time was moving again. It was as if the time skip hadn’t happened. She took this opportunity to flee the area, not wanting to give herself time to freeze up again.


Something nagged at Nym as she lay in the dark, trying to sleep. Why had she been asked to fight? She had no special abilities that would help in combat. Asking little-old-her was odd, and obviously not a good decision. Her thoughts continued as she drifted off to sleep.

Next thing she knew, she was back in the chaos of earlier that night. Only, now, no one was running. She recognized those that remained as the people who’d been moving in the time stop earlier. Only, now, they fought against the shadow of the creature with strange powers. One changed into a tiger, another seemed to command fire and ice, while still another fought with a sword, and the girl who’d rescued her before still fired away with her gun.

Will you fight?

“I already told you no,”

I’m giving you a second chance to accept before I go ahead with it anyways. It’s just easier if you say yes.

“I can’t fight like these people! What do you want from me?”

Just watch…

As if on cue, she saw the man with the sword slung into a wall, causing her to gasp. Then, a young man about her age dove as if to protect someone from the shadow, and was hit by the flames and knocked unconscious.

“Shit, Preston!” The guy fighting with fire and ice made for this ‘Preston’, and got knocked back by the shadow.

“Stop it!” She’d had enough of seeing these people get hurt.

I don’t control the shadow The voice feigned innocence.

Suddenly she was sucked into the battle; the shadow turned on her, eliciting a shriek from her. She ducked and covered her head with her hands. Impact never came, just like earlier. Only, this time, the tiger had leapt in front of her, to be grabbed by whatever claw this creature had. A moment later it was sent flying into a wall. The girl with the gun kept shooting at it, but was swatted away by the creature. It looked like these people would die if they kept fighting.

“Stop it! Don’t make them do this!”

If it would end it, would you fight?

“Yes! Yes! Just don’t let them die,” She curled back into her ducked position, tears forming in her eyes.

Good girl

A sudden jolt of life shot her awake. Still shaking, she checked her alarm clock. 5:46 She woke up early. There was no way she was going to get back to sleep, even if she wanted to. That dream was eerie, and the burst of energy seemed to be rushing through her like a pure sugar rush, minus the silly effects. Pushing herself out of bed, she figured she might as well get ready for school.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 21:27:41, as written by Toaster
Preston sat in the near back of the classroom, watching the two grils converse with the teacher for nearly twenty minutes, more and more people occasionally flooding in, the same dumb look plastered across their faces, wondering how today was going to be treating them, each taking their seat in various locations of the room. He heard conversations of video games, sports, girls, anything seemed possible in a public school. He noticed the teacher point to him while he was talking to the two girls, and apparently, the one who broke out giggling, was the one who was going to be sitting in the empty seat to his right.

'Hey wait, your that kid from last night!' The voice made him jump a little, looking over to the girl who had taken her perch a couple of seats away from him. Keeping silent, he flashed her a smile. "Yeah, I suppose I am." He didn't really remember seeing her around, but if she was talking about what he thought she was talking about, then for sure, she must have been there last night. He folded his arms across his chest and yawned, letting out a small grown of pain for taking in such a deep breath. "I'm Preston, and it's nice to meet you under better circumstances."

He continued to look at her, tilting his head to one side, and realising she was actually pretty cute, and he smiled, before something else caught his attention. 'Hi. I'm Vanessa.' It turned out to be one of the girls who were up front talking to the teacher, the one who had giggled after looking at him. It appeared his guess was right, and that she was going to be taking up a seat next to him, driectly to his right. "Preston.." He replied, shaking her outstretched hand, and oh how it pained him to do so, although he tried his best not to let it show. The girl giggled once more, and then took her seat.

Preston stole one more glance at the girl who had went through the same things that he did the previous night. 'Well, let's hope she's my age.' He thought, chuckling a little and then looking back up to the front of the class, it appeared that it was almost time to begin the day.

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Setting: Atari High2010-08-19 21:29:41, as written by Astro_B0Y
It was close to seven when Xavier pulled into the parking lot, yet again across the street from his actual destination, thankfully, Atari High only sat across the garden.

