AshmereNathan Thoreaux

Advisor to the God King, a master illusionist and saboteur.

a character in “Even Gods Bleed”, as played by 7achary

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Physical Description

There is a half covered portrait leaning against a wooden crate in one of the basement store rooms of the God King's palace. A young, stern looking man sits at the end of a large table which peeks out from behind the cloth covering the image. The young man glares into the covered corners opposite him with intent, tawny eyes. His long, brown hair is swept severely behind in pony tail, his sideburns extend along his jaw line. He wears a billowing double breasted robe made of a deep purple, almost black.

Seeing the exposed picture a man wearing a laborer's leathers turns the portrait away so only the back of it is viewed. The man then lifts another crate and trundles out of the storeroom.

Hair: Long brown hair, kept in pony tail, accented by mutton chops.
Eyes: Tawny
Build: Average, non-athletic
Skin Tone: Somewhere between pale and fair.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175
Voice: Gravelly and deep, the voice of a soft spoken but strong willed man laden with confidence. He sometimes sounds condescending without meaning to.
Handed: He was right handed, but has recently developed impressive dexterity with his left hand after a year of training.
Body Markings: A tattooed rune on the back of his left hand which allows him to scry/communicate with the God King and any others that were apprenticed to the God King.
Scar Tissue: His right arm and part of his torso, up to his neck, are horribly scarred from supernatural burns as a punishment for his failure to the God King. These scars cause a constant aggravating pain on his skin, and make his flesh uncomfortably warm to the touch.

Name Nathaniel Thoreaux

Nickname The Burned Man

Alias Gerty Handur, a name he uses when he takes to the streets incognito.

Race Human

Visual Age 30

Factual Age 26

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Class Wizard

Specialization Illusionist


Moral Alignment Lawful Neutral

Quirks He keeps a rigid schedule, allotting a certain amount of time each day to visit with various traders, craftsmen, real estate owners, and occasionally small folk throughout the God King's capital city. His afternoons and evenings usually involve taxing research and investigations. He drinks the milk of the poppy to dull the pain of his arm.

Fears He has night terrors, a product of his apprenticeship. The God King. Fire. Those that betrayed him.

Goal Status and Power, unmask those who betrayed him.

Likes Games of strategy, lemon biscuits, wine, smoke, the God King, having the upper hand.

Dislikes The God King's toadies, merchants, being out of the loop, having the lower hand.

Strengths He is a strong orator and negotiator. Many a time the God King has called upon his investigative and diplomatic skills.

Weaknesses He is not physically imposing in the least.


Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Clothing/Armor His clothing, while fine, is not ostentatious and gives him a humble dignity in demeanor.

Combat Prowess

[Very Poor] Unarmed Combat: Nathan has not been in a fist fight since he was a child,

[Poor] Armed Combat: Nathan only occasionally spars with one of the Palace trainers, and not since his injury.


[Good] Scry the God King: This allows Nathan to communicate with the God King over vast distances, since he has been absent from the God King's presence for so long it is not dependable as it once was. It is an ability granted by their Blood Pact, which is symbolized by a rune on the back of Nathan's left hand.

[Perfect] Silvertongue: Nathan has been able to talk his way out of trouble since he was a small boy, and this ability has only been perfected with age. His voice commands attention, it is almost supernatural in it's qualities.


[Average] Dreamwalk: With this ritual Nathan can enter the ethereal realm of dreams. After obtaining a reflective surface (ornate bowls with water or mirrors for best results) and a large belt pouch full if sand, the ritualist must fumigate the site of the ritual with lavender incense. Once he has inscribed glyphs representing the deific figure Morpheus and a few lesser known entities the ritualist must close his eyes, breathing deep of the lavender smoke, proclaim in draconic, "Fen ba rak sul, Abrios!", and step forward. The price of maintaining the spell is to sprinkle sand over every sleeper you come across.

[Excellent] Obfuscate: As per the invisibility spell, but he conceals things to such a degree that they are only partially in reality. If they attack or are injured the spell ends and they are brought back to our reality completely. Damage from injuries taken while obfuscated are cut in half. This involves crushing or burning a single lavender leaf and sprinkling the dust in the direction of the target(s) while muttering the Chant of the Neverthere; not the whole thing, just the parts touching on Sightblinder.

[Good] Disguise: This allows the user, Nathan, to alter his appearance or the appearance of any number of other individuals. For every non-magic user under this spell it becomes harder to maintain. This spell ONLY alters the appearance (sound, sight, touch, smell) of targets, it does not grant any knowledge of the person or persons being portrayed. A small shard of glass is need to focus on the target(s). All of the targets must be visible through the shard for this to work, to cast it on yourself simply hold the glass before your eye in the same manner. After the theurgist has viewed all of the targets, and/or has selected himself as a target, he must break the shard by stomping on it.

