Lady Fayette

"My secrets will be told when and if I want to share them so don't try and force them out of me!"

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Lady Fayette

Holiday || Green Day

|| 22 || American(but truly a Avalonian{Her Fairy Region Name}) || Fay/Pixie Chick || Leda Muir ||


April 1

|Sexual Preference|



|Interest In|
"Why would I tell you!"


|Eye Color|
Sparkling Brown Eyes

|Hair Color|
Naturally Blue but died a Light Pink with Light Purple tips

|Body Type|
Curvy yet athletic

|Skin Tone|
Fair/ Medium Skin

|Height & Weight|
Stands at 5'3" and weighs in at 107lbs

She has a naturally tattoo that can be seen as a birthmark because occassionally fairies are born with it.
It is a pair of fairy wings that can grow out of her back to give her wings.
Her wings look like-Click here!
and her tattoo is just a smaller version of that on her back.
(Tattoo explained further in History)

|Brief Physical Description|
Fay has naturally beautiful eyes that are brought out by her lightly colored hair. She stands at 5'3" with a curvy, athletic build that gives her a naturally beautiful overall look. Fay tends to always cover her upper back because she doesn't want the others knowing about her unfortunate secret.


Fay is an outgoing girl who loves to have fun. She is known for playing pranks on others and teasing the others although she mainly teases Issac. Fay can also be very flirty, seductive, and manipulative if she needs to be. Although Fay may seem stupid, annoying, and too mischievous; she is actually really smart and good at planning things out and catches on to things much quicker thank others. She can also be kind and caring, and unbeknownst to the others, she is secretive, hiding a secret from them since she arrived.

-Teasing people
-Having fun
-Playing Pranks
-Being Playful
-Butterflies(has a special connection with them)
-Her homeland
-Playing guitar

-People who say mean things
-The Dark
-Too much Heat
-Being Alone

-Using her abilities to her advantage
-Coming up with plans

-Being teased
-Being unable to get her wings to work
-Hand to Hand Combat

-Too much heat/ Fire
-The dark
-Being alone
-Storms(not the rain, just thunder and lightning)

Fay keeps the guitar she had in the house with her, she is very attached t it. That and her makeup and extra clothing.

Fay was born to two very caring parents but unfortunately she was born with a slight Fairy Mutation. On her back, ever since she was born, is a tattoo of a pair of wings. Most fairies no longer need wings to fly but occasionally some are born with wings. The ones born with wings can only fly with their wings and most have problems using them due to the wings not being a part of the culture of Fairies. Fay was born with large wings that weren't easy for her to use. It required a lot of energy to learn to use them. She knows how to slightly use them but since she was kidnapped she never finished learning how to use them fully so she hides them from the other supernaturals at the facility.

Fay is a water fairy, she has control over the element of water although she leans towards the colder side of water that includes ice and snow. Although this gives her slight control over ice and snow, it makes her more susceptible to heat and fire. Also making her ability to control hot water extremely hard and tiring.

So begins...

Lady Fayette's Story


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Lilith Grim

"Lights out ya monster's" A thick accented gruff voice echoed through the rusty steel walls of the hallway. Lilith glared at her bared door from her cot, she knew who's voice that was. Adair, one of seemingly many guards that have tried to molest her in her sleep. He is one of the only ones to survive her counter attack but came out of it with a dead arm. He whistled a tune Lilith was unfamiliar with and finally made his way to infront of her cell. His thinning dark red hair and piercing blue eyes looked harsh under the bright white lights of the fluorescent bulbs. He glared back at her, mouthing something that she didn't catch and then moved on, continuing his whistling. Bastard.

Once his whistling faded the hallways went dark, the only light being a small red bulb on the security camera. Tonight was the night, they were finally going to get out of here. Under the circumstances it was saddening. The scientist's had decided to kill the second generation of children today. Lilith had heard them say that the children's powers were 'weak' and 'insignificant' to the first generation's powers, aka Lilith and the rest of her age group. The fact that there way of escaping was for Lilith to use the bodies of the dead children to release them made her stomach churn but she knew that tonight was the only chance they would get cause by morning the children's bodies would be burned to ashes. No evidence of them ever being there. Lilith glanced at the clock on her light blue cell wall. It always surprised her that the scientists made them somewhere nice to live instead of an old, rundown house. She noted that it was midnight.

