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Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult

Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult

In you is the soul of a hero, powered by a divine spark granted by the gods. In you is the power to change the world and right ancient wrongs. In you is the inherited destiny and legacy of a legend. Go forth young champion and conquer. [Full]

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I am currently building a discord group for this roleplay. If your interested in joining please pm me for an invite. It'll be easier for me to explain this mess that way ^^;;

Spanning A world of splendor and majesty. Of horror and conflict. Forged by Primordial's vast beyond comprehension. Maintained by Gods glorious in their divinity. Besieged by the Fair Folk capacious and mad as the Wyld that spawned them. Plotted against by Demons bitter in their defeat. Undermined by Ghost vengeful in their deaths.

And defended by Exalted legendary in their deeds!

In the beginning there was the wyld, an endless and formless sea of unshaped and raw essence that churned and twisted in an unending tide of madness with out cause or function. Then from the wyld came the primordial's, the first of all shaped beings. So immense were these beings that each of their bodies was a world unto itself. And their existence housed such great spirits that they each possessed not one soul but in fact a multitude to define their form, with these souls each possessing a cadre of lesser souls of their own. At the primordial's coming, around them would swim the Rashaka, which mortal men would come to call the fair folk out of fear. The fair folk were appalled by the primordial's, for their defined forms polluted the purity of the wyld's chaos. In their outrage they made war upon the primordial's, seeking to destroy all shaped things. A war that would continue even onto this very day.

The primordial's would tire of these quarrels with fair folk and desired a shelter for themselves to wait out the eternal storm of chaos. And so they reached out to take hold of the shifting strands of essence around them and wove it into a new shape and from their labors sprain Creation, and to maintain their Creation so that the wyld's currents would not erode it back into madness the primordial crafted the Gods. After these mighty spirits were constructed the Primordials then made mortals, who's prayer's and worship would provide quintessence and ambrosia which the gods craved, and they made mortals weak so that they would depend upon the gods who in turn would have incentive to do their duties to ensure mortal survival and the continued devotion that came from them.

With their labors complete an themselves satisfied with what they had constructed the primordial's sat down to play their games. But all would not be well for long, as the Primordial's would prove to be callous and neglectful slave masters. As many mortals and gods suffered it would not be long before the Unconcerned Sun, mightiest of the gods, would suggest to his fellows the overthrow of their creators. But the Primordial's had foreseen this possibility and laid upon the gods a Geas in their creation that denied them the right to raise a hand against their makers. But this Geas did not apply to mortals, for because they had been made frail the primordial's were certain that nothing mortal could ever harm them.

Seeing this folly the gods came with a plan. They would take the greatest of mortal champions and empower them with a fragment of the god's own divine spark. And from this act these champions became the Exalted, demi-gods chosen of the Incarnae. They were the Solars, chosen of the Unconquered Sun, named Lawgivers and leaders of the exalted host. They were the Lunars, chosen of Luna, named Consorts of the Solars and their prime warlords. They were the Sidereals, chosen of the five maidens of fate, named Viziers and advisers. And they were the Terrestrials, chosen of the Five elemental dragons, named Dragon Blooded and most numerous of the exalted host.

With the backing of the gods behind an them the exalted did battle with the primordial in a cataclysmic war that shook Creation. An uncountable number of lives were lost and many things that once graced the world were lost, never to be made again, but in time the long battle came to an end and the exalted stood victorious. At the request for mercy by Gaia and Autochthon, the only two primordial's to side with the gods against their siblings, the exalted sealed those primordial that surrendered away in a prison made from the flesh of their own leader king malfeas, whom they turned inside out.

This act done and their makers banished, the gods granted rulership over the mortal world whilst the divines to residence in heaven. Under the leadership of the exalted, creation would enter a new golden age of wonder fulled by great works of sorcery and just leadership. This was the first age of the world and all knew properity in its time. All was not well though, for those primordials that had been slain during the fighting found their souls to vast and to complicated to pass into the wheel of reincarnation. Never designed to handle it's makers deaths, this celestial devise was damaged by their demise and the slain titan's souls fell into a dark abyss that formed around them as they became the Neverborn, beings that lie eternally dying. From their tomes in this new underworld the Neverborn spitefully cursed the exalted that had slain them. This curse slowly wormed it's way into the hearts of the exalted, where it festered and worked to corrupt them.

Most heavily did this curse effect the solars who's virtues turned to vice. The once just lawgivers slowly fell into paranoia, greed, vanity and cruelty. Were once they used their magics to aid their subjects they then used them to wreak such terribly torments in their growing madness. In the face of their leaders growing madness the sidereals concocted a plan. They whispered secret thoughts of rebellion into the minds of the dragon blooded whom had already grown disgruntled in their service to the solars. Embolden by their puppet masters the dragon blooded rose up in a bloody uprising known as the Usurpation, murdering their solar masters and driving their lunar mates towards the edges of creation where the wyld lapped at it's shores. To prevent their solars reincarnation and forestall an eternal war the sidereals sealed their souls in a prison of magical jade and sank it beneath the inland sea before using their magic's to erase all memory of themselves from the world. With none left to oppose them the dragon blooded established a shogunate in place of the old solar deliberative and again the world knew peace if only in a lessened state. In time the dragon blooded found themselves unequal to the task of maintaining the sorcerous wounder of the first age, many of which required solar magics to maintain or function. Eventually dragon blood would fight dragon blood over the dwindling magical resources of the first age, only periodically uniting under a strong shogun until the next succession crises split them into civil war once again.