The garden that lead to Atari was filled with flowers of all different colors, and thanks yet again to the minds of 8-Bit, they stayed in bloom year round, even during the winter snow. He sprinted across the brown cobblestone walkway that cut in the middle of the flora, realizing that he must have been the only one with the cahoonies to show up late on the first day.

“I’ll be alright, so long as he’s not my homeroom teacher…so long as it’s not him…I’ll be safe,” He keep that optimism all the way through his trek.

The Atari High Anthem ((special thanks to Tobinator for this one))

Ashe came through the doors, with all the speed and force of a freight train from hell behind him, Xavier couldn’t help but take a look at the familiar scenery. The buffed to perfection marble tile, complete with the school monogram of two dragons twisting together, The giant diamond shaped light over head, the staircases, the hallways, everything; for a minute, he almost felt sentimental, realizing that this was his last year at Atari--- but then, a sneering voice that shook him to the core scrapped all of that, and instead made him remember why he was so happy to get out of here.

“Wallace! Late on the first day!” The voice cackled, and a bony hand that was cold as ice rested itself atop his broad shoulder, “You know, that’s detention!”

“Mr. Volt…heh…I still have five---“ Just as Xavier thought there was a ray of light, the bell signifying the start of the day resounded. For the young man though, it was more like the bell of death.

The man, whom Xavier identified as Mr. Volt, hobbled over in front of him, allowing Xavier to get a good look of him. Mr. Volt was old, very old, and bitter, very bitter.

His hair was all but gone, save for a few gray patches that he couldn’t stop clinging too, he dressed every day in extremely tacky polyester suits, this one today was a neon green. His pale skin was riddled with liver spots, and his beady black eyes could pierce through your soul. Given Mr. Volt’s age though, he made it around the building considerably well, you could always see him roaming the halls for delinquents when he wasn’t terrorizing his own class.

“Good news for you, I’m in a nice mood, so I won’t give you detention.” Volt grinned, showing his extreme lack of teeth, and his one gold one in the front.

“What’s the catch…?” Xavier was wary of the man’s sudden generosity, he never knew Volt to give a kid a break. Especially him, Volt and Xavier have had a long, painful history.

“Nothing, nothing at all, I’ll see you in homeroom Wallace, I think we’re going to have oodles of fun this year heeehee!” Volt strolled away, leaping into the air one time and clicking the heels of his brown gators together in a sick fit of joy.

"Nooooooo!" Before he followed his teacher, Xavier stood in that spot for some time, wallowing in despair.

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“Are you alright, Aemyle?” Carolyn asked. Aemyle jumped a bit before replying to her manager, who was currently driving the vehicle they were in. The singer had spent most of the morning with her gun in her hands, staring at it as if it were as alien to her as she was to this world.

“I am well,” She gave a weak smile and attempted to return to her thoughts.

“You haven’t sung a not all morning. I’m worried,”

“I just did not sleep well,” Which was partially true.

“Worried about school? Don’t worry, they’ll love you.”

“You said the same thing before my first concert,” Aemyle smiled at Carolyn, ending the conversation. Her multi-colored eyes returned to her gun. She’d actually fired it last night. It was her only proof that last night happened, aside from a strange cacophonous music going on in her mind. That was new. But in the end, she’d finally met someone who might be able to explain what brought her to this world. She would just have build up the courage to tell this guy what she was; she had no desire to be laughed at again.

“We’re here,” The alien looked up as Carolyn parked. There were whole rows of cars, and several kids entering the school, most of them without adults. The place was beautiful; the closest thing to Peregrinan architecture she’d seen yet. And the flowers in the gardens were so colorful. She wondered how wonderful they’d smell in the afternoon sun.

“Must you go in with me, Miss Carolyn?”

“I need to talk with the attendance office about your appearance schedule. Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you.” The woman giggled a bit before they walked in. Aemyle quickly got her schedule and parted ways with her manager before her manager could find out where her classes were. She walked up the stairs to the Junior homerooms, and searched for her teacher.

“Mister Miller…” She read her homeroom sheet aloud, looking for the correct room.

“You looking for me?” A tall man with red hair, natural but vibrantly colored, approached her from one of the doorways.