Its time.

Folding her legs underneath her on the bed Lilith imagined the still, cold bodies of the children and willed them to rise. She pictured them moving in a group, silently coming towards their cell wing. She sent one little blonde boy to get the keys from a sleeping guard. Quin was a fat and lazy man who didn't move from his post outside their cell wing, that is until Lilith and the other girls go for their shower's to which he always volunteers to 'watch' over them. Fucking pervert. Lilith commanded the boy to take Quin's knife them slice his neck. Lilith mentally saw through the boy's eyes as the blade slashed through Quin's fat throat then plug into his head. Instant kill. The little boy took the keys, dropped the knife and went back to the door. From her cell Lilith heard the sound of the big steel door being opened. She imagined them walking to each cell and unlocking it. Lilith heard the sound of her cell door being unlocked. She opened her now blazing stormy silver eyes and stood from the bed, grabbed the small brown backpack she had, which had the three outfits she owned and all the money and wallets she had stolen. She shot power into her bracelet making her scythe appear in her hand, the long intimidating blade seemed to curl protectively above her. Lilith left her cell and she saw the other's. The dead children crowded around Lilith but she didn't mind cause they were short and even though they were dead Lilith had a soft spot for children.

"Come" Was all Lilith said as they started to move forward, the children in front of the group of young adult's, keeping watch and making sure there were no guards or scientists. An uneasy feeling churned in Lilith stomach as she saw the exit. The door she had only come through once in her life. Once as entrance now an exit. Yet it all seemed to easy. Usually the hallways were crawling with guards and white coated people, yet not now. Why not now?

"Shit" Lilith cursed quietly and stopped. The children halted in the foot steps.

"I think they know our plan and I believe those bastards are waiting outside for us" Lilith said, concern lacing her voice. It was a full moon tonight so she knew they all would be at their strongest yet also the fact that these people have been studying them for year's. They know all of their weakness. Breathing in a deep calming breath Lilith started to walk again bracing herself for a fight, her hands gripping her scythe so tightly her knuckles were white. The group stopped at the door and Lilith made the children go first, making them run. She instantly heard the sounds of gun fire. She mentally saw the children fall but made them rise again.

"Shit its Lilith!" she heard a female voice shout then some panicking noises.

"Stand your ground men!" the same female voice commanded. Lilith urged the children forward, she heard more gun fire but this time she was prepared, making sure they stayed on their feet. She mentally commanded them to attack as they slipped through the guards defenses. Lilith was looking through the eyes of a small brunette girl, whom swiftly attacked a male guard Lilith didn't know. The girl bite hard into the man's leg with razor like fangs, giving Lilith the impression that the little girl was once a vampire. Lilith watched with sick satisfaction as the children started ripping into the guards.

"We should go, now" Lilith said calmly, opening the thick steel doors to the outside.

"LOOK!" she heard someone shout and turned to see Adair and him pointing his meaty finger at her and the group. A snarling voice left Lilith's lips as the pulled back in anger. Seconds later she ran the black blade of her scythe through the man, cutting him in half vertically. The pieces fell sideways allowing his inner's the gush and drop, spilling out of him. Lilith glared at the body of the fallen man then smiled as she saw his soul fluttering away, she grabbed it the yellow orb like species glowing it her hand. With a flex of her finger's she crushed the orb. Now that man will be forever stuck in a dark abyss between heaven, hell and earth. Lilith rushed back to the group.

"If we get separated we most promise that we will all meet in the nearest town" Lilith said sternly. A chorus of 'I promise' echoed through the group. Lilith nodded her head then shot around looking at the group of guards and scientists. Gripping her scythe tightly Lilith shot forward.


