TokyoMasako Sohma

Finally I'm going to school!

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My strings are pulled by || angelwolf123
My name is || Masako Sohma
People often call me || n/a
I‘m a || girl
I‘ve blown out this many candles || 15 orange candles on my last cake!
My special day || January 23
I‘m this tall || 5 feet and 2 inches
I‘m not fat! I‘m || 90 lbs
I look like || Image
Once I poof you see a || Tiger
Zodiac form? That’s silly… || Image
I‘m interested in || Boys, I guess? I've never really been interested in anybody that way before...
My daily routine || Freshman, I'm going to school like most people my age, for once!
How I act? || I tend to be feirce... to say the least. I am completely loyal to my friends, and will do anything to protect them. I have an intense fright of crowds (preforming on stage or giving speeches) and ghosts. I will be reduced to a quivering heap if exposed to either one. Also, I'm shy around most people, except the ones I know. Or, if I'm meeting them for the first time, the ones I don't like. I love little kids, and I'm really good at playing with them. I hate, hate, HATE perverts of all kinds. I will smash them out of the park. Also, I hold a deep dislike for most boys, because I know that most of them hold at least a little pervertedness deep down. I have strong morals, and I'm a hard worker. If your not someone I dislike (aka a suspicious boy or creepy girl) I will try my hardest to get along with you. I tend to see the best in everybody, and unfortunately that includes boys as well, so after a while of knowing one I slowly lose any mistrust if you haven't deserved it.
My past? || I was born on the outskirts of Main House, but I was brought to the main sections when I was about three (four, five, maybe sixish?), because I am the Tiger. I never really saw any other zodiacs, except every so often. Unless I met them at the dojo, where I began training a year after coming to the Inner Main House. I think I'm a pretty good fighter. I can take down most guys, but I fail miserably with weapons. I was home-schooled throughout elementary and middle school, because my over-protective parents kept me on a close leash. That's also another reason why I don't really know any of the other Zodiac Animals. I was always only permitted in our section of the building (our house and private garden), and I only occasionally came to eat with the rest of the family. My whole life I've been isolated from everybody except a few words and seeing them a couple times. Not including playing with the God once a week in my garden. That went on for a few months before my folks found out and sent me to the dojo, where I met all the dojo guys. But this year, for highschool, I get to go to school with everybody else!
Shh… I like || n/a (will update if I get one)
The God? Pfft. || Oh boy... although the God can be really mean sometimes, I really like the God. I honestly do, 'cause we used to play together a long long time ago. I haven't seen the God since, and I doubt the God would remember or even recognise me if the God saw me. You see, I don't think the God knew that I was the Tiger or even my name, for that matter. I didn't know the God's, at the time. I only figured out the kid was the God afterwards! I wonder what he's like now though....
The Cat? Pshh. || I like the Cat, thank you very much! I've only seen the person a few times, but the Cat seems nich enough! Especially with both of us being felines and such...
You want more information?! || I love the forest and any wild place! I easily get affected by bullying if I'm overwhelmed. I try my best, though....

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