“You’re Aemyle Eolis, right?” He recognized her. Probably had a daughter who liked her music.

“I was told by the main office that I’d have a singer in my class this year. They felt the need to warn me that you’d be gone often,” He smiled kindly. Aemyle liked him already.

“Yes, I am she. I hope my absences will not trouble you.” She followed him into the classroom and took a seat on the second row next to the windows on the far wall. Somewhat cheery for the first time that morning she quietly sung to herself.

Seriously lively, never ending girls' talk
We can't wait for the end of school bell chime,
Even if you're late, leaving early is a no, no, no!
We'll go all out and study after school

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-19 22:45:13, as written by Jayx
"Mr. Holland?"
"Miss Crew?"
"Miss-alright, who stole my role sheet?" Mrs. Smith said, half lightly, half irritably as she put down the roll sheet to look at the class. They were all looking at her curiously, none of them commenting on her statement. She folded her arms in front of her chest impatiently. "Well? Come one now, don't act like you're the first Senior class to attempt to pull a prank on me the first day of school." The class shifted around, looking at her and their peers, confused. Finally, one of the girls raised her hand bravely.
"What is it Miss Fairfield? You couldn't have possibly done anything."
"No Mrs. Smith, I was just wondering what it was that made you assume a student had taken the role sheet?" Mrs. Smith frowned, picking it up again.
"You can't possibly think that I wouldn't notice-this name...'Jaye-ex' can't possibly be-"
"Oh, you mean Jayx?" The girl asked hopefully. The teacher looked at her incredulously.
"That's not even funny-at least the last Senior class was mildly clever." The girl shook her head seriously.
"No Mam, that's really her name, she's over there-" The girl said, pointing to one of the desks where a student was sitting, staring out the window, lost in her own thoughts-clearly having missed the whole conversation. The teacher stared at her for a moment, then, after a few times attempting to draw attention to the girl, she walked over to her, rapping on the desk with her knuckles, and finally succeeding in having Jayx curiously look up at her.
"Hello." Jayx said mildly, Mrs. Smith now glaring down at her.
"What is the meaning of this?" She snapped, setting the roll sheet down on Jayx's desk with a force that caused other students to jump-Jayx merely stared down at it, dazed.
"Well, I believe that's a roll sheet mam, it lists all the students by last name alphabetically so that-"
"SHUT UP!! DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!!" She growled angrily. Jayx was staring at her now with curious eyes.
"I'm sorry Mrs. Wallace but did I say something to upset you?" She asked, still as mildly as ever.
"Um, Jayx, this is Mrs. Smith-Mrs. Wallace was our English teacher last year." The girl who had originally pointed out Jayx's existence explained in a hushed whisper. Jayx looked up at Mrs. Smith as if seeing her for the first time.
"Oh, hello, nice to meet you Mrs. Smith, I'm Jayx." Mrs. Smith was now almost trembling with irritation, a vain popping out noticeable at her temple.
"What is your real name?"
"Jayx." Jayx said, confused. Mrs. Smith only seemed to get more upset.
"No. What is the name that your mother gave you?"
Jayx shrugged.
"I dunno Mam, I don't have a mother."
"Everyone has a mother!"
"Well I don't." Jayx said simply. Mrs. Smith made a noise of irritation.
"Well then what does your father call you?"
"I don't have one of those either-but Father Matthew at Saint Mary's calls me 'Jayx'."
"Mrs. Smith-Jayx's an orphan of Saint Mary's" The girl from before explained in a hushed whisper as though "orphanage" was a curse word. The teacher paused, knowing she had said something wrong. She took a deep breath, and tried again.
"Fine. Jayx-" She said in clenched teeth, "Is Jayx your first name or your last name?" Jayx stared at her blankly for a moment before answering.
"It's my only name Mam."
"That's not possible-"
"Yeah-hah" She said, reaching into her backpack, grabbing her wallet and pulling a card out from it which she then handed to Mrs. Smith. She stared at it incredulously for a second, then muttered,
"This can't be real."
Jayx laughed.
"Well if you're not gonna believe that Mrs. Smith then I dunno what to tell ya. Jayx is just what I've always gone by since I was little-don't exactly know why-must've come up with it when I was a kid, but that's what they've always called me and that's what they've always called me-and that's what I had them put on my I.D when I turned 18 and was legally able to say my name was whatever I wanted it to be."
"But surely you're required to have a last name." Mrs. Smith muttered, somewhere along the line she had realized she was in a losing battle. Jayx shook her head.
"No-that one famous dude just has a symbol for his name. And at least Jayx is a lot easier to pronounce than that."
Mrs. Smith sighed. Standing up straight again, looking at the I.D once more which-where the name should be, simply read "Jayx", and handed it back to her. Jayx thanked her as she took it back, placing it in her wallet and back in her bag, then smiling up at Mrs. Smith.
"Well it was nice t' meet you Mrs. Smith-sorry about the confusion-don't be too concerned about having offended me er anything-that's just how it is with me and teachers."
Mrs. Smith bit her tongue to prevent herself from an acidic reply. She was already being unprofessional as it was. Instead, she simply stood with as much pride as she could muster, and turned, walking back to her desk and riffling through her papers.
"Alright, now that that was settled, let's not waste any more time and turn in your text books to page-"
And the bell rang...

