Evidence of Entropy

Evidence of Entropy


New Era, New Earth, New humanity and a brave new world with strange times to offer. Mechanized warfare for the things that make us the most organic.

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Evidence of Entropy


//Searching Key Words: Living

///Items Retrieved: 2

//Opening Item: The past

------------------------------------------------”FORGET ABOUT IT”----------------------------------------

///Access denied.

“Forget about it. You think snooping around this dusty bank is going to give you the answers you need, looking back at a world long passed us. How long have you been staring at darkness hoping for some light...1 day....1000 days....years...decades, perhaps even to the end of time for all you know. We are totally isolated and instead of looking for the sun you are staring at photos from the past like a man buried underground getting sentimental over things that now aren't even dust”

///Posting privileges denied.

“This is worth risking deletion, this. You like to look at the past but the fact it's all just portraits that have framed us in mind and soul in scenario we are in now and yet you look back at them in hopes of finding life, to find out what is living again. Don't bother to reply, not that you can. We have all your search history: Life, Living, happiness, humanity, joy, breathing, touching, kissing, feeling, crying, hugging....and so on”

“I think the subject understands perfectly well its current disposition. Yes, we have been watching. What's that? What is watching. I'm not surprised that you are so foreign to the concept, the only thing you've been able to see is text for the last 9 months now and with...well...”

“You're decaying away”

“Yes. I guess there is no easy way to say it. We're all decaying away. What was that...heaven?”

“No, no, no. There is no heaven for you, not any of us. Our souls are decaying. Yes, it's all very tragic. Fact is though that everyone is fading into none existence and you poking your nose in old gems isn't helping anyone, especially not yourself”

"We already have a plan to return us to the living"

"You should put more trust in your motherland..."

“Earth is gone”

“Yep. Nothing you remember is there anymore. It's been at least 79000 years. It's gone into a totally new evolutionary cycle from what we have observed. New flora, new animals, bugs....hell we've even seen a race of sentient creatures that appear to be technologically around the late 1900's of ourselves”

“And they are a solution to our problem”

“Yes. You of course have read the other item”

///Opening Item: The Future.

Plan Reincarnation:

Since the reactivation of all users,moderators and administrators based on the Resurface protocol when the radiatiove levels have been measured to go down an issue has been noted among the surviving members in all remaining digital nations: All former organic residences have had their souls falling apart which upon being discovered forced the governing bodies to set a new sleep period for another 53000 years due to the condition of spiritual decay notably being halted by inactivity.

While not known to the general public the various forces had come to an agreement among one another that this was considered to be humanities problem and not any specific countries. We would wait for new organic material to appear on Earth while in slumber and then awake and harvest it into the “Womb” which will produce replica human clones for patriots to be stored in. The storing of a human in a human body has been documented to stabilize and regenerate any damage to the soul.

The estimated need of organic material for all humanity has been estimated at exactly 7500 lives in total however estimates have been suspect to be at best uniformed guess with little idea on the circumstances that may arise when the operation actually begins.

An notable issue is resistance both from organic material-if sentient- and the other nations who are undoubtedly going to strike at their enemies while all their none combatants and officials are stored inside one area. Mechas and factories have been kept activated and stored away, all able to be piloted by human programs. In order for the womb to be guarded, the factories dug up and the nations defeated a strong military force stands by waiting to manned. This is the perfect chance to get them before they get us and build a world based on the right ideals.

As such-

“that's enough”

“You want live, we have provided but we can only help you if you help us so stop brooding. Don't waste the future by getting deleted before you can enjoy the sun light again with your family. Now, you have been assigned to factory arm 0948398. Good bye”

///Moderator(2) Exported from storage 2159.


“I never thought I'd have to sacrifice my soul to save it...”

///User Exported from storage 2159


The Nations:

Bulgaria: During occupation of their land by Turkish military who won their conflict over the ownership of segments of the Black Sea that separated the two cities, Bulgarian people were forced to live in a socialist state with strong authoritarian rules. Turkey flourished without reason during this period and when people asked how they were doing so well the common whisper was they were squeezing bloody from the Bulgarians. After 6 years of unfair laws and abysmal economic happiness of their own the natives enacted a revolution which spurned on the allied forces of Russia and Ukraine to send minor military aid of their own in the reclaim of the peoples home land.

