The Son of the Demon King

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As a demon, he's about five or six years old. As a human? He can't count that high.

The Son of the Demon King


Heki is a short little tyke, with eternally untidy hair. At first glance, he appears to be just like any human child. However, if you look closely, you can see the makings of a powerful demon king. Heki's eyes are a startling blue, the kind that you would never see in nature, the kind that seems to continuously draw your gaze. If you look closely into his pupils when he's angry, you can faintly see the kanji for 'Beast' softly glowing blue in the depths of black. Rub Heki's wonderously soft hair and you'll feel the slight bumps of future horns. Be unlucky enough for him to bite you, you'll soon see what sharp teeth he has, despite have a mouth full of seemingly flat teeth. Catch Heki without his shirt on, and you'll see the makings of spiny, yet feathery, wings. After touching them you'll find that you have a rash, as they give off toxins that irritate human skin. If you look at Heki's chest in the light, you can see faint etchings of ancient runes just below the skin. Heki's lil ears and nails are starting to go off into points, and no matter how much you try to cut his hair it'll always grow back immediately. Also, his tears are poisoness so don't stick them in your mouth.

Heki is the only son of the Demon King, and is Crown Prince. He is usually surrounded by a flock of fluttering nurses, maids, cooks, and servants. But recently Heki has decided to take and adventure and run away from home.

Heki, like any other five/six year old, is charmingly innocent and fun loving. His effections are easily won with a cookie, but easily lost with a harsh word. He hates working for things, and would be happy to throw a fit to get out of physical activity. Heki beleives the world is his friend, and will totter off into traps easily. Heki has a fear of the dark, and will start screaming and crying if left alone for any amount of time. Heki can also be a stubborn little brat; hissing, punching, and even biting when he doesn't get his way. But at the end of the day he'll be the one to cuddle up to you when your sad and make everything better with a few words.



As a prince, Heki's magic is royally powerful. His fits trigger this power, often sending humans and demons alike flying with the force of his aura.

-Bossing people around
-Being lazy

"I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT...!!!!!" "Nuuuuuuuuuh!"

So begins...

Heki's Story