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Lilli smiled back at Preston when she saw that he was smiling at her. He looked like a very friendly person…maybe she could become friends with him.

Her thoughts drifted towards last night and remembered that he had gotten seriously beaten up while everyone was fighting the Chimera. He was probably covered in bruises, burns, and cuts from last night. Lilli frowned when she realized that he was probably in pain right now. Perhaps she should ask him about it…

She opened her mouth like she was about to say something but she noticed that he had turned his attention towards another girl-whose name was Vanessa, since Lilli had overheard her statement.

Lilli sighed and turned away to stare back at the board, not noticing Preston’s eyes on her. Maybe she could ask later.

‘I hope this day starts fast and ends quickly,’ she thought, resting the bottom of her chin on her upturned palm. Seriously, she just felt like going home.

Oh wait!’ Lilli’s suddenly sat up straighter. ‘I have to meet with everyone at that one guys place after school!’
“Shit,” she mumbled, while going back to her original position of resting her chin on her palm.

That was rather fast to forget something so important.

“Hey you!”

Lilli jumped at the sudden voice and turned around in her seat. There was a person sitting in the desk behind her. He was pretty ordinary and the only prominent thing about him was his round glasses and that he had a scowl on his face. She thought about turning back around but it seemed as if he was talking to her.

“Um…Yes,” Lilli asked apprehensively.

“You just swore. Say you’re sorry!”

She didn’t know what to make of that…was he serious? She uttered a quick ‘sorry’ before turning around again.

“Hey wait, I’m not done with you yet. At my home, using swear words is strictly forbidden. I adhere to this formal rule and a girl, such as you, should follow them.”

Lilli felt her anger slowly rise and took a few deep breaths to try and calm herself down. She turned around to glare at him. “Look, I’m fourteen years old. I can curse if I want. I couldn’t care less what you do at your home and I don’t have to listen to a sexist pest like you.”

He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and nodded. “Not one curse word. Perfect.”

Lilli turned around to face the front, muttering “Fucking pretentious bastard,” under her breath, loud enough so he could hear. She heard him gasp in shock right before Mr. Pullock called attention to the class. The-rather large-teacher smiled before starting his little speech.

“Hello students,” he started. “Welcome to the new year. I am your science teacher, Mr. Pullock, and let’s hope that we can make it a good year. OK?” He didn’t wait for a reply, but continued his speech. “Now going down the rows in order, I want each of you to stand up and introduce yourselves…starting with you.” He pointed at the girl in the first seat of the first row and she did as she was told.

When he got to her, she stood up and introduced herself as Lilli Hedervary and sat back down. The boy behind her stood up then. “I am Carmon Auguste. I am very pleased to meet all of you…except for one.” He looked down at Lilli with anger in his eyes. She tried her best to stifle her laugher with coughs, failing horribly.

