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This is a list of locations that can be found in Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult.

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The West

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         ....she definitely didn’t have the foresight or the knowledge to have knowingly prepared a suitable offering for the Storm Mother she was about to meet. After she’d made her own peace, Lux saw fit to keep quiet as the others spoke. Offering up a few quiet, polite words of gratitude toward the shark spirit as he(?) handed her a necklace made of seashells she couldn’t identify, Lux kept her gaze averted from the spirits, doing her best to maintain a sense of sang-froid She would not allow herself to be cowed by anything she encountered today, it wasn’t something she could afford. Everyone else had their own way of handling the spirits—the best course of action for herself was likely to be conversationally selective. Extremely...selective. There was no controlling how the others acted, she could only control herself.

Astrid had already dove off into the waters below as Artisan said something about herself and Ashen making the necklaces seem fitting...? A strange compliment and one Lux wouldn’t have known how to respond to in ANY situation, anyway.

Lux stared at the evidently enchanted shell talisman in her hand, ignoring the squawking raven at her side. At least...having the thing stuck to her somehow turned out to be of benefit, either some deity of luck decided to smile upon her for once, or something was going to have one Hell of a laugh at her later over it. Assumedly, the talisman would also protect the raven from drowning as well as herself...Lux did not relish the thought of diving into the deep, dark ocean, whether offered protection from drowning or not. She never was fond of open water—maybe it had something to do with her Spark being that of Fire.

Sighing, Lux brought the enchanted necklace up and fastened it around her neck as she turned on her heel and headed back into the ship to her quarters to fetch her cloak. Perhaps it would be smarter to leave it, as it may end up heavy with seawater.... But she felt the need to have it with her, regardless. ….she also felt the need to discreetly tuck away her switch blade into one of her boots. Just…in case. Indeed, she had the Lantern with her already and was not about to leave it behind, but it was not a reliable means of defense if things went sideways.

Swallowing back the anxiety that came with the thought of diving freely into the open ocean, Lux took in a deep breath to calm herself as she headed back up to the deck. She heard the sarcastic comment made by Nimin about it being a beautiful day for swimming...at least he could joke about the situation.

“So beautiful indeed, that I could just throw up....” she quipped back at the Solar as she shut her eyes and gathered her composure, shoving down her anxiety and her rationale as it fought with her over what she was about to do. Even if she knew she was protected from drowning, her sense still argued with her over what she was about to do. Lux knew well enough that if let herself think about this anymore, it’d almost be too hard to...so, without letting another thought flit through her mind, the Fire Aspect took to a dead sprint, and leapt up over the handrail of the deck, preforming an uncharacteristically graceful dive into the dark waters below, joining Astrid.

Creation The West Owner: Wake

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.

The Blessed Isle

The Heart of the world. The seat of the Scarlet Empresses power. Nesting place of the Dynastic Dragon Blooded families. Once the homeland of the gods before they retired to heaven, now it houses the greatest empire in creation. The Realm.

The North

Creation The North Owner: Wake

Short summers and long winters are a staple of this place. It is Grasslands dotted by hills and forest are trotted by herds of animals and the nomadic tribes that hunt them for meat and furs, before it all gives way to an endless tundra of ice and snow.


Yu-Shan Owner: Wake

The divine city of Heaven where the celestial court of the gods resides.


Malfaes Owner: Wake

The demon city. Built of brass, surrounded by an endless desert and sealed outside creation within the body of the dethroned primordial king. Here the yozi and their demon spawn reside

The Wyld

The Wyld Owner: Wake

The swirling maelstrom of chaos that laps at realities shores. The fair folk reside here, in the land where dreams and reality mix, and few that venture in return unchanged by it. If at all.

The Scavenger Lands

Also known as the confederation of rivers. A series of city states, republic's and principalities that defy the realm's influence, even as they squabble amongst each other.

The East

Flush with Towering plants and massive beast ripe with the abundance of nature's bounty and a haven for those that resist the realm. As beautiful as it might seem to the outsider's eyes this place holds many hidden dangers beneath it's canopies.

The South

Creation The South Owner: Wake

A land of vast and glittering desert sands. Beneath it's dunes lie countless treasures in gems and spices, and is spattered with the blood of those that have sought to clam it.


Creation Owner: Wake

A majestic world tread by heroes and gods. Once the house of the primordials, it's rule has changed hands many a time through cataclysm and war. Now the balance of power has shifted once again and it's future is uncertain.

The Underworld

The stale and stagnate realm of the dead. Here Ghost roam, eking out a pale existence in eternal twilight. Here the Deathlords Hold sway. And here, dead titan's slumber fitfully in their tombs.