Lilith took in harsh, deep breaths as she tried to calm her racing heart. She has never run that fast or that long in her life. Bending over she put her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. She didn't know where she was or where anyone else was for that matter. Glancing around all she saw were taller, imposing ever greens. It was still dark out and Lilith could barely see ten feet in front of her. Finally catching her breath she stood straight. Hopefully she had ditched those guards that tried to follow her. With her heart still racing Lilith moved forward, she will admit she was exhausted. Using that many child had tired her out. She walked over to a large tree with low hanging branches and started to climb up. She made it to the fourth branch until she stop. It was thick and would hold her up fine. Thank goodness she didn't toss and turn in her sleep. Her eyes started to close until she heard a twig snap and shot up. Looking around Lilith's eyes snapped to a shadow. Worry coursed through her cause she didn't even have the energy to bring forth her scythe. But when the shadow came into the moonlight Lilith relaxed.

"Eric, thank goodness" she breathed softly as she hopped out of the tree and tackled the man in a hug.


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#, as written by SkyLily

Fay glared at the guard behind the current one who's shoulder she was being carried over. The guard behind her held a torch right by her head and another by her hands keeping her from drawing water out of the humid air to attack them with. The workers of this facility had already learned about her ability the hard way.

Fay stood in the middle of the humid testing room where they were currently trying to figure out her fairy element. When she refused to cooperate one of the guards came in with a whip and lashed it towards her. Fay drew water out of the air and before the whip could connect with her skin she sent a pulse of water at the guard. More guards came rushing in to back up their co-worker and Fay protected herself with the water but she didn't last long in the fight when one of the guards brought in a flamethrower and began to blast the fire into the air. Fay collapsed from the over-excessive heat and she was dragged back to her cell where they had a scientist add a heating mechanism into the door that would make the door too hot for her to try and break.

Fay was thrown into her cell and she landed with a 'umph'. She stood up and brushed dust off of her jeans and white tanktop. Fay sat down on the bed and glanced up at the clock, it had just struck midnight. She laid down onto her back staring at the ceiling when she heard clicking of other cells being opened. Fay shot up and walked towards her door as the clicking of a key being turned in the key hole began. The door opened to reveal small children who were obviously dead yet not walking by, following behind them were the other supernaturals of her age. Her eyes made contact with Issac's and she stuck her tongue out at him in a teasing look. Fay then ran back to her bed and grabbed her bag stuffing all of her belongings into it. She quickly pulled her pink and purple hair into a pony tail before running out and following behind the others.

Suddenly everyone stopped and she looked around them seeing the scientists and guards standing there. Fay turned invisible and began to sneak away, she didn't want to participate in any fighting. Although Fay was against fighting she did draw some water from the ground and froze it around a few of the guards feet so they wouldn't chase after her friends. Fay then disappeared into the forest ditching her invisibility and just letting her self run through the forest.


Fay continued running through the forest trying to stay in the areas that the moonlight reached. Fay then thought of an idea and smirked. She brought water out of the ground and froze it causing a slide of ice to form. Fay slid on the ice path she created smiling and laughing as she weaved between all of the trees and rocks. If one was to observe her it would look like she was surfing on ice using her boots as a surfboard. She didn't pay attention of where she was going and didn't notice the figure that crossed into her path. Fay had closed her eyes to let the cold wind rush against her face but soon she felt the impact. The impact sent them rolling through the woods a bit more but when they stopped she hopped up and went invisible immediately looking at who she had hit. Fay's invisible eyes rolled in annoyance as she made a 'tch' sound. She was staring at the one person she couldn't stand. "Why did I have to get stuck with you ugh! Of course it's Fang Boy!" Fay exclaimed as she began pacing forgetting that she was still invisible. "I have to be in the same area with Blood Breath!! I'd rather be made to stand in the desert than be stuck with him!" Fay told herself as she continued pacing, annoyed and just ready to be done with escaping so she can get back to her family and no longer be remind of the living hell she had been in for most of her life.


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Image Image Tap Tap Tap Isaac laid there in silance, his body seemed lifeless. It was as if he was dead just like the children from the second generation, Isaac laid. Tap Tap Tap

"Oi! You still alive in there?" Adair started to chuckle. "Ooooh yeahhhh, That's right. Of course you aren't alive. How can someone like you be ever alive." Adair had a tone of taunting. You could tell he wanted to stir up Isaac, just to give him an excuse to kill him. But he was use to Adair's actions and words. "Oh did I hit a nerve? No? It's a bummer we have to kill you once we are done with you. Must be hard only getting a drop of animal blood a day. I wonder what your mother would think?" His voice smiled, Isaac could feel his eyes stare down at him.