What a weird day.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-20 00:24:38, as written by chris45
Daniel woke to the sound of blaring music in his ear. He shot up and looked around in a daze. His head ached, it throbbed rapidly it felt like a weird heartbeat. Daniel felt like his head was going to split apart. He than sighed as images of last night flashed by. Daniel got up from his bed. He felt like he had a hanger over and his muscles ached. Daniel fell to the floor and laid there for a few minutes. Daniel moaned in pain and than got up. Daniel walked to the bathroom to get ready and after he got in the shower he started to get a clearer picture of last night.

He felt like he was relieving it, the chimera’s loud stomps and it’s roar. The others all looking somewhat brave. Daniel watched as he ran at the creature, with no powers at all. He felt a jolt of pain rush through him as he watched himself. Get sent flying by the chimera’s tail. He watched himself slowly get up with a expression of anger and pain, he watched as pieces of armor appeared in front of him. It started to attach to him like iron man’s armor. As Daniel watched himself, he felt kind of weird knowing that he could do something like that. He watched as a sword and shield appeared and he ran at the beast. The memory than faded and Daniel returned to the present.

Daniel walked out of the bathroom and went to his room. He got dressed quickly and than ran down the stairs to the kitchen. Daniel grabbed the plate on the kitchen table with his breakfast on it. He ate quickly as he walked and than placed the plate on the end table near the door. He rushed out the door to his motorcycle. The sun beat down on him and it felt warm. Daniel hopped on the motorcycle and took off down the driveway. He went down the street and headed toward school. Daniel felt the wind in his hair and he remembered he left his helmet at home. Daniel smiled and sped up, he wanted to get to school early because he wanted to confirm that last night was real and he wasn’t imagining it. Though his muscles answered his question for him, he still wanted to make sure. Daniel parked his motorcycle in the parking lot and than walked toward the school.

Daniel walked to his locker and got his books. He stretched a little and than walked toward his class. When he got to class he let out a yawn and walked to his desk. He dropped his books on his desk and than sat down. He placed his head on his books and said to himself “ I’ll just take a little nap to rest my muscles till class starts.” he slowly started to fall asleep at his desk. Something he normally did everyday.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-20 01:59:06, as written by Toaster
Preston looked back to Lillie when he heard what the boy behind her bitched her out for 'cursing'. She may not have liked him very much, but he thought she was rather cute, and he wanted to stick up for her.

Formulating a quick plan, he peeled the sticker from his desk, and reached over, slapping it gently onto her shoulder. After that he turned to face the boy. "Hey, calm down. Preston's the new kid here, and I don't think she likes the way your treating her. Now why don't you do everyone a favor, and go back to your mommy, and get her to give you a change of clothes, and then make yourself a better citizen by walking into some oncoming traffic. Sound good?"

He didn't wait for how in the hell the uptight bastard was going to respond to him, and he didn't care, he winked at Lillie. "I've got your back." He chuckled, slipping back into his own seat.

The teacher announced that he would be making each of them stand and announce who they were, and the idea of it made him tremble. He chuckled as Lillie simply said her name, and then sat down. 'Well, at least now I know her name'. He smiled, content with himself for sticking up for her. He figured it may be a good idea to do that more often, she seemed liable to lose her temper alot quicker then he would.

'Preston Amada!' Mr.Pullock boomed, the class was having a little bit of a tough time calming down, the boy in front of him had cracked a joke, a pointless one at that, and got the whole class going. Preston stood, looking around at all of the faces that were no doubt staring at him. "Um, Hi. I'm Preston Amada, and I was homeschooled until today. I hope to get to know each and every one of you, and I will do my part to make this a good first year in Atari High for all of us."

His classmates faked a round of applause, and he felt his face go a little red, and he took his seat quickly. He hoped Lillie had been paying attention and watching him, because when he said, 'Each and every one of you', he had looked in her direction.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-20 02:54:02, as written by Astro_B0Y
1st Period

Volt entered the room first, a cheeky look on his face.

“Thanks for covering my class for me Smith.” He said with a sneer, she smiled and nodded, but didn’t leave out without whispering something in the old teacher’s ear and pointing towards Jayx. “Ohhhh reeeeally now?” Listening to her complaints, a devilish twinkle appeared in the teacher’s eye.