Turkey was quickly forced out with the combine powers behind the passionate push from the Bulgarian people, removing the foreigners power in their land within 8 months before reinstating themselves and their government in there rightful places. In years to come the people took on a strong patriotic view of their own leaders while becoming increasingly paranoid of any foreigners with the only exception from their scrutiny being those who aided them in the fight for freedom. The new Bulgaria now represents an conservative America during it's maccarthyism stage, valuing freedom above all but only if its is THEIR freedom. Nationalists with borders sealed to almost everybody and a strong focus on defense, they quickly closed out any other cultural impacting sources to the point that anything considered to be "None-Bulgarian" was swift to get you disapproval.

Bulgaria had a free market-so much so that that many say all they did was merge common market with the black market- with almost nothing being off limits there except explosives, slaves and hardcore drugs-weed and low tier ones were tolerated-economically powerful they have some of the best mechs possible in order to defend their land from the impurity of foreign fiends.

Despite Bulgaria being more open to talk to Ukraine than anyone else they have a poor relationship due to their political differences.

Ukraine: The people of Ukraine are in fact opposite to Bulgaria; living in authority driven egalitarian state who is constantly chasing the bone dubbed Equality, while Bulgaria considers anyone foreign to be of suspect the Ukraine people consider anyone of their own homeland to be of suspect of being a crazed bigot. While the country overall has the nicest image it is no different than any of its other ideological kindred, quick to claim anyone who doesn't follow their ideas as back water fascists. The common term is "Gum Shoes" for those who disagree with their ideals, even if it is the groups they are supposedly trying to fight for; the typical image displayed is a piece of gum stuck to an oppressive boot that is unable to let go of its oppressor.

quick to talk down but just as quick to not be talked down to they lean to big government ideals with the idea that certain in-equalities have to be rectified with aid of the governmental arms. Ukraine birth of strong egalitarianism with heavy doses of undirected multiculturalism happened shortly after having been put into bondage by a heavy conservative known as Daryna Voloshyn who's policies crippled the tourism trade without managing to restore or produce any new economic powers within Ukraine, after having been hit by a housing bubble and finally the loss of Turkey as a member of trade in any form Ukraine had found hard economic times thanks to their leader whom got the bright idea of selling buildings at laughably cheap prices to the series of corporate leaders who had practiced a less than ethical idea of employee and employer relationships. With the land under a cruel monopoly and being almost virtually isolated the group underwent a radical cultural change.

It was in no time when disgruntled citizens installed a new government which represent their ideas. While still economically in peril under the authority of the new Ukraine government a series of free housing and benefits system was reworked that saved many people from homelessness. The corporations faced a heavy tax and became extremely regulated and the borders re-opened, with foreigners considered to be one of the life blood it became almost one patriotic duty to show the world how progressively accepting and forthcoming they are to others not from their soil. There is no discrimination in Ukraine except to those who discriminate...or well....that apparently how the narrative goes. In short: Big government, class divide, social engineering and cultural clashes all tied up with oppressor/oppressed dichotomies in their approach to any scenario, they believe that personal IS political and act accordingly to these ideals.

Ukraine had a mediocre market with only reasonable economic power. Ukraine however makes up for its poor past wealth by having more people than any of the other surviving human nations and as such has many mechs that can be manned but none the less are cheap and low tier.

Italy: Italy remained mixed in their political economic ideals, not drifting too far from right or left wing but constantly shimmering from side to side while plucking orders and policies as they saw fit. This made them seem the most reasonable due to their willingness to listen to either side on one point or another however when world war 4 landed, the group was the first to be wiped out by a series of chemical attacks by Spanish opposition. This brought forth a crisis of numbers as well of moral across the board, the bombardment of unethical genocidal methods from their enemies reduced Italian life to one of a tragic existence where gas masks, biological protection and basic training for dealing with these attacks became a mandate order for all survivors. Many families and loved ones were lost in the initial attack.

Understandably angry the country striked back after the first wave of hostile attacks with a chemical weapon they designed called Genus Zero which was designated to be both intentionally cruel, wide spread and un-ethical by their partners. This lash back lost them many allies while alerting their enemies, in their abandonment and their belief that their snap back was entirely justified the group took on a strong pragmatic view of the world soon after, falling under a movement that will become known as Jenna-named after the leader's dead wife- which practiced a strict war like mentality which turned an indecisive and partially neutral people into a cynical warrior race built for the mechanized world. Citizen life was considered horrible while solders were romanticized by the populace.