In the shadows of the underworld the Neverborn were not silent either. When the solars had been slain some of their ghost had passed through the underworld. The Neverborn came to them with offers to regain their lost powers and a chance of revenge against their murders. Free from the corrupting influence of the Great curse in their deaths all save thirteen of the solar ghost refused. Those that accepted became the deathlords, powerful undead servants who established dominion over the underworld in their master's name. When the dragon blooded fell into infighting the deathlords saw their chance. Using terrible dark arts they conjured a horrible disease known only as the great contagion and set it loose upon creation where it swept across the land slaying nine out of every ten living things it touched. Then they gave word to fair folk beyond creations shores and informed them of the living worlds weakened state. Taking the chance given to them the Rashaka launched a great crusade against the world and ravaged creation destroying much of it as they went. In the final moments before the worlds doom, one young ragon blooded officer braved the magical defenses ancient fortress of the old solar deliberative. There in she found a mighty super weapon known as the sword of creation which she activated to rain destruction on the fair folk armies and route them from creation.

With the forces of madness in full retreat this woman crowned herself empress of the blessed isle and wielded the power of the fortesses weapon to force adherence to her rule. A cult known as the Immaculate order who praised the dragon blooded for their defeat over the 'Solar Anathema' proclaimed her a messiah and legitimized her rule. Thus was founded the Realm and the beginning of the Second age. For seven and a half centuries the Scarlet Empress has maintained her rule over the Realm. With the secret backing of the Sidereals Her nation has become the greatest of all the world, the one true remaining super power in creation with all other nations paying tribute to her save those rebellious few in the scavenger lands to the east. Once again the world knew an age of stability. Once again though, this would not last.

In Realm Year 763, during an inauspicious time of the year known as the calibration, the scarlet empress vanished without a trace. With know clear successor in line for the scarlet throne, the eleven great dynastic houses that claim familiar blood from her all find themselves piloting against one another as the realm faces what may be it's first civil war. At the edges of the wyld the Lunars smell the growing weakness of the realm and ambitiously plan their return to creation proper. Beyond these shore of creation, the fair folk stir. And in underworld the Deathlords have gain decided to tip their hands. First they sent their own servants to find the jade prison and smash it open to steal the shards of solar essence, and harvest it for their own uses. With these shards they have forged a new breed of exalted, the Abyssal exalted, chosen of oblivion, the Deathknights and servants of the Neverborn. The Deathlord known as Mask of Winters was first to put these new servants to use, sacking the city of Thorns and establishing a foot hold in the living world.

All is not lost in this final moment however, as the servants on the Deathlords were only successful in acquiring half of the solar shards in their theft. The rest escaped their clutches and fled to find new host worthy of their power. For the first time in thousands of years, solar exalted are once again being born in the world.

You are one of these exalted. Born into a Time of Tumult. Great deeds and great trials await for you. What tales will you write for the future?

The starter plot

For you it was an odd occurrence. Not impossible, for you may have seen many strange things since you exalted, but still you found yourself put off by the sight of a crystal winged Osprey bird descending towards you in the night. Clasped in it's beak was an elegantly bound scroll inscribed with your name. Curiosity and courtesy bid you to open the spirits message, and within written in silver ink you read these words.

Honored Exalted
Your presence is requested at the spire of Fakharu, Censor of the Celestial Buracracy and Dragon of Water, for a matter of personal interest. We have heard of your previous exploits and beleive you may help us in a mater most dire. If you will listen to our petition then journey to the nearest sea shore. A ship will be there at the sunset of your arrival and bare you to your destination.

Just as the letter had stated, when you approach the sea at twilight, you find a ship built of ivory awaiting for you with no crew and piloting itself under it's own mysterious power. As you sit aboard it takes to the sea and disappears into mist and reappears at an entirely new port where you find another holding the same letter as you. Slowly as the night moves on the boat acquires more passengers one by one as it makes it's way westward with supernatural speed.

The truth of the matter is this. In the Great western ocean a trio of siren sisters have long suffered in servitude under a storm mother named Sikunare. Eventually freed of her, they sought vengeance for her cruelty during their tenure under her care. As it just so happens, they learn that the Western Celestial Censor Fakharu, a lesser elemental dragon of water, had fallen in love with a mortal woman named Amarel and taken her to be his mistress. Knowing they lack the power or support to threaten Sikunare on their own, they kidnap Amarel in order to blackmail Fakharu into starting a conflict with the storm mother.

