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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-12 01:26:34, as written by echored
With all passengers on board and loaded, the shuttle could take off to their final destination, Mars. The soldiers had locked each one into place, then exited the room that held the circle of chairs. They locked the ship’s door for what seemed to take 10 minutes. For now these six were officially trapped inside until they could be set free on Mars by those who had the key. With a deafening rumble, the ship began its way to space. This journey would take around 24 hours straight, without any food or water.

Katrina had continued to stare at her strapped feet as the others boarded and were locked into their chairs as well. Though her vision was kept to the ground, her ears perked to the new sounds and voices of everyone. These would be the people who she would be stuck with on the entire trip up to Mars, so she figured it couldn’t hurt to gather information on each of them, even if she was just listening to what they were saying. The first to catch her attention was the woman with fiery red hair that was sat the closest to Katrina’s left. Kat could see her being strapped tightly to her chair from the corner of her eye. Yet, she was silent and seemed tense, in a painful uncomfortable way. Then a man walked in. She moved her head from left to right as she could see where he would be sat. He looked older than any of her lab peers had ever been. Katrina raised her head barely, just so that her bangs parted to leave a peak for her eyes to peer from and get a better look. He was fairly rough looking and tattooed, as well blindfoled, and wondered if he might be one of what they referred to at her lab as an “Escapee”. Katrina had read about those that had been found of abilities after years of already being let into the perfect human population. In labs, generally the human prototypes would be discovered of any ability during their teens years of growth. Seeing that he was several years older, judging by his height and build, he just had to be an Escapee that made it out of the lab in his teens without being caught, and that fact made him slightly more interesting. After all, how did he get caught now after making it through life under a microscope?

Then her attention carried toward a younger girl, maybe by a year than herself. The girl’s appearance was very similar and close to her own. Her hair was long, black as night, and straight, just as Kat’s. It was as if their similar qualities in hair and skin tone was a popular ‘look’ of their generation, or what was being seen as ‘perfect’. At Katrina’s lab back in Germany, all the females from her batch had black hair as well. The lengths were a variety, most leaning on the long side. As Kat peered through her bangs at the girl, the similarity wasn’t bothering her. They were created humans, and this was what they were given. Her eyes were a different color than hers, so that made Kat feel a tad more like an individual. Where Katrina’s were a bright turquoise green, this girl’s eyes appeared to be very light blue.

Then the final two entered the ship, both male that looked around the same age as she was. Both had an attitude about them that seemed defiant. They had every right to be that way, after all of them had been exiled to this ship on to Mars. No one should have the right to be forced into leaving Earth, it seemed cruel. Before, Katrina didn’t care about the malformed humans... now that she was one of them, she realized how bad they were treated. She didn’t feel like a freak, in fact she felt the same way she always did. The two guys that were locked into their seats struggled with the perfect soldiers, even scared them a bit to where the guards hurried off ship. It made Katrina smirk happily as she watched them exit the ship and leave them all alone. Then the shuttle began to take off. The sound was extremely loud, filling their room with heavy air pressure as they fought against gravity farther and farther into the air. Soon they escaped the atmosphere, and the pressure of their restraints loosened. Katrina’s hair began to feel lighter, followed by her whole body, as gravity no longer help them down. The only thing keeping them from floating was their metal boots strapping them to the floor, and the cuffs that were tied to the back of the seats.

“Ah,” she grunted, as the cuffs behind her back twisted her wrist uncomfortably. Two of the men began to speak, the blindfolded male and the blond haired one with dog tags on his belt. What they said was mildly interesting, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She wished there was a window to see out of the ship. The “not knowing” where she was began to freak her out a bit, and she felt she was the only one scared of going to this place... Mars. The blond man seemed excited about it. Where as Kat only felt anxiety. Her thick leather suit seemed to be the only comforting thing in her life now, for it was providing her a decent about of warmth in the slightly cold temperature increasing. She continued to be silent as she stared as the guys across the circle, eyes slightly diverted so they wouldn’t call her out.