This time a nerve was hit. His eyes opened, the grin in his eyes shifted into a silvery color within his green. Staring at the ceiling now, it took alot in him to not get up and try to kill this man, but how could he? Sure a drop of blood was enough to keep him going, but it was animal blood, by just getting a drop of it, he was like any other human being. Weak and....normal. So he thought anyways, in truth he was always stronger than any mere human, or any other creature out there, even if he was in the weakest state possible, he still was strong and fast. This was pretty much the only time Isaac ever felt nearly human. Was the only time he could ever feel at peace, even if he wasn't n a peaceful place.

"How does it feel to be all alone?" Adair chuckled again. "Even his own mother didn't want him." Adair started to walk off while whistling a song. Adair made his normal route around the cells, checking in on the "monsters". But everytime this happens, he always has something to say to Isaac.

"Tch" Isaac clicked his tongue in anger while smashing his hand and arm against the wall. The loud bang echoed through the walls and nothing more was left. He waited just like that until it was time for them to go. Until it was his cue to get out of here, but not until after he got to kill Adair.

Not long after that Isaac heard the sounds of pit pat noises going through the halls. He heard this before and he knew what it was The sound of children's bear feet tapping along the floor. He then heard the sound of the guards throat being gashed open. "Damn it! Stupid kids! If you'd just make him so he couldn't use his arms, that would have been alot better! But thanks, alot! I see you really care even after life." Isaac rolled his eyes and grabbed his leather black jacket and his bag along with his stuff inside. "Now thanks to you...-" The cell door opened as he started to walk out. "-..I have nothing to make myself useful with! Damn brats." He looked at the guards dead body and sighed. "Such a waste, poor guy. Killed by a child a dead one at that. Humans can be so weak." He looked at the body as if disappointed. "Hey Lil, I know you are in these kids. I can sense you. Thanks." Was all he said and started to follow the kids towards the 'fairie's' room.

Isaac stopped the kid just before he was about to cut the sleeping guard. "Hey" He started to growl his words in a whisper. "I got this. Stay out of my way damn brat! Unlike you I need this man to do me some service." He moved the kit out of the way by his head, the lifeless body stubbled like a puppet at the same time Isaac's eyes shined a bright blood red, his pupil turned into a straight line from the dot it was. His teeth shined a bright pearl white and with a crunch of the neck, the guard woke up instantly, but before he could yell, Isaac ripped out the guys tongue. Getting his fill, he started to chuckle at the high it gave him. He felt even stronger now.

Wiping his mouth the kids let the cell door open and the fair came out to greet him with a tongue and a teasing look, but he didn't reply. By the time they got out the action took place, the guards were there and the creatures took action, and of course he noticed the fairy leaving. Typical of that. Isaac shook his head, just standing there watching everything take place. In that moment he felt the death of Adair's presents, shortly after it was gone in the same instant. "Lil.." he whispered her name knowing she is the one at fault.

He huffed A few guards started to circle around him, his face was blank but after he noticed that there was about 5 he smiled. "Really? Only five? Who do you take me for? A Shapeshifter?" He laughed, highly amused. "Come on now." In a blink of an eye Isaac was already wiping blood from his lips. "Thank you for that kind meal. Sacrificing yourselves was so much fun!" Their bodies fell to the ground, cold and dead, you could tell they had no blood left in them.

Once he was done he made his way in the direction of the scent of fairy. Wasn't hard to spot out, but it was alot more easier to endure than it was to endure a 'Dog' or any of the others, even the 'Reaper' was easy to smell out, she had a power that anyone could since. But he took the easier way around it and just went with the 'Fairy'. He picked up the bag that he had dropped and headed to his destination. With a smirk on his face he purposely bumped into the Fairy girl who had protected herself from the cold wind, a wind that felt warm to Isaac.