The demands are simple, use his position as Celestial Censor to arrest Sikunare on whatever charges, real or imagined, and ensure her downfall. This is an impossible request for Fakharu however, for Sikunare holds a few debts Fakharu owes to her due to their own past dealings. More dearly though, for friendship could be forgotten in if need be, the storm mother has powerful friends in the Celestial Bureaucracy, some equal in rank to Fakharu himself. Knowing that she could use secrets that she had gleaned from his time with her against him if he pressed charges, the censor finds his ability to comply with the Siren's demands difficult and dangerous to try. Therefor in desperation, Fakharu sends out a call for you, and number of other scattered exalted, hoping to secure your aid in finding the siren's hiding place and rescuing his lover before the 28 day deadline approaches.


The rules for character creation are currently embedded inside of the character sheet.

As for the actual rules of the roleplay itself I will split into Magic and Combat Rules, Character Advancement Rules, and General rules.

Charm use, Essence, Damage and Recovery, and Combos

Charms are the primary power used by the exalted, and each is a technique that allows them to preform super natural feats. In general when using charms you're character is limited to one charm per post, unless it is part of a combo (more on that later). All charms cost essence motes from your essence pool, which will be listed on your character sheet. More powerful charms may also cost points from your willpower pool or health pool. All Charms should be listed with a essence cost, a stat attached that charm and a description of what it does.

Generally there are two factor's that determine a Charm's strength. The first is the amount of essence used to power the Charm. The more essence pumped into the Charm the stronger it's effect and the higher the likeliness of the exalt to succeed at what they are attempting. There is a hard limit on how much essence a character can use for one charm, which can be no greater than the relevant ability/attribute that govern's it. Further more you must master a charm of a lower essence cost before you can master one of a high cost in the same stat.

The other factor governing Charm strength is how long that last. Charms have an activation length on them, depending on what they do. Generally speaking, the charms that have a shorter duration will have more concentrated power in it's use the have greater impact that those will a longer duration. For example an athletics charm with a duration of 'one action/instant' will allow the exalt to leap across a river in a single bound, while one with with a length of 'one scene' will merely allow them to run atop the water unimpeded by it's current. Some specific charms may remain active indefinitely via 'committing' essence, effectively reducing the exalt's maximum essence pool until the charm is deactivated. Charms don't stack with other charms unless specified. Charms never stack with themselves. You can't use a Charm twice for twice the effect.

Charm lengths are: Instant, (#) of actions/post, one scene, one day, or until released.

Charm Combos are a specialized trump card that allows the exalt to activate some charms in rapid succession, a trick unique to them alone. Combo however have a high cost as not only must the exalt pay the essence/willpower cost of each charm in the combo, the exalt must also pay an extra 1 mote surcharge per charm that is part of it. When activating a combo the exalt must activate the ALL the charms that are part of it or the combo will automatically fail. You may not begin play knowing a charm combo, but may develop them as the game goes on.

Artifacts are magical devises or pieces of equipment with unique properties. The most common type of artifact's are made of the five magical metals, which each correspond to one of the exalted types. Any exalt can utilize these tools, but if they make use of one made from the magical metal that resonates with their specific type reduces the cost of activation/attunemeant by 1, to a minimum of 0. More of this will be explained elsewhere.

Sorcery/Necromancy, a dangerous but powerful tool in the exalted's arsenal. The you must decide at the start of play if your character is a sorcerer in order to use it, though it is possible for your character to learn the skill later on if you desire. Sorcery allows the exalted to work magic outside the themes of their caste type and aren't governed under the rules of charms, effecting the environment around them rather than worked through the exalts body, and in general is much more powerful than charms in their effects. The cost for this is that sorcery in general is also vastly more expensive to activate than charms and takes longer to activate, and if the sorcerer is interrupted in their casting it can have catastrophic results.

-Terrestrial Circle
The highest level that dragon blooded may learn. Though it is the most limited in scope it only a fool would soft at it for spells of this level are the fastest to cast and thus the most reliable sorcery to use in combat. Spells from this circle take two post to activate (if in combat). One to start the incantation, and the second to deploy it's power. In order to activate a sorcery the exalt must pay the essence cost plus one point of willpower.
Spells of this level can: Effect an area the size of a large house or manor, create mundane objects of non precious material in small quantities, summon demons of the first circle through an extended ritual at night, and lay a curse/blessing upon someone who is either in range or the sorcerer has a personal object belonging to that person.

-Celestial Circle
The highest level Sidereal's and lunar's. Abyssal's may use magic of this level as well but can go no further. More potent in it's effect's than the terrestrial circle at the cost of being more costly and complex to cast. Spells of this circle requires three post to be cast (if in combat), one to start the incantation, a second to bind the energies, and a third to deploy the magic. The exalt must pay the essence cost plus 2 points of willpower to activate this magic.
Spells of this level can: Effect an area the size of a village, Create mundane object's in large quantities of non precious-materials or small quantities of precious materials, summon a demon of the second circle through an extended ritual on the night of the no moon, or create temporary objects of lesser magic that will fade after a month.