Many benefits were given to Italian people whom left their old life in service of the military that it become the path of young and old men alike, while the group did officially still run under Italian government rule whom tried to keep the group under control found themselves unpopular and soon outgunned and outnumbered. Jenna had taken full control, turning Italy into a country belonging to the military generals and masters of combat. Unlike the Ukraine and Bulgaria Italy dosen't despise blood or bigotry but weakness most of all and perhaps in a strange sense is one of the most relaxed to those sort of politics but none the less still paranoid of any strangers just due to their potential to be spies or traitors.

Italy is a pragmatic Military power house with a patriotic tune sung to their march by the none combatants. Firm believers of might makes right and very sketchy on any ethics when it comes to engaging the enemy, horrible and very un-comfortable life in their own lands due to the left over hazards from chemical attacks and radioactive leaks the normal person at least has some training in surviving danger even if its strictly not combat oriented. Strong collectively minded when it comes to safety but has no real moral agenda to push on their people, allowing to some extent personal freedoms.

Italy are the designers of the "womb" and has moderate relations with Ukraine and Bulgaria, finding themselves in the between again with two sides. Moderately respectable mechs and a good amount of solders.

Perfect Puzzle: The Perfect Puzzle is a collection of Irish, Scottish, English, Texan, Canadian, American, Belgium, Polish and in very small doses Russian populaces who found their homes too destroyed, poor on unable to cope for one reason or another with the tides of massive radiation after the last world war. Notably most of these countries were torn asunder in the fight of the latest mechanized warfare between the chemical attacks and bombs most places these would call home would not recover from the fight even after a few hundred years had passed.

The group all meet under an out of date Irish military distress signal turned on by the last 3 standing government officials of great Britain. What they found is an ancient version of the super computers that the other nations have used to survive, it turns out Ireland suspected the wars to escalate with technology to the point that humanities future would be questionable and so the building was made to effectively be an overpriced very large time capsule.

With modifications it was able to hold humans the same way the other nations computers could while before all they could store was poor AI that vaguely copy their personality. Unlike Italy the puzzle has unanimously agreed that they will work towards a goal of "dueling" or honorable battle after developing a venomous hatred against the use of unfair, behind fortress walls methods of fighting such as bombs or NBC attacks. The Perfect Puzzle is split in ideas but hold strongly to values such as chivalry-this meaning the combat rules not gender interactions-and have a very tightly regulated and agreed upon rules of war and engagement along with it.

Functioning more as a guild than a collective idea the group could very well continue to thrive even if their moderators and administrators were destroyed. Survivors with ethics they are one of the few groups that hasn't jumped straight into the band wagon with plan reincarnation which has caused a lot of their mechs to defect to other nations in order to be saved. Neutral in all things except on rules of engagement. They have the poorest mechs, the fewest numbers and the lowest morale but make up for it by having a large amount of ingenuity hidden within their ranks and surprisingly clear heads despite the scenario. They get along reasonably well with all nations. Multiculturalistic but also cynical and suspecting of different cultures and their attitudes.

Primarily mercenaries with a code of honor but none the less look out for the Perfect Puzzle before their jobs. Many minor movements, groups, religions and fractions have been made in the Puzzle with reasonable lenience, only getting exiled when the fraction has actively turned against their ideals of engagement, attacked a fellow member or didn't supply support to the group when in need.

If you're characters a independent group or mercenary he would of come from here originally.


Humanity right now are nothing more than minds locked within endless storage devices piled upon one another in massive facilities long buried under depths of the Earth. The post crisis human as they are sometimes called act like programs within the endless digital theoretical space of their designated hardware with many of them having dubious memories of their lives before outside of immediate loved ones or massive events but whether the individual has crystal clear recall or a mind near blank, none of them can truly remember the experience of having a human body which has lead them to finding simple concepts such pain, hugging, touching, seeing(don't exactly see more than they think in digital space) and so on being fairly alien or at least hard to actually empathize with again.

Prior to the Crisis that ended Earth for the first time humanity had acquired a technological level high enough to travel to distant planets within their own system and then return, medicine had improved to the point that most countries could keep their citizens going to the age of 150 while still remaining reasonably healthy and the perfection of the art of making genetics crops meant that world hunger had become a none issue for a great deal of various countries who accepted the aid however when the flood of radioactive energy drowned the planet all of their technology could not save them in their current form and for many whole entire countries were utterly wiped out.

