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Places in Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult

This is a list of locations that can be found in Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult.

The West

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Astrid nods along while Nimin talks, not entirely following the finer points of what he was saying but making a show of pretending to; nodding up and down while putting a hand to her chin. Whether or not she was doing a good job would be up to the casual observer, the general consensus would be no. Feeling the boat set off, deck rocking beneath her feet, she looked Nimin up and down before whispering. [color=darkslateblue:2o1pzh3m]"I think you'll find if it comes down to it, Spirit Dragons bleed as easily as any God does. Far be it from me to let any posh dignitary outshine me. There are enough of us to storm Fakharu's palace and walk out with half his treasury."[/color:2o1pzh3m] Shrugging her shoulders, she turned to leave, [color=darkslateblue:2o1pzh3m]"If you're worried about covering your own ass, I suggest you look for spies amongst us. No telling which one of us is Fakharu's planted spy. My money is on the Abyssal..."[/color:2o1pzh3m] Starting down the stairs, to the quarters, the Chieftain thought to herself about the Solar male. Apparently, this wasn't his first quest for a Spirit Dragon, something she would have to keep in mind.

Creation The West Owner: Wake

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.

The Scavenger Lands

Also known as the confederation of rivers. A series of city states, republic's and principalities that defy the realm's influence, even as they squabble amongst each other.


Yu-Shan Owner: Wake

The divine city of Heaven where the celestial court of the gods resides.


Malfaes Owner: Wake

The demon city. Built of brass, surrounded by an endless desert and sealed outside creation within the body of the dethroned primordial king. Here the yozi and their demon spawn reside

The Underworld

The stale and stagnate realm of the dead. Here Ghost roam, eking out a pale existence in eternal twilight. Here the Deathlords Hold sway. And here, dead titan's slumber fitfully in their tombs.

The Wyld

The Wyld Owner: Wake

The swirling maelstrom of chaos that laps at realities shores. The fair folk reside here, in the land where dreams and reality mix, and few that venture in return unchanged by it. If at all.

The East

Flush with Towering plants and massive beast ripe with the abundance of nature's bounty and a haven for those that resist the realm. As beautiful as it might seem to the outsider's eyes this place holds many hidden dangers beneath it's canopies.

The Blessed Isle

The Heart of the world. The seat of the Scarlet Empresses power. Nesting place of the Dynastic Dragon Blooded families. Once the homeland of the gods before they retired to heaven, now it houses the greatest empire in creation. The Realm.

The North

Creation The North Owner: Wake

Short summers and long winters are a staple of this place. It is Grasslands dotted by hills and forest are trotted by herds of animals and the nomadic tribes that hunt them for meat and furs, before it all gives way to an endless tundra of ice and snow.

The South

Creation The South Owner: Wake

A land of vast and glittering desert sands. Beneath it's dunes lie countless treasures in gems and spices, and is spattered with the blood of those that have sought to clam it.


Creation Owner: Wake

A majestic world tread by heroes and gods. Once the house of the primordials, it's rule has changed hands many a time through cataclysm and war. Now the balance of power has shifted once again and it's future is uncertain.