-Solar Circle
The highest level of Spell casting, limited solely to use by the solar exalted. Magic of this level can be world shaking, but is highly focus intensive in it's casting and exhausting in it's essence cost. It requires four post to activate spells of this level in combat. One to begin the incantation, a second to draw upon the vast energies to power the spell, a third to bind that energy, and finally a fourth to deploy that magic. It requires 3 points of willpower along with a large amount of essence to activate spells of this level.
Spells of this circle can: Effect an area the size of a city, Create Mundane object's in a vast hordes if made of non-precious materials or large quantities of precious materials, summon a demon of the third circle through an extended ritual on the starless night of calibration, and create object's of lesser power that can last for a year or object's of greater power that last for a week.

There is a flip side to sorcery though. A dark rival that equal's it in power that was born of the abyss of the underworld. Necromancy, while not innately evil, is an unnatural mimicry of sorcery. While sorcery has the power to create and alter, Necromancy has the power to destroy and corrupt. More on this later once I have time

Each exalt has what is known as an 'anima banner', a totemic icon that represents an aspect of their soul. The Anima banner starts out invisible and immaterial, but as the exalt burns mores of peripheral essence it grows in intensity and becomes increasingly visible. This image remains so for a long time fading at a rate of one stage per scene (or or every 10-15 minutes) with the exception of the first and final stages
  1. 1-2 motes spent: At this stage the Characters cast mark appears on their forehead for and glitters if it catches light allowing some to see it from certain angles. It is possible to hide this mark under head ware or wrappings and the character may act with stealth normally without penalty. This stage fades after one hour.
  2. 3-4 motes spent: The character's caste mark glows brightly and will shine through anything placed over it, and any who look at her face will find it impossible to mistake her for what she is.Stealth charms and other such magic's used to mute sensory impressions automatically fail, however the character may still use the natural environment to hide themselves, with slight difficulty. (Abyssal caste marks will instead start to bleed rather than glow)
  3. 5 motes spent: The exalt's body is surrounded by a coruscant aura bright enough to read by in the dark, and the caste mark is alight as a burning brand on their forehead. Stealth becomes impossible at this stage.
  4. 6 motes spent: The character is engulfed in a brilliant bonfire of Essence, which burns from his feet to at least a foot above their head. Objects exposed to solar anima's might become bleached or faded as if left in the sun for several days. Most vibrant are the Terrestrial anima's for theirs become physical conduits for their elemental aspect. While their personal effects are safe, as are other supernatural creatures like fellow exalted, anything in close proximity to the dragon blooded will be bombarded with destructive elemental energies. In each case the result is that the exalt is now visible for miles and their caste mark will become engraved in the minds of any who see it.
  5. 7 motes spent: At this stage the character is surrounded by a burning image totemic to his person- a warrior bight be surrounded by a grand and mighty bull, a magician by an elaborate mandala, and so on.This effects fades during any post the character makes that they do not spend essence bu leaps back into existence from the bonfire of their anima when they again spend peripheral motes.

The exalted were created by the gods to be tireless warriors, able to undergo great stress and harm. However even their semi-divine bodies be strained by great forces. To that end the gods made sure to imbue the exalt flesh with a natural regenerative quality that can recover from all but the most sever maiming with out scaring.
  • Essence recovers at a rate on one mote per hour if the exalt is preforming low intensity activities, or two per hour if the exalt is taking time to rest.
  • Abyssal exalted recover essence differently as they can't naturally recover it while in the living world (on the flip side, only the can respire it normally in the underworld while non-abyssal can't). To circumvent this, they may drink the blood of the living to regain essence.
  • Health recovers at a rate of one hit point per two if they are receiving medical attention and bed rest. They can't regenerate limbs on their own, but bones will set themselves into place and gaping holes will slowly shrink. Mortal's take MUCH longer to heal and suffer complication's without medical assistance.
  • Willpower recovers at a rate of 1 per day, similar to health. The exalted may also earn back a point if they do something in line with their nature or motivation, such as a caretaker healing the sick.
  • Exalts are highly resistant to non magical diseases, with the worst they suffer being sore throats and slight sniffles.
  • Exalted flesh is incredibly tough. Even without the use of charms a completely naked exalt would find their skin resisting stab wounds about as well as a leather vest.

Character Advancement

Attributes cost [current score x5] xp. Or [current score x4] for Caste attributes of lunar's.

Abilities cost [current score x3] xp, except for cast/favored abilities. Those costing [(current score x3) -1].

Charms cost 10 xp, except for caste/favor-based charms which cost 8 xp.

Developing A combo cost 1 xp per charm that is part of the combo.