Just as Mrs. Smith left out, Xavier walked in, he tried his best to sneak past Volt, but to no avail, and the man’s icy grip caught him like a snare.

“Nope, not so fast Wallace. I wanna use you as an example. Take a good look student---“ Mr. Volt went red faced with anger, his beady gaze fell right on a snoozing Daniel, Xavier shut his eyes tight, knowing what was coming next. “Yeah, Anderson! You get you’re near-do-well behind up here too. Too good for nothings in the same homeroom…lucky me!” Despite the sudden outburst, Volt went right back to that same eerie joy of his, anxiously tapping his foot, waiting for Daniel to get up to the front.

“Mr. Volt…I don’t think we need to go over this right now…I mean, we’re already off schedule and—“

“Whose fault is that hm? Now, we’ve gotta do introductions anyway, so you two will just be the first! Followed by my fantastic speech.” He released Xavier from his grip, causing the large fellow to stumble just a bit. “As soon as Anderson finishes taking his sweet time and gets here that is!”

Xavier grimaced, the homeroom period was over, and first period had begun, but seeing how Mr. Volt was the teacher this period as well…they were stuck with him for another 45 minutes.

At least class wasn’t going to be dull.

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-20 03:45:07, as written by chris45
Daniel felt like something evil was watching him. Yet he was dreaming a sweet dream of having his favorite dish, pizza. It was warm and just as he was about to bite into it, it disappeared and Daniel looked around as everything in his dream faded to black. Daniel than woke and shot up from his seat and yelled out “ not the pizza!” Daniel looked around realizing he was in class. He scratched his head knowing that the reason people were snickering and giving him weird looks was because he had just yelled out something weird, like he usually did when he woke from a mid-day nap.

Daniel looked at the front of the room seeing Xavier standing next to Mr.Volt. Daniel than started to look around the room as if by staring off into other directions Mr. Volt’s eyes would shift from his direction. When Daniel’s gaze turned back to Mr.Volt, the agitated teacher’s finger was motioning for him to come to the front of the class. Daniel slapped his forehead, than sighed and said under his breath “ oh fine, what does this crazy sadist want now.” Daniel walked down the aisle between the desks and watched as some of the kids in the class chuckled. Daniel got up to the front of the class but he took a few steps away from Mr. Volt so to be out of reach of the man’s grasp incase things got ugly. Daniel than stretched and yawned. He looked at Mr. Volt and asked with a smile “what can I do for you?”

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Setting: 8-Bit City2010-08-20 03:52:49, as written by Jayx
Enter Odd.

iiitttss a small world after all! Iiiiitttss a small world aaaffftter all!!
Oh shut up already! He exclaimed in irritation.
Don't be sucha grumpy-puss Mister! Odd's just havin fun! Kid defended, happily joining the mischevious, slightly nasally high male voice of odd through the chorus:
Don't you go helping him!!! Can't you be doing something more productive?! He continued to argue angrily.
NOW TETRIS!!! Odd exclaimed happily.
Please! Come on-It's not even the end of the first day and already you're going to mess with her? He said, trying to sound reasonable.
However, neither Odd nor Kid seemed to be paying the slightest bit of attention and before He knew it, Jayx was humming along with them.
Oh no, COME ON!!!! JAYX!!! STOP IT!! You're going to-

However, she seemed to have caught Mr. Volt's attention-and it wasn't too long before he was barking her name too. She looked up curiously, a mild smile on her face. He simply glared at her, snapping his fingers and motioning for her to stand beside the other two-one which she recognized immediately as Xavier.
That bastards treating her like a fucking dog!!! He exclaimed angrily, muttering a few personal threats to the teacher as Jayx stood, pleasantly walking over to stand next to the other two. After a moment she turned, her gaze fixed on Daniel. Without warning she started beaming, sudden realization hitting her.
"HEY!! I know you!!!" She said, happily pointing at him, her finger almost poking his nose. "YOU WERE AT THE PLACE-the place-with the stuff!!!" She said pleased with her recollection of the events.
Good job Jayx. I'm sure he appreciated your elaboration-you should get "Future of America" imprinted on your shirt. He noted sarcastically.

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