He chuckled as she went on complaining after she noticed who it was. "Calm down pixystick, or I'll take tinkerbells light away." He smirked. but with her words that amused him, he decided not to tell her that she wasn't stuck with him, that the others weren't really that far away, but he shook his head and went along with it. "So we are stuck together. Would you rather I leave you? I mean after all you are a Fairy, i am sure you can handle yourself inside the woods, where there is sure to be more guards, but hey, you don't want to be stuck with me right?" He winked at her and waved his hand. "I guess I'll just be off then, good luck out here on your own, Pixystick." He didn't use his speed this time and started to head in the direction to where he knew the others weren't.


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#, as written by SkyLily

Fay clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes crossing her arms."Calm down pixystick or I'll take tinkerbells light away." She heard Issac say. "I'd like to see you try." Fay mumbled under her breath as she became visible again. "So we are stuck together. Would you rather I leave you? I mean after all you are a Fairy, i am sure you can handle yourself inside the woods, where there is sure to be more guards, but hey, you don't want to be stuck with me right?" Fay glared at him. "I may be just a water fairy but I can handle being on my own even if the woods aren't my territory," she said as she turned her back now facing him. Fay looked into the dark forest taking in her surroundings. The forest was dark and she couldn't see much past her hands. A cold breeze made it's way through the forest and she took off her jacket and stuffed it into her bag.

Fay stretched out her shoulders and adjusted her light tank top so that it hid her tattoo wings the best it could. She closed her eyes and listened to the forest around her. She could hear Issac getting further away but she could also hear something else. A slight crunch of the leaves somewhere in front of her and a clicking of metal, like a gun being loaded and readied to fire. Fay opened her eyes quickly and turned around running towards Issac. She soon ran past him and continued running shouting over her shoulder, "Run, they're coming and they have guns! I may not like you but that doesn't mean I want to see someone die." Fay said as she ran listening for any running water near by. She couldn't hear any but she knew that she was close to some body of water.

Fay tripped on a root and tumbled until she landed in water with a splash. Her face lit up and she instantly stood up in the shallow part of the water before walking up and out of the water. "Issac get behind me unless you want to get frozen and wet." She said as she waited for the guards to get closer. Once she saw them her eyes gave off a slight glow and the breeze kicked up causing her hair to whip around her face. Tendrils of water slowly crept out of the lake and made their way to the different guards' guns. The tendrils wrapped around the guns, completely encircling them with the water. The water then froze around the guns and froze the guards hands to their guns. She turned around so she didn't have to face them and then looked over at Issac. "Your turn Count Dorkcula." She said before facing the lake so she didn't have to see what Issac would do since she wasn't a fan of blood or fighting that much.


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Image Image "Run, they're coming and they have guns! I may not like you but that doesn't mean I want to see someone die." Fay yelled running past him, could do was laugh and take his time.

By the time she was telling him to get behind her and giving orders while taking on her actions to her 'water pistol', he was already doing it without a care in the world. After she was done, she had to spit out the words,.. "Your turn Count Dorkcula." He wasn't even a dork, sure he had years more smarts than her, and probably lived longer, but does that really count as being a dork? Then there was the Dracula part, it made him laugh because he was still trying to function over the fact anyone was stupid enough to believe the tales of this 'man' who claimed to be a vampire. Sure did make it harder though for those who really were vampires. Which also didn't make anything easier when Isaac was caught. That there is a long story itself.

He stared blankly at the guards that stood there unable to move, scared in fear. "Listen, if you are that scared of us. Why would you bother to work in this line of business." Isaac sighed annoyed. "You damn humans never seem to amaze me. Always doing actions that you end up regretting. Like now for instants." He walked up closer to them as they flinched at the feeling of his finer tips at their skin. "I bet you're regretting coming out here in the first place. Didn't you know though? Weak things should hide from the strong. Every animal understands that, why cant you?" He hinted at how noiseless the forest had become the instant Isaac's eyes started to glow. The glow of his eyes always turned his vibes and aura into that of pure death. It was enough to make one's skin crawl or make them feel sick to the core of fright.

"Here's the thing though. I am feeling generous right now seeing as I already had my fill of meals as it is. So I'll let you go, but,.." He paused and gave off a smirk as he broke their arms. "Consider this as a warning. Tell your boss that if anything else goes on, there will be more than just a warning, there will be war." Not like Isaac would really care if there was war, but he wasn't one to just go along with anything. Plus there was this thing about him being lazy that he just could help about himself.