Raising your essence score cost [current score x8]

Code: Select all
[left][b]Name[/b]:[/left][right][b]Type and Caste/Aspect[/b]:[/right]
[left][b]Nature[/b]:[/left] Chose from this list
[right][b]Anima Banner[/b]: (Born from the personality and character of the exalt, it is an iconic image that flairs behind them when they burn great amounts of essence)[/right]
[b]Totem Animal:[/b] (Lunar's only. Their 'spirit animal' if you will and one of the lunar's 'true' forms. )

All Attributes start with one point in them, and are divided into categories of Physical, Social, and Mental. Of these categories you will decide which is your Primary (8 points to spend on raising attributes) Secondary (6 points to spend) and Tertiary (4 points to spend). This is most important for lunar's as their charms are drawn from their attributes rather than their abilities. No Attribute may be raise above 5.
[center]STRENGTH (#) DEXTERITY (#) STAMINA (#)[/center]
[center]CHARISMA (#) MANIPULATION (#) APPEARANCE (#)[/center]
[center][b]Mental [/b][/center]
[center]PERCEPTION (#) INTELLIGENCE (#) WITS (#)[/center]
Pick three that are not your caste abilities to become favored abilities. You will have 25 points to spend here but at the bare minimum 10 of these must be spent on Either caste or favored abilities.You may also pick up to five 'specialties' that exist as more narrow focused versions of the other types. No Ability can be raised above 5)



(optional: A subgroup within a larger ability that you have a particular aptitude. Such as dancing specialty from performance, sword from melee etc )
[center][size=170][u]YOUR LIFE[/u][/size][/center]
(Write here)

[b]Motivation(s)[/b] (Motivations are the personal aspirations and ambitions of a character.

(The four Virtues are core to your characters beliefs and desires. You draw strength from them when you set your self to a difficult task and give you motivation towards your goals, and they define you as a hero to the masses. But be warned, the higher the virtue the more difficult it is to ignore for the sake of pragmatism. Resist holding true towards your beliefs of right and wrong too often and you may just snap. Each virtue has one point in it, and you have five additional points to distribute how you choose, but non may go above five.  )
COMPASSION A measure of empathy and forgiveness. Characters with high compassion find strength in helping others but find it difficult to ignore another's plight.
TEMPERANCE is your self control and honesty. High temperance allows you to resist temptation or coercion, but leaves you troubled when you break oaths or tell lies.
CONVICTION  represent's how hardened the character is against hardship and stress. High conviction allows you to endure (and inflict) great pain and suffering, but makes it hard for you abandon a course of action or cause that you have committed yourself too, or admit when you are wrong.
VALOR measures you bravery and self confidence in the face of danger. High valor helps to resist fear or plunge into danger but makes it hard to ignore a challenge or insult, or flee from a foe.

(No, this not like final fantasy. The nature of the great curse the defeated primordial's placed upon their vanquishers periodically warps their virtue into twisted inversions in moments of great stress. When an exalt has been force to ignore his or her own principles one to many times they under go episode of madness in which the corruption of the primordial curse comes to the surface. When this 'snap' occurs the exalts primary virtue (the one that's ranked the highest or which ever one you prefer if they are of even rank) becomes compromised into either a twisted reflection of itself or inverted as a polar opposite of itself. The exalt is then forced to act in the terms of this new corrupted virtue until the effects of the curse finishes burning itself out. This effect can last anywhere from hours to DAYS. Though to avoid forcing too heavy a restriction on the player I'll put down a guide line that the character's break down should at least last until the end of the current scene, and after that it's up to the player to decide how long the episode will last.

Examples of Limit breaks are berserk rages, to uncontrollable crying, to a sudden bout of extreme apathy, paranoia, hedonism or whatever else you can come up with. Seriously, so long as it at least tangibly be attributed to a particular virtue in a corrupted state you can go nuts on the concept.)




Your early life? (what was your childhood like)

Your family and friends? (Did you grow up in a dynastic house of the realm tutored by servants? Child of nomadic barbarians weaned on the shamans stories? A street Urchin stealing purses with their friends for bread money? Who raised you and taught you what you know?)

Reaching Maturity? (However you wish to define 'Maturity'. Anywhere from your early teenage years to your adult life. When did you learn to accept responsibilities and the value of hard work? (Or maybe how to avoid it.) )

The events that led up to your Exaltion?(This is a dramatic shift in your characters life. A rebirth with new godly powers. A change that cannot be undone, triggered by important events that you either may or may not have had control over, and a new destiny laid at your feet, for good or ill. )

The after effects? (What did you do with your new found powers? How did you react to becoming what you are now? How did the people around you react?)

And finally how did you get where are you now and what are you going to do?
[size=170][u]MAGIC, GEAR AND TALENTS[/u][/size]
[u]Essence score:[/u] 2 (all exalt's start play at this level)
[u]Health:[/u] 0/0 (your stamina stat+3, can be raised further with an endurance charm called ox body technique. Mortal's only get their stamina in health.)
[u]Willpower pool:[/u] 0/0 (Equal to the sum total of your two highest virtues.)

[b]Essence motes[/b]
The magic of the exalted in quantified as 'motes' which can be 'burnt' to power their charms. All exalted have two pools Personal and Peripheral. Personal essence can be burned without causing the exalt's anima banner to flair and is the first one to recharge when the exalt rest to regain their power.

