MarsNancy Shard

An "almost perfect" human

a character in “Exile To Mars”, as played by Tavoriel

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Name: Nancy Shard
Age: 20
Race: malformed human
Time on Mars: three years
Applying to be one of the six newcomers to Mars? no
Appearance (slight description and picture preferred): Nancy is somewhat tall, with black hair and blue eyes. Since she is an "almost perfect" human, she is rather pretty and has perfect teeth and perfect vision. Dresses plainly so as not to attract attention to herself.
Personality: Cold, distant, angry.
History (remember, malformed humans were raised in laboratories): Nancy is an "almost perfect" human. She has all of the attributes of a perfect human except for her strange ability to fall asleep at will and be in total control of her dreams. Nobody realized this flaw until Nancy accidentally let it slip when she was 17 (she assumed everybody could do that), so Nancy lived a charmed life up to that point. A flaw was a flaw, rules are rules... Nancy went to Mars. She hates society for this; she doesn't understand why she has to go to Mars for such a stupid little flaw. She doesn't fit in with the other misfits on Mars because she doesn't have a very useful ability at all. Because she is much weaker than most of the other people, she tries very hard not to attract attention to herself.
Special Ability (unless you are just human): Can fall asleep at will and be in total control of her dreams.
Weapons: Sarcasm
Personal Belongings: Laptop, miniature cactus
Other: none


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