He let them go as they cried out in pain the whole way. "Tch. I should have at least took some of their blood and saved it for later. Ohwell." He adjusted his backpack on his shoulders and turned around to face Fay. "Oi, bug girl. It's over now. But I should tell you, running away like that, do you really think you could do that every time? What if next time there is no water? Than what do you plan to do?" Isaac closed his eyes and sighed irritated. "You can't even stand the sight of me doing what I do let alone save yourself. Is this all you Fairies could do is run and use your magic? You think that once you vanish it will solve everything? You do realize that just because you turn invisible and think they can't see you that you are ok? I hope you know that this is where you are wrong. This isn't the 14th century anymore. They have ways of seeing you, they have ways of catching you. And they have ways of stripping you from all your powers. Or did you not learn anything from being captured all this time!" He took in a deep breath to calm himself down. She got on his nerves big time, but it's not like he could really hate her for doing her best at times but for some reason she just makes him snap. "Look, I rather not die because you can't use your brain. Do you really want to go back there? Because of you used your powers on them, they know were we are. You think that I was just going to kill them? They have tracking advices in more than one place on their bodies, some even I can't since. If you would have just kept quiet and hid like all you fairies do, it would have been easier to handle." This what he hated about fairies the most. They think that just because they have all this power they can 'stop the world' or whatever it is they think. They never think about the after's until it's too late.

Before she had time to run or vanish Isaac roughly, but gently took her by the arm and started walking off with her in furry. His grip on her was firm so she couldn't go not even if she wanted to. After a while of walking his eyes slowly started to shift back to normal and his mind had become as empty as his expressionless face. There was nothing for him to say now at a time like this and honestly there was nothing he wanted to think about either.


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#, as written by SkyLily

Fay listened to him and was about to turn invisible so she could be on her own but before she could he grabbed her arm. Issac pulled her along behind him as she just walked looking down at her feet her bangs falling in front of her emotionless face. The only way you would be able to see any emotion is if you looked into her eyes, which were filled with slight hurt and pain. Issac's words played through her mind over and over again. "Is this all you Fairies could do is run and use your magic?" and "If you would have kept quiet and hid like all you fairies do, it would have been easier to handle," were the main two phrases floating through her mind. She couldn't figure out if she was angry or upset by those statements.

Fay had had enough of it. She planted her feet into the ground and refused to budge, vampires weren't the only ones with enhanced strength. By causing her skin to become wet where she was being held by the Blood Sucker and pulling her arm away with all her strength she managed to break free of his grip. She backed away a few steps and looked up at him, her chocolate eyes filled with anger that caused them to look darker than normal. "What do you even know about fairies, you know nothing. We may not be the dark type of supernatural like everyone else was back at the house but that doesn't mean you can call us weak!" Fay exclaimed glaring at him. "We can do more than run and use magic, basically all fairies can fly. Did you ever think of that. Any fairy could have flown away from this forest by now! Also water is everywhere, in the air, in the ground, in trees! I can draw power from anything but lakes are the easiest. Oh and I'm sorry that I can't live up to your standards of loving blood and fighting. I'm not a vampire now am I. I'm just a simple little weak fairy who doesn't know anything. I just don't get it, you don't have the right to talk bad about my race. I may put up with you teasing me because it is normal. But don't you ever, and I mean EVER, talk bad about Fairies. That is where I draw a line. Now if you excuse me, I need to rest because I don't have natural stamina like you!" Fay then turned away from him anger still fuming inside her.

Fay walked over to a tree and sat down leaning against it, facing away from Issac. That was the first time she has ever yelled at anyone, it was just a first for a lot of things. Fay sat against the tree staring into the dark forest infront of her ignoring the world around her. 'Who is he to judge my race, I'm the only fairy he has ever known. There has never been another fairy in the house before me. God, I can put up with his teasing, it's normal but I will not deal with that. I may hate being alone but I will leave him if he keeps dissing Fairies,' Fay thought as she let her mind wander.