Essence pools are calculated slightly differently between the exalted types.
Solar's and Abyssal's essence pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+2) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 5))
Lunar's and Sidereal's Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+1) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 4))
Dragon Blooded Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence X 3))

All exalted start off with 7 charms, based of their abilities (or attributes for Lunar's).

Each 'charm' is a magical trick designed to enhance or augment the exalt's natural talents in super natural ways. The more powerful the charm the more essence it will cost to activate, with some requiring the exalt to also burn a point of willpower as well, or hit points. All charm also require a certain level of skill and spiritual enlightenment in order to learn, necessitating the exalt to to raise their essence score and their abilities/attributes if they wish to acquire stronger charms.

A combo is a specialized form of charm use that allow rapied fire activation of multiple charms at once. Using a combo allows the exalt to overcome the '1 charm per post rule' but only if they have invested the xp to learn that combo first. You may not have a combo at the start.

You may choose to exchange one of you charms to unlock the first level of sorcery, the terrestrial circle which will mark you as a sorcerer at the start of play. You will start off with only one spell that you have mastered, but may exchange more charms for more spells. For all other cases, spells are treated the same as charms xp coast wise, and are treated as 'occult' charms this purpose. You require an essence score of 3 and at least 3 in occult to learn the first circle of magic.

[b]!!!!!BONUS POINTS!!!!![/b]
You will have 10 Points to spend on any stats you wish. You may also choose to spend 4 BP to gain another charm/sorcery (or 3 if it is a favored ability/attribute). Also you may spend 3 points to start with a piece of magical gear, or 6 to raise your essence score by 1



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The West

The West by Wake

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.

The Blessed Isle

The Blessed Isle by Wake

The Heart of the world. The seat of the Scarlet Empresses power. Nesting place of the Dynastic Dragon Blooded families. Once the homeland of the gods before they retired to heaven, now it houses the greatest empire in creation. The Realm.

The North

The North by Wake

Short summers and long winters are a staple of this place. It is Grasslands dotted by hills and forest are trotted by herds of animals and the nomadic tribes that hunt them for meat and furs, before it all gives way to an endless tundra of ice and snow.

The Underworld

The Underworld by Wake

The stale and stagnate realm of the dead. Here Ghost roam, eking out a pale existence in eternal twilight. Here the Deathlords Hold sway. And here, dead titan's slumber fitfully in their tombs.

The Scavenger Lands

The Scavenger Lands by Wake

Also known as the confederation of rivers. A series of city states, republic's and principalities that defy the realm's influence, even as they squabble amongst each other.


Yu-Shan by Wake

The divine city of Heaven where the celestial court of the gods resides.


Malfaes by Wake

The demon city. Built of brass, surrounded by an endless desert and sealed outside creation within the body of the dethroned primordial king. Here the yozi and their demon spawn reside

The Wyld

The Wyld by Wake

The swirling maelstrom of chaos that laps at realities shores. The fair folk reside here, in the land where dreams and reality mix, and few that venture in return unchanged by it. If at all.

The South

The South by Wake

A land of vast and glittering desert sands. Beneath it's dunes lie countless treasures in gems and spices, and is spattered with the blood of those that have sought to clam it.

The East

The East by DevilishFae

Flush with Towering plants and massive beast ripe with the abundance of nature's bounty and a haven for those that resist the realm. As beautiful as it might seem to the outsider's eyes this place holds many hidden dangers beneath it's canopies.


Creation by Wake


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The Archipelago Of Exiles

You have been called by Fakharu, lesser Elemental Dragon of Water and Celestial Censor of the West, to aid him in a personal matter. His lover, a mortal named Amarel, has been kidnapped and and held as leverage to blackmail Fakharu into starting a dangerous political feud with one of the local spirit courts. He needs your aid to save her and bring her home, before the 28 dead line approaches. Little do you know, this task will get a lot more complicated than a simple search and rescue by the end.

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A smile appeared on the dragons face as three of the exalts gave their answer. "It relieves me greatly to hear that from each of you. The Archipelago lies 600 miles westwards from here, past the very same court of the storm mother whom the sirens seek to spite. I will gift you the same ship you arrived upon to provide transport there."

Ashen noted that by their own proclamations the three had more or less volunteered the group as a whole. He didn't mind though, he was planning on taking the job anyway and he recognized that the dragon had been maneuvering them towards this in the first place. Invite them into his house, feed them a fancy breakfast, give Lux a fancy dress, then make his request after they'd all sampled his hospitality when it'd be rude to refuse. A simple ploy that he honestly should have expected as soon as the word 'brunch' had come up. He had been making note of the emotional signals of each member as they spoke along with his charm for snatching out lies, and though he detected a smidgen of untruth from Fakharu his concern for his lover was genuine.

The more interesting responses came from the other exalts in the room. From Lux he could tell her outrage was real and in it was twinged a hint of regret? That was interesting, but it didn't seem to be targeted towards the dragon but herself. Perhaps she had experience with people being kidnapped before?