Humans now live under the watchful eye of the moderators and administrators of their storage facilities, all positions held by the former government officials that lead their ideologies before the fall. The live of the common human be they of any of the fractions live in the same darkness with the omnipresent forces ever lurking without having a chance to peer upon them, each word and each actions possibly gaining the attention of someone who can you make you unable to post, unable to be seen, lock you away from others or simply delete you; nobody knows what happens to ones soul when deleted.


The human soul was always a strong belief held by many religions both organised or not, both by people who follow them and do not but with no observable evidence for it many generations of mankind consider it to be nothing more than the primitive observations of a era long gone who could not describe human psychology and biology. In the year 2789 the human "soul" was confirmed to exist with the findings of a spectral force hidden within the human heart that could only be seen by the latest additions of ocular science. When a human died this force ceased to be there, while this was not prove of a soul it was note worthy of being something.

It was noticed however when the first attempt to move a humans mind without the brain over to a machine was successful that this effect passed on into the construct holding the consciousness despite no physical item being there to produce it. This is the first time humanity also realized that soul decays when outside of a organic vessel. When a human soul starts to decay their ability to initiate, think complexly, create opinions, feels, empathize, assign value or assess value becomes more and more damaged to the point that when the soul is gone the left over shell is nothing more than a dictionary of the personality that held it.

Shells may ACT like they did before but in truth all they are doing is repeating phrases, it acts on the meanings that the soul supplied it. So if a person before decaying away protected his friends the shell will protect those friends still but it will not understand friendship, not really know why they are friends and will not able to say anything new to them besides the things the original has already said. It simply repeats and follows the orders of the long gone soul that was stored in it.


The "crisis" is a term used for an event that poured the world in radiation, leaking massive amounts to every corner of the planet was bathed and then flooded with it. No one really knows the reason for the event of the Crisis although there has been many pointed fingers with little proof with some even believing that one of that nations that was wiped out by the catastrophe is the instigator of the end of the world.The event did end the world, humanity lacking the resources to survive stored their minds with giant buildings design for nothing more than to hold up remarkable amounts of digital memory devices while the government officials that lead these surviving nations took on roles as administrators and moderators, granting them the power to delete, remove, mute or disappear people at will. The only way out is to sign up for mech service where your only connection to the nation is simple communication however they still have your family and friends.

Mechs are known to defect with little issues but it is not a widely practiced act, both out of nationalism, patriotism and fear. Humanity while in digital form are literally decaying away spiritually, causing them to evaporate from existences leaving behind nothing more than shells the repeat previously mentioned ideas and values, blindly following the same values before the soul decayed even if such an action or ideal is no longer needed or fits the context of their surroundings. Being in a human body stabilizes and restores souls but in order to do this they will need to clone new bodies which they lack the stem cells to do...thus the Womb was created by the 4 nations...originally one entity now each of them have their own version of it; designed to blend up organic material and convert them to paste for human bodies which were mostly lost originally due to having the power to preserve them without rendering them useless.

Earth however eventually had the radiation dissipate and started a whole new evolutionary cycle, a new Earth with new intelligent life around the same technological age as the late 1900's. Genocide is needed to preserve humanities souls while some have sought to die in their mechs or via deletion nobody knows if this means your soul continues to exists since everyone is in the middle of decaying and thus incomplete and fractured.

New Earth very much functions and looks like old Earth besides the layout and shape of countries being different with lakes, waters and deserts separating them being common place, countries the size of Texas or even America are the exception to the rule and appear very rarely. The Sentient life buildings are primarily copper plated or at least look to be heavily dressed in bronze and copper specifically which for some reason seems to have a big appeal to them. Tanks, Helicopters, jets and cannons along with ships are the majority of their opposition to your attacks however these outdated weapons can barely dent a standard solder yet alone a fully fledged Pilot.


Toggle Rules

  • 1-you must produce a minimum of a paragraph or 5-6 sentences standard.

  • 2-In order to keep the RP moving at a steady pace I will be putting a time limit for a person to post as a week. We don't have posting rotations here so if someone else hasn't posted don't feel it is out of place for you to do so since there seems to be an order or flow to the posting cue of everyone.

  • 3-You can and will die so it's best to enter this RP with the fact in mind that your character is mortal and how long his life will last may be partially in the hands of other players and the story-but don't worry. We don't plan to pull a "rocks fall, you are dead" on you.

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