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Image Image Isaac felt her plant her feet plant and arm break free, but he put not effort into holding her in her place, letting go at the same time she made her arm wet. "You really think that just because water is everywhere, that it would save you?" His brows frowned in anger. "Oh and flying, honestly, you are not the only flying creature out there." He looked up at the sky. "Last I checked, it was the most dangerous spot to be." Which was true, it was so wide and open, you had no place to hide in the sky, an easy place to be caught.

He looked at her, his eyes becoming serious. "Not all fairies are as good as you are, some do things even you could hardly think a fairy would do, so don't give me crap on how 'fairies' aren't like us 'blood suckers', when in truth, they can be worse." Isaac spoke his words with truth, he has his own experience in the matter when it comes to most of the creature out there in this world. If anything he'd know what he is talking about. For all she knew he was just a kid who knows shit of the world and only knows that of the walls of that place. But something inside him told him that he should not speak about this with Fay anymore. He had more right to talk bad about any race than she could understand, but bringing that up would mean he'd have to explain himself, it was something he wasn't up for and something he had no time to make.

He smirked at her last bit of words. "But calling us blood suckers and fighters as if we all do that, is ok with you right? No one can speak badly of your kind, but you can of others. The kettle really is black." He stood there watching her as she stopped and sat down. His body relaxed as the wind blew by his face, sweeping away all the smell of that a fairy had. "It's not like we choose what we could eat. Be thankful you can eat." He mumbled mostly to himself that last part. Isaac was never able to taste the foods that humans or anyone else ate, he could never have the same experience they get. All he could do was smell it, but he already knew that taste is stronger than smell. Sure he could eat it and act like he enjoys it, but there really was no point. Even though he is part human, the only thing that he got human about him that was human, is feelings, but even at times those fade.

Tightening his bag around him, he closed his eyes and slowly his body became motionless. He was listening to things around him, he was smelling the scents that brushed through and he let his scenes fly out. He was searching for the others without moving from his spot, if he had to spend more time with the fairy he'd lose his mind.


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Lilith Grim

The bear grunted at the pair's demanding tone and started walking. It would take them a few hour's to reach Lilith and Eric. But even so it started making its way Joshua and Lotus following behind the giant decaying creature.


Lilith's blue eyes flickered open and she glanced over at the hawk on her shoulder.

"Well hello there little guy" she cooed at the bird as she slowly sat up, careful so not to knock the hawk off. She glanced around and wondered how long Eric had been gone, she had heard everything he said and had stayed hidden. Then she heard the sound of leaves crunching and the sound of Eric's worried voice calling to her and the hawk. Lilith just smiled fondly as she saw Eric enter the small clearing. She felt a like better, having zoned out in the bear's head it felt like she had slept somewhat even though she was wide awake.

"Ben? Is that your name?" Lilith asked the hawk making it chirp.

"You know if you were dead I could understand you....well not understand but I could read your thoughts, but sadly talking to cute animals like you is Eric's department" Lilith spoke casually with the bird, whom made small noise's in response. Then Lilith's eyes focused on Eric again, whom looked worried as usual. She just smiled and slowly rose to her feet, happy to see Eric got back well and that he hadn't come back empty handed.

"Your such a worry wart you know that right?" Lilith giggled as she slowly walked over to Eric. Her legs wobbled slightly and her muscles groaned in protest but Lilith ignored it. Eric was already worried and she would feel even worse if she worried him more. Lilith's eyes then fixated on the doe as she neared.

"Put her down and lets crack her open I'm hungry as hell, those stupid bastards wouldn't let me eat cause I...may have stabbed the head scientists in the shoulder" Lilith grinned widely happy with herself that she had dealt some sort of damage on the bitch of a woman before Lilith had left. Just then Lilith's stomach growled and the sound echoed in the tree's, frightening the hawk on her shoulder. It fluttered off her and landed back on Eric, making Lilith laugh.

"Sorry little guy" she giggled.

"Oh and guess what I have good news, I found Joshua and Lotus and are escorting them here to us as we speak, hopefully Isaac and Fay will find us on their own......actually lets just pray they survive each other company" Lilith smiled. She was pretty damn sure this was the most smiling and laughing she has ever done in her life. Ever since she came to the Heart House her life has been hell, the only upside to the place was that she met Eric.

"Alright lets eat, I'll take a large piece of flank and the heart please" Lilith ordered playfully and licked her lips in hunger, her stomach rumbling loudly once again.