The more interesting scents came from Astrid and Artisan. Both had a mix of pity and contempt, with Artisan emitting a bit more avarice. Both of them seemed less interested in helping the dragon than they we're in either the reward or the challenge of it. He also detected a hint of disdain from them aimed towards Lux of all people. That one threw him for a loop and he couldn't figure what it was she did or said to earn that.

Regardless the changing moon decided to ask a question that the others hadn't. "So this archipelago... why is it magically hidden? And who is exiled there?" There was a pause from the dragon before he answered. "That is... a long story. The archipelago gets it's name for the fact that rogue spirits flee there for sanctuary. Lesser Gods who have fallen out of favor with the celestial order, elementals that have offended their spirit courts, even some demons that have escaped from hell or broken free of a sorcerers bindings. All of them try to escape punishments for some crime or another and the wrath of the law and seek the isles that dot that place to lay low. I will admit that I have found it politically pragmatic to ignore that stretch of the ocean, for there are those high in office in heaven that desire it be kept hidden for their own reasons. And as such I know little of the on goings there. I do know that Sikunare, the storm mother to the west, makes a business of smuggling such spirits in there and will likely know more, though I would caution discretion if you seek to meet with her."

Ashen grimaced at the thought of that. Entering a storm mother court, it was not a situation he relished the thought of. Especially not under current circumstances. For some reason he gave brief concerned glance at Calliope. She'd likely be the one at the largest danger if they went that route. "Any supplies you'd be willing to spare for this venture?"

The dragon nodded, likely expecting a bit of an extortion up front under this guise. "I can loan you a few items that may help, but for that I would like to know what strategy you plan to employ." Ashen pondered this a bit. They'd need to act fast if they wanted to nab Amarel safely, but how'd they'd do it will probably require a plan based around the groups strengths. He gave a glance to the others for suggestions.


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After hearing the dragon's request, Calliope, too, offered her support. The noble creature smiled. "It relieves me greatly to hear that from each of you. The Archipelago lies 600 miles westwards from here, past the very same court of the storm mother whom the sirens seek to spite." Calliope licked her lips at the thought of confrontation. "I will gift you the same ship you arrived upon to provide transport there."

Newly invigorated after her meal, Calliope sat on the edge of her seat as though she was ready to jump up and depart at any moment. Ashen probed for more information, and in return, Fakharu explained the pertinence of the island, presenting the difficulty it might pose for forming a proper plan.

She could feel Ashen's eyes on her once more. It was a good thing she was pink, because her renewed embarrassment would have been all too apparent. For a moment, Calliope's mind lingered on the gentle, albeit awkward gesture Ashen had displayed earlier. Her heart raced. She stared deeply into the table as she relived the moment. For some reason his additional glance only embarrassed and enraged her further. She wanted to violently demand an explanation for his behavior, but instead, Calliope forced herself back to the topic at hand.

Ashen Sky however caught the scent of her embarrasement and subsequent anger. He flinched slightly even if she didn't return his stare, for his magic made it clear to him that he was the source of her sudden turmoil even if he couldn't identify the cause. He was going to have to come up with an explanation for his actions later, even if he couldn't figure it out himself.

Calliope followed the same train of thought Ashen did. What was Fakharu willing to supply for the safe return of his betrothed? It seemed he was unwilling to reveal that information without a more defined road map. "I would offer the assistannce of the Gladomeenn armmy, but I regret your quanndry may nnot cause enough alarmm to warrannt the accordance of mmy King and Queenn." Calliope made eye contact with the beast.

"I am inclinned to ask, dear Fakharu." She began cooly, wiping her greasy hands off on a napkin. "How could you let your beloved escape you so? Be you nnot all mmighty inn your lannd?" Calliope knew not what effect her agnostic approach may invoke.

The dragon's face remained neutral, but his clawed hand did ball into a fist. He showed no sign of feeling insulted even as he spoke. "While I welcome the sentiment Calliope, I feel that it is probably for the better that your nation didn't get involved. The movement of an army would be neither swift or quiet and this endeavor requires both. As for how Amarel was abducted..." He paused to rub his face. Though hidden under his palm their was a mixture of anger and remorse in his face. "She had been collecting pearls along the island's beach when it happened. I have always allowed her to wander the grounds as she chose, and she never felt the need to take a guard with her. Perhaps I should have insited she keep an escort on her walks, but that is in hindsight now. I have come to suspect that the sirens may have had help in snatching her away though, for the island is normally carefully watched from the sea and the air."

Calliope could sense the injury she had induced, but given the circumstance, she felt entitled to hear his answer. She tried to be apathetic, in true Gladomeen fashion, but she recognized his pain. A pang of guilt and anguish washed over her, while she also maintained a neutral expression. She said nothing in reply, simply because she had nothing to say.

"In anny case, I suggest we seek allies on this 'Archipelago'. What is this saying you have? The friennd of mmy friennd is mmy enemmy? The ennemy of mmy friennd is mmy...? No mmatter." The clumsiness of her attempt at the phrase was amplified by her Sky accent. "Surely we can enntreaty the assisstannce of sommeone with our commonality. Knnow you any other person with contact onn this island?" She asked Fakharu.