[Excellent] Hall of Mirrors: After mastering the common Mirror Image spell Nathan was able to alter it so drastically so that everyone in the spell's radius is mimicked by three illusory versions of themselves that sound and move just like the targets. The battle confusion created by this has aided Nathan more times than he can count; even with the help of three illusory counterparts. Taking in hand a bundle of small items (stones, matches, or even dirt) the caster tosses them through the air violently while reciting a difficult phrase, "Aul bur cein urwich!"

{Average] Faded Writings: With this spell Nathan is able to write script that is only decipherable by his target. Only another Illusionist will recognize the jumbled script as magical. The ink must be left in a silver chalice during the crescent moon on a window sill for it to attain these properties.

{Good} Phantasmal Killer: An illusory assassin that hunts the target through their dreams night after night, the stress brought on by being hunted and killed by their worst fear drains the target's will. Many a rival mage has been defeated by Nathan through use of this spell. Nathan must renew this spell once a month. He does not know what form the assassin takes unless he tracks it down through the target's dreams or it is told to him. A spider or demon(these symbols are meant to inspire fear, you may wish to substitute this for something else like a rearing dragon or slavering dog) talisman is needed for this spell. The caster must display the talisman before the target, the target need not see the talisman for this to work. After displaying the talisman the caster must focus on one of his own fears and form an evil eye with the index and middle finger of either hand.

[Average] Open/Close: This spell allows Nathan to casually unlock and lock mundane mechanisms. A small container and a draconic phrase are all that's need for this spell. Open the container slowly and as you do say, "Emases nepo."


[Excellent] Orator: Through the years, in his service to the God King, Nathan has been tasked as a representative of Azrael. In that time he has nigh perfected the art of giving speeches at any place and time.

[Above Average] Move Silently: Even as a small child Nathan was good at evading notice, and when competing with his fellow apprentices he found that his opponents were always alert for spells, but many failed to guard against more mundane intrusions.

[Average] Climb: A boon from his youth, Nathan can traverse low cliffs and anything with good hand-holds.

[Very Poor] Jump: Wizards do not "jump."

Weapons A smaller dagger which sees more use as a letter opener and a simple, if extremely well made, walking staff.

Equipment A ledger, magically sealed.

Accessories A small seal on a chain representing his status.


Group Affiliation The God King's Court

Relatives His father, Jason Thoreaux

Marital Status Engaged*

Residence Moonglade Manor

Social Rank Advisor to the God King

Occupation Politician

Blood Pact He has a blood pact to the God King, which was sworn during his apprenticeship.

Bio/History Nathan's mother died in childbirth. Having a son to support, and needing a change of scenery after his wife's death, his father, a scribe, moved his family to the God King's capitol city in search of work. He became a counter for the vast army. Over time, with hard work and dedication, the scribe earned a place inside the palace as a cataloger.

In the time it took his father to earn a place in the palace Nathan had become a wild child and spent his days sneaking into places where he shouldn't be. It was on one such a occasion that Nathan first saw the God King. He was in a back room of a grand library when he heard voices. He could find no where to hide. As the voices came closer he became increasingly panicked. He could see the speaker's shadow right before he rounded the hall. Nathan closed his eyes tight and-

Silence. When he opened his eyes Azrael stared back into them. The moment seemed to drag on forever as he gazed into the eyes of the most powerful being in all of Cam Lire, possibly the world. The God King's attendees looked about in confusion. The God King broke gazes with Nathan and continued walking down the hall, his retinue confused at his actions. Nathan waited until they were out of sight, he stood breathing heavily. After a few moments he glanced at a mirror and screamed. He wasn't there! Suddenly his reflection sprang onto the surface as if it had always been there. He didn't tell his father what happened.

The next day a tutor arrived from the palace to teach Nathan his numbers and letters. A week later and the boy and his father were moved to a Manor outside the palace. By the time he was thirteen Nathan was learning how to harness his magics effectively in service to the God King. Within a few years he was chosen along with a small number of individuals to learn at the feet of the God King himself.

This time was a dark one for Nathan. He was separated from his father and lived in the monastery-like catacombs underneath the palace where his everyday was a taxing battle of intrigue and magic as he and his peers were trained and pitted against one another.

Many years later he was a favored of the God King's apprentices. Nathan was once again chosen, this time to lead a mission of sabotage in a foreign country. He kept a few fellow apprentices informed of where his efforts were taking him in inciting the people against their ruler. One of these betrayed him. He was forced to flee the city ahead of assassins.

When he finally knelt in front of the God King, after months of harried travel, his peers had spent the last few months he was away filling the God King with doubt. Nathan still has nightmares of raging abyssal fires.

Nathan has spent a year out of the God King's sight. In that time he has been working very hard in the capitol city to strengthen ties between the various notables in the city and the palace. He has subtly blown out the embers of unrest wherever they have appeared, but he fears keeping the capitol free of violence and chaos will not be enough.To make matters worse a liveried servant has just come to his manse with news.

*: His marriage is arranged. When and who is not up to him.

As of yet no mount, but if and when I get one I will fill this out.


Body Markings:
Scar Tissue:











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