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Lilith Grim

"That would be my fault" Lilith replied right when the bear, followed by Joshua and Lotus, walked into the small clearing. The beast did smell foul, even to Lilith, burnt flesh and the bear itself had to be atleast a few weeks old as Lilith saw maggots wiggling around inside where a gaping hole be in its flank.

"Eww I sure did summon up a nasty critter for you to follow didn't I? Oh well, be gone with you beast I am in no need of you anymore, walk away then leave your body once I can't smell you" Lilith demanded and the bear did as told, walking away from the group and back into the tree's. A few minutes later Lilith felt its soul be released from its body.

"So we should start making our way to town I guess, but first Joshua and Lotus are you hurt in any physical way? I need to know so that I may heal you but if not then I believe we should get going" Lilith said sternly, sending the two a look that clearly said she would know if they were lying to her and if they were the consequences would be bad. Lilith then turned to Eric.

"Which way is town?" she questioned. Hopefully Issac and Fayette would be fine on their own and would meet them in the town. Lilith knew that they couldn't stay in the woods for long, they had to keep moving. Her plan was to hopefully buy plane tickets under false names but they first had to find a place to give them their paper's. Money was no problem at the moment but the longer they stayed here the more likely the scientists would make a plan and act on it while they sat here like ducks on a post or whatever that saying is. But neither way they had to get going.


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Lilith Grim

"Really? Selfish? It I didn't eat already I wouldn't be able to heal you, it took alot of energy to send that bear to you so be a little grateful" Lilith snapped, not liking Lotus's tone. Taking a step back Lilith sat down on the ground and closed her eyes. They had far to many wounds to go it one by one so she would have to heal all their wounds at the same time.

She started to softly speak an ancient language, she had no clue what it was just that ever since she was young she could speak it easily. It took a few moments but soon Lilith started to glow a soft silver light. She could see the colors of everyone souls and the dark red parts that were injuries. Lotus had a glittering purple soul, Joshua a soul that look like fire and Eric had a soul that shifted color's between all the animals he could shift into. Lilith's focused on the purple and red soul's. Once she could not longer see the dark red spots Lilith opened her eyes to see Lotus and Joshua glowing the color of their soul's before the glow faded along with Lilith's.

"There your all healed" Lilith stated simply. She stood up and walked over to Eric.

"I replenished their energy enough to make it to town, so I believe they can wait so please call your hawk back and let us be on our way" Lilith said smiling at Eric as she grabbed her backpack from the ground.

"You both can gorge yourselves once we reach town its only a few hours away by foot" Lilith said, her voice holding finality for she didn't want to hear their protests.

"Shall we be off?" she questioned, waiting for everyone. In the back of her mind Lilith hoped they would meet up with Issac and Fayette in town. And that they haven't killed each other already.

The Scientist's

"Miss.Ustrina what are we going to do? They have escaped and you are disallowing us to search for them! WHY?!" Doctor Thomas Harper bellowing looking up at the dirty blond haired woman whom stood in front of the large group of scientist's. She was surrounded by guards, whom were heavily armed and glaring at the scientists.

"I assure you Mr.Harper we at the head have everything under control....." Melissa Ustrina began but was cut off by Thomas.

"But what about the gifts you gave them! They could destroy everything we have worked for, hunt us down and kill us all easily! What about the thing that resides within the girl......" Thomas shouted panicky but a sharp glare from Melissa and a revolver pointed at his head shut him up.

"Silence! How is it you came upon that information? Its highly classified" Melissa snapped, a deep scowl settling into her tanned feature's.

"I like to know what I'm working with" Thomas answered simply.

"Well hears some more classified information, those unique gifts are locked away far within each of those that have escaped and that thing that resides in the girl in sealed by her mother, it will not be getting out any time soon" Melissa stated matter of fact like.

"But what happens if 'it' does get loose?" Thomas questioned.

"Then we should all start praying, for it is certain death if 'it' is ever released" Melissa said, her voice wavering slightly in fear at the end.

"Release the Serpents!" Melissa ordered. The guards walked outside and opened the steel cages. Dark blurs shot out instantly and headed towards the forest.