Buffalo NYIdelkys Hammer

"Sorrow in the air as I lay a trail of destruction. Yet, who is the one weeping?"

a character in “Evolve”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alias: Infection

Age: 26

Height: 6'0

Weight: 150

Hair: Mid-back white hair that is braided in the middle and loose at the ends. It levitates whenever she uses her powers, whether or not there is wind.

Eyes: White eyes that are very sharp and cold. They glow white whenever Idelkys uses her powers or is angry,

Physical Structure: Very curvy as you can see in the picture. Idelkys height and stature resembles an amazon.

Extra Extremities: None.

Skin Tone: Smooth copper skin.

Scars: None but she does have a tattoo in her nether regions that glows white when she uses her powers. The 'tattoo' is actually a brandishing.

Power: Airborne Infection: Idelkys can release particle size virus bacteria that infects any hosts surrounding her, unless she specifically chooses not too. (Like if an ally is next to her.) The virus decomposes the host from the inside out. It can enter the host either through an orifice or if Idelkys really concentrates, it can enter through pores (most notably, the skin). Can only create 50 every 5 minutes. (20 is needed to infect a regular human or small object. 30 is needed for a regular mutant. 40 is needed for an advanced mutant.)

Miniature bombs: Idelkys can release small explosive bombs through the things she touch. They require a large amount and explode when Idelkys commands them to. Over 1,000 is needed to properly explode a tree. Can create 200 every 2 minutes.

[Usually battles are fast paced so the time recharge goes by minutes. Is that Okay?]

Poisonous Mist: Weakest ability, Idelkys always breathes mist that is pure white. Only when in a closed area does the mist actually collect and can cause damage, and people around her for too long shows some internal damage, which can heal without medicine when they leave her presence.



Idelkys is a very calm woman. She isn't the type to fight, even when someone attacks her. Many people view her as strange and mostly scary because of her calm composure, commanding voice and cold eyes. In some cases, Idelkys can be seen with a singe tear in her eye, showing some sadness to her, but people rarely see it. The few who earn her respect can see the warmer side of Idelkys, the side that smiles, and if the joke is right (a good pun will do) a laugh. But not many people impress the austere Idelkys, and so she continues to be seen as weird, even by some mutants.


Idelkys always wears a white trench coat that goes to her knees and white 5 inch heels. The trench coat covers her body, hiding her rather trampy outfit, which resembles a bathing suit. Only when Idelkys engages in battle, does she take her white trench coat off.

To people that talk to her, Idelkys will offer a white mouth piece that purifies the air, so they won't be effected by her mist. She carries around twenty of the small white devices in her trench coat. They die within two hours of the first use.


Idelkys was born to a family of modest wealth, Victor and Marjolaine Hammer. They were famous actors and Idelkys was their only child. Upon the age of five, when Idelkys got her first ability, the poisonous mist, her mother started to get lung cancer. Not sure why, seeing as though neither her or Victor smoked, they searched for a doctor to help solve the mystery. Not being able to find a cure, when Idelkys was 8, her mother Marjolaine died. Now needing to spend more time with his daughter, Victor started to be a better father to Idelkys and spent his free time with her. He too got lung cancer and was confused. When he realized Idelkys was breathing a white mist, he went to go get it checked out, and the doctors revealed that it was poisonous and the reason for the cancer. Which also revealed Idelkys being a mutant.

Angry, confused and heartbroken, Victor abandoned Idelkys in a dark alley. His health greatly improved and so did his acting career, not only was Idelkys mist effects able to heal with time, they improve the general health of the host afterwards. Though Victor's career and love life improved, Idelkys life took a turn for the worse. She was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave for many years, which is the result of her 'tattoo', and was exchanged from master to master, each dying of lung cancer. She emancipated herself on the discovery of her second power, miniature bombs. And by the age of 18, Idelkys was a fierce warrior who's hate and resentment was released on dangerous criminals and government S.W.A.T.

On the discovery of her third power, Idelkys rage finally calmed down and she reflects on her past actions. She feels remorse and at times is self hating of her mutant abilities, which only leads a trail of destruction. Now at the age of 26, Idelkys is a seasoned fighter, and only fights when the situation calls for it. And she will always be on the side of mutants, especially the ones like her.

EDIT: Idelkys hair was black, but after her second power developed, her hair changed to white.


So begins...

Idelkys Hammer's Story