Fakharu nodded slightly and seemed to consider the idea. "While again I must admit that I have intentionally avoided scruitiny the isles and thus have little knowledge of its inhabitants, and that Sikunare knows more than I, I can offer a few 'gifts' to sway favor for you if needed." He placed his elbows on the table and leaned in. "As I said my position allows me much power over the west and in the celestial order and a word of my command can grant someone much. I can provide letters of pardons for past crimes for those spirits hidding from the law, positions within my own court, material wealth, vauluble information..." He paused for a moment to consider something. "If possible you might even be able to negoitate with the Sirens themselves, or who ever they are working for. After all there must be other thing they would want then simply the disgrace of one storm mother. And if we are lucky the kiddnappers themselves might not all be in agreement by this point. If any of them show remorse or a willingness to aid in her return then I can promise to be... lenient towards them." Their was a small glint in his eye at this. "But above all remember that the immortal inhabitants of the isles were exiled for some treachery or another, and though that will likely make the desperate another treachry is neither too much or too little to expect from them."

Lux returned to her seat after her rather emotive response to Fakharu’s request, having a little bit of difficulty doing so due to the damned corset...perhaps it’d be a little bit too impassioned, but she could not help it. And it was while she was settling herself that she listened as Astrid, Artisan and Calliope confirmed that they too would lend their abilities to Fakharu’s cause. Certainly, they had different motivations than herself, but it was still comforting for the little Dragon-Blooded to know that she wasn’t going this alone after all. She listened as the conversation continued, keeping herself quiet for its duration, doing her best to absorb everything she was hearing as Calliope spoke at length with the Lesser Dragon, and the latter revealed that he could offer up little actual information on the Archipelagos, but did mention the notion of providing materials with which the party could use to sway the favor of the islands’ inhabitants....

So, they were launching into a discussion on strategy? Lux slid down in her seat a bit—she’d been the first to volunteer herself to this cause, but that didn’t mean she was going to be the first to come up with a sound plan on how to go about rescuing Amarel. Strategy was not her strongest area of expertise—typically she tended to think on the fly and acted more on instinct. She was better at improvising, but Lux knew that it would be best to come up with some kind of plan; this was on a different level than the situations she usually delved into.

Bribery and whatnot wouldn’t be the worst way to go about things, but as Fakharu had said, the Archipelagos were full of beings that’d committed one crime or another. Lux brought her hand up to her chin as she ruminated on the information provided....

“Strategy and such things are not my forte, I won’t try to fool anyone on that matter....” she started, quietly, “But, I do not think we would be any lesser for having material we could use to persuade some with. Given that we are lacking information on the Archipelagos, we’ll likely end up having to take a mixed approach to this, though.”

Biding his time to speak, Artisan finally decided to put his two cents in on the matter. "What's done is done Lord Fakharu, my concolences on the kidnapping of your beloved, but we will have her back to you soon. As for the Archipelago... it is... complicated to say the least. We could use whatever resources you have to spare. Making allies is likely the safest way to get your beloved Amarel back to you. Other methods of rescue may have incidental damages, which I'm sure you'd prefer to avoid. As for treachery, I assure you..." He paused, pondering the exact wording of what he was about to say. Failing to find a phrase that properly conveyed what he meant, he decided upon, "Well, I'm no stranger to treachery. Whatever machinations they might have, I'm sure our little group will stay out of the spider's web, and perhaps turn their own plans against those who are keeping Amarel from you."

Turning an eye to Lux, the evangelization of the islands came to the forefront of his mind. "If the Immaculate Order had any success, perhaps Lady Lux will be able to sway some minds. With the proper resources of course." Artisan was intent on squeezing what help he could from the Censor. Though he kept reassuring Fakharu that they'd safely retrieve his lover, judging by certain temperments in the party, he was less than certain. They would definitely need all the help they could get if this was going to be an expedient and successful endeavor. Astrid suppressed a snort at the Abyssal's obvious kowtowing, if it were up to her they would simply sneak into where the girl was being held, kick open the door, and spirit her away.

However partly due to the thought of a challenge, and partly due to the drink, Astrid was in a good mood and willingly to hear the assembled group out. After all had been said and done, and once Astrid was picking her teeth with a claw she proclaimed her attack plan. "Me, I'm not one for words. I leave it up to popular decision, but in my opinion we should go in quietly, strike hard and fast." She slammed a fist into her open palm as it to emphasize the force of their assault. "We'd have Amarel in our hands before they even knew we were there."

Artisan, though not shocked at her plan, was shocked that she thought he could sneak around even half as well as her. "Um... Miss Astrid, I can't exactly move quietly in this armor." As if only just then remembering, she looked at the assembled Celestials and lone Terrestrial. "Then don't come. Though... perhaps most of us are not up to such a task." She ended the thought with a lazy shrug.

Calliope nodded thoughtfully. "While I finnd your approach ennticing, Astrid, this dismmal creature is correct," she referred to Artisan. "Diplomacy